Well, look no further because this video is for you, hey everybody how’s it going just can’t go here: quack rc! So in the last video in a couple videos i’ve mentioned how i don’t like or trust these micro usb chargers that axial sends, with the trucks now it’s nothing on horizon hobby axial, for giving you these, i mean in all honesty, it’s a it’s a pro really Like good job on their end on at least giving you a a charger to charge your battery most rtrs do not come with the charger. So the fact they give you something to charge your little battery is great. But for me i noticed my battery didn’t even charge three hours sitting on this with the proper you have to get the proper uh power adapter for the usb to plug it in. So you want point five to one amp to charge it. It didn’t even charge. Three hours on it, didn’t even charge um, so i was very hesitant on it and it took me a number of tries to get it to start charging. The lights would just go crazy. It would just be sitting there blinking yeah now. I know some of the guys out there um uh Applause i’m gon na butcher, the youtube name at 727 um mega rc i’m gon na go with um. He just did an unboxing of his truck and he mentions how he didn’t doesn’t mention my channel, but he mentions he’s watching a channel.

That was me uh, where i didn’t like these. He seems to have an okay time with them, and a number of the other people that use these seem to have their scene be fine for me. I just don’t trust it i’m. Not. I didn’t like what i saw and i prefer using my skyrc s65 ac balance, charger and discharger uh. It looks like that i’ll try and get a little closer. So this does all sorts of things for the batteries um. You can get much better chargers, but this actually works well for me uh. Obviously, this end is a dc c60. Dc60. I believe it is i’m terrible with all these lightful names, yeah, dc60 or dx60 xt60 xt60 goes into the charger um. None of my batteries are that connector. I can run them if i want, but i seem to always like my deans um, so no matter what i, like, my other batteries or deans uh, the truck up here behind me, the stx 10 2 that i’ve been building uh there’ll, be a video on that Um coming up soon here that truck uses the ic3 plug and for the smart battery i may run smart batteries soon, so i didn’t want to swap that out. I wanted to keep it in there, so i got the dc3 or ec3 connector adapter, so it plugs into that and then there’s a beans on the other end of it um. So what i did to char and this battery charger goes down to 0.

5 amp. 300. Milliamp this is 350 milliamp, but it will fully charge it um i don’t want it could go to 400, but i’d, rather just stick to a slight undercharge than an overcharge um. Eventually, i’ll get like a four or five, or maybe one thousand milliamp battery for it. Now that’s fine, so i went and did done. Um is. I got the it’s a jst ph 2.0 um female end, so the battery plugs into that so there’s, the male female plug it in plug it in pull it in that’s, your balance, so that plugs into the balance port. On the other s on the beside the uh plugs in right there, and then this is for i didn’t use heat shrink. I just use electrical tape um i soldered the two together it’s, not just wrapped around. I did solder it, but because of the way the battery the connectors work, this plugs into that connector and then this kind of just goes over. I can plug it in like this and you know sits like that plugs into the battery and because this has to plug into the balance it kind of so it kind of see where i’m getting it just kind of. Does that and then i can push this into my liposafe bag as it’s charging, but i soldered the female beans to the female ph 2.0 um. I was my tv just turned back on uh. I just scared me for a second ph 2.

0 lipo connector um. I could have done it like so they’re, both like normally like one in here the other end here, but i didn’t so um. This seems to work just fine it’s, not pretty, but it does the job and it’s just meant to be a connector but again they’re. All properly soldered together, i just used some electrical tape to uh Music. You know, keep it safe, so yeah that all that’s, really all i recommend doing to for the scx 24, any of the other trucks out there. I guess the the kyosho mini z does not run the uh. It runs triple a’s i’m gon na pause, my tv for a second. Where is it technology, never just waits till you’re down? Does it always use my yeti cups, best cups? You can buy mugs that you can buy. I guess i do i’m, not sponsored by it in any shape or form. I have lots of yeti stickers. Lots of i probably promote yeti in every one of my videos when you think about it. Yeti hats, yeti shirts, but they’re, not the mugs and travel thermos things, amazing, uh cups, but anyway back to the truck. So now my battery is properly balanced charged and it took 30 minutes. Not even i don’t run a higher amperage. I run a lower amperage, so it just goes nice and slow. Just how i’ve always done it. I don’t mind waiting an extra little bit. Look at the big trucks.

I run two batteries so being that where i, where i go, it uh it’s, literally right behind my my apartment, so my where i film is it’s literally a massive park that i live in front of, so i literally walk out my front door and i’m in The park, so i just do all my filming there – lots of great trails, lots of everything. So if anybody’s ever in victoria bc, i’ll show you where we are where i go due to covid there’s, not really any that going on, but one day anybody wants to ever come here and take a look at some areas to crawl in that are in the Heart of a city but great place to go i’ll, let you know you know uh so yeah, so i would recommend just making your own little plug. Obviously you can use any uh battery or lipo charger or whatever you call it connector. You want there’s plenty of connectors out there. I just prefer deans i’ve, always liked beans, but yeah. I recommend just make your own little connector charges your battery, no problem. You can use it in any smart charger. Obviously, spectrum has their uh. They have the chargers that they recommend i’m looking into one of those uh because it’ll charge 2s to 4, 3 or 4s, but this one works fine for me, i’m, just gon na stick with it. For now, i don’t need to waste more money on another charger.

When this one works, um plus i got to spend money on parts and other things so yeah. I highly recommend just trying out a different use, your actual charger to charge your little micro batteries that that day, everything the night before i filmed that little video, so the battery was quite dead and the usb truck didn’t even charge up. So i will be uh posting this video soon there will be a run video, hopefully today and i’ll – have a video with what’s going on with the scx 10 2 builders kit build i’m doing shortly after this video. So, thank you very much guys stay tuned and thanks for watching like comment subscribe hit the bell on the side. Let you know every time i make a video you don’t have to um. I get it if you’re all like it’s just another rc video he’s, not even that good, i get it. It hurts, though, i’m just serious guys, though uh. Thank you very much and uh i’ll get on the giveaway stuff and about another week on what you got to do most likely just be like comment subscribe um i won’t be able to exactly tell the likes, but the likes help so do like, and then you Know i’ll go through all the comments, write them all on the thing and i could go on the app or i could do it old school put it in a pad bowl or something mix it all up pick a name so that will be up soon and Uh yeah again, thank you very much guys.