I said i’ll be back all right. Finally, the power wagon is done. Mostly. I don’t know how i like these shocks. On the back, i run the same shocks on the ford. They kind of work better. On the ford um i’m – not 100. No, i don’t really know why, but they just they work better on the ford than they do on this it’s, not that i don’t i don’t like it. They look great um it’s. I think they’re a little too stiff, maybe not i got ta, get it on the trail to test it, but i might switch them there’s. Definitely i need to get a bungee and run it from the back to the front just to hold the body down um. It is the way it is, but uh other than that the truck’s done so obviously the power weighing in body just the front, the hood side there’s the back sticker bomb, the hell out of the back inside again notice. I didn’t uh. I didn’t mess the windows up, like i did in other trucks like the forward. I sanded the windows because somebody’s crying, i know a lot of people but uh they just they they’ll wipe it or something like that. I prefer sanding the inside like the wipe clean it with soap and then paint i like to sand it scuff up that plastic then get it on there. It works for me the way it is, but i’ve done a few different colors in this.

So it obviously starts black. Then, as you get to the back of the truck, you start seeing the green right and that’s, where you see it in the back very much green, but depending where you look in the truck it’s like right there. If you really look, you’ll see red so there’s just little touches of red in there, i wanted to try and give it that, like it’s had other paint jobs done to it or something i gave it a shot. I just i tried something different but like with my ford, there’s, red and there’s black with this one. I wanted that whole black to green kind of military ish, color, i’m, really happy with how that body came out it’s a little bit tight inside. This is actually a very heavy truck, so i think it’s. Actually, the shocks might work well because it’s just there’s so much weight to the truck, but obviously these are not vanquish rims. These are chanquish that sounds racist, they’re from amazon believe they’re in jorah, but they’re knockoff vanquish um example for the capra. I don’t know if i’m going to go with the cheap rims. This is not a route i want to do with that truck. I want to kind of invest good parts into that being that i want it comp ready. So it might not be vanquish rims, but i want you know better quality of rims. I just wanted this truck to be a cool build with still, while still on a budget, so the capture might take longer in the long run, to get it fully done, but should be on the trail in the same kind of time period.

This was like get it running with the parts it has and then over time, fully get it upgraded to everything else, but uh again, amazon shocks, just like the ford, has same shock, towers, shock hoops, uh shock mounts whatever you want to call them uh. These are from amazon as well, but i like them, you get a whole low slew of uh spots to mount shocks, whether you want them lower down or higher up. I tend to go higher up just to bring everything kind of the ride height a little. It still rides quite high, but it keeps those shots kind of higher up. I don’t want the lift in there. I want it kind of normal height um. If you hear very quietly, you’ll hear a baby in another room. This is the dynamite crawl, crawler brushed esc. So there’s that goes to the 35 turn rebuildable crawler motor. I can run that same system on the camera, but i i want to try something different. Every truck got something different that’s stock. This is not so stock capra will not be stud. I don’t even know about the green one behind me: that’s, going to be a completely different kind of build the servo, if you guys remember the video this servo’s, also on amazon it’s, a 35 kilogram servo um, i hear it’s a no there’s, not an issue with It i’ve done a few tests around the house. It doesn’t uh fail under load.

Much like you know, the tactic ones still running the tactic in the forward. It’S, like armstrong, steering you just got ta turn into it as you’re steering you’re driving that one you can just if you’re cramming up the wall just keep your tire turning it just goes. You can do whatever you want. I’Ve done a few tests. I like it. I can hold on to the tire with you know, trying to pull it that way and it turns the other way so it’s, not bad it’s, waterproof it’s, all worth a try. Um being that, i do not probably not good things to say, but for my own personal reasons, i do not shop at my local hobby shop at least close to me um. If you a lot of people on my channel, probably know of rc sparks, he went to a guy named afro he’s about 30 minutes away from where i live, he’s in a place called langford. I mean schweinhald just a different part of victoria it’s, a little tougher for me to get out to him being that i don’t drive, so him i will. I would love to. I do support, but i just haven’t been able to get out to him to get parts um of course, i’m ordering from a guy that lives off completely, not even on my island, but it is working heals this guy, that i’m buying from all says a lot Of crawler based things afro’s more drifting, slowly getting into the crawler stuff.

He has a lot more now, but it’s just it is what it is um. So i try and use a lot of what’s at my fingertips and like pretty much everyone i out there probably uses amazon has a good amount of stuff. This axial uh raw builders kit came from amazon. This camera came from amazon, um rims. These tires the ford body – they all have come from it, this hasn’t didn’t, but the they all come from amazon and it’s worth a try. You know i pay for prime, why not utilize it so yeah after time time, i’ve managed to build up a good little um collection of trucks. Now got the two ten twos. I got a capper going to be starting. I got this wraith cage thing behind me. The uh very limited edition, although higher in the numbers, but still very limited edition, that my awesome fiance got me the scx 24b17 betty, which is right there there right there nope in there right in there right there. So i’ve got a good collection going. Do i need more always she’s, probably shaking her head in that room right now, but i’m getting happy with what i’ve got and if it’s every truck has their own. This will be a in time. Um probably go with the g speed chassis, at least the frame rails, because i believe i won’t need the shock towers, but all the links, the um skid plate. Everything will mount into it.

Go the g speed, l, low center of gravity chassis. So i want this thing low, so basically like when it’s it’d be kind of sitting, like you know, body will be low. Tiles tires will sit up like up here. Basically, you know i want this. I want this truck sitting low, um it’s just a bill. I want to do and when i first got this, i thought oh we’ll turn it into a big mudder power, wig that’s. What the ford is. The ford does all that stuff. I want this to be low. I want it to look mean and aggressive it’s. Getting that look now, but the it needs it needs to be like down there, if not lower, like that yeah, if not lower, so yeah, but there’s the truck all ready for the trail. There will be a front bumper on there – i’m, not using the crc bumper i’m gon na probably use Music. A piece of this my plan is to cut this to length, maybe cut the ends a little bit and have it basically the length of the bumper just mounted there so it’s, you know it’s a work truck with a does not like to stay where it’s supposed To be um it’s, a work truck with a big old work could have been a little straighter on those holes. Um yeah work truck with a work bumper that took me way too long to say growing up a lot of buddies of mine.

There just get that big flat bar and just have a big flat bar bumper, just a push bumper, basically so that’ll be that um use some body posts or something even cut the posts off the bumper, the stock crc bumper screw them into that piece of metal Slide it in there yeah just to keep it simple right. Our way is done, and so hopefully in a again done for now, but hopefully in a day, maybe next week sometime when the weather gets nice again, i can get the truck out, get a little filming done and uh see what this truck can do. Very soft tires: i’ve run the flat irons and many of other trucks, many other trucks i’ve had and they’re a great tire. I love these tires. Um, probably a tire i’d end up putting on the capra um, but again just really want to get this truck out and see what it can do and uh have some fun. I think that’s it for now a lot of proline stuff. I always stick with proline um back in the day, proline actually sponsored my channel back before they changed their the way. They could do things uh just business end of things um, but they uh. They supported my channel back like very early, so i’ve just always felt very devoted to pro line, so proline body proline tires. I really should have prolonged runes, but did what i did uh shocks too probably, but he still got the tires in the body.

Obviously that has proline rims and tires see right there, um anyway, guys thanks again for uh sticking around to the new subscribers that i’ve gained in the past few weeks. Thanks for joining – and i don’t say this enough in my videos but it’s free to join like like comment subscribe, if you feel nice enough share the video um, tell all your friends.