If you haven’t got the patience of job you shouldn’t, try and scratch build a 24th scale, crawler um, because it is it’s it’s, not the the technical side of of building it it’s the size, the size and my fingers, as you can imagine, here’s a challenge, but Anyway, i will run you over the build um just quickly uh, so that you can have an idea of uh of of what’s gone into this car it’s, the chevy c10 it’s a licensed body to uh two axle axial for this uh axial s, cx 24 um It’S, a very nice body, i i’m not going to change the body. I see no reason to it – comes with some light buckets in the headlights already, so you can infill them so it’s, pretty cool, i’ll, open it up and i’ll. Let you see so this round of upgrades has all been to do with the chassis and drivetrain rather than electronics, so i’m still running the original motor that’s, not through choice i just couldn’t fit in the ftx motor. It was the same uh the same shape as this motor and it would have fitted in length ways i may have had to make some alterations here, but that would have been easy. The issue was that the bolt holes were not right. I couldn’t line them up. I drilled new ones in the ftx can and it just didn’t work. So that was a bit of a shame, so the electronics are the same.

The servo is the same as well, because the upgraded servo that i bought was too big for both the stock and the alloy. The now alloy servo um servo mounts that goes on the front axles, so we’re still stock electronics, um i’ll start from the top. So it’s the standard plastic battery tray. I saw no reason to replace that, and particularly as i wasn’t going to put the esc at the back, i wanted to keep weight down. It is a new aluminium esc plate. Everything that i bought is from rc mart and i bought either year racing or uh hot racing and i’ve had reasonably good results with all of their kit. Air racing esc, mount air racing adjustable shock, mounts yeah racing um, piggyback faux piggyback shocks, they’re, not so great. Actually, i’m hoping the hot um racing ones will be better when i, when they get into stock, when i get them yeah racing um, aluminium, rock sliders, very nice they’ve gone on sweetly and it is a, i think, an extra speed, carbon fiber chassis rails. Also, perfectly perfectly cut i needed to file one end very slightly. The tolerances are so slight on this as well. You have to be so careful just putting the piggyback shocks in if you can see here, they’re a tiny little rubber, rubber gasket here. Oh my fingers. Goodness me that, literally to put all of the rubber gaskets in all of the little brass top and bottoms on the shocks i don’t know took me an hour, i think, of fiddling around tweezers.

You need to have on hand um moving aft again. Rear shocks are from yeah racing adjustable, as are the um sorry. I don’t know why it’s having such trouble focusing, as are the shocks um, i did start with putting on the very stiff springs that come with the air racing, shocks, um and i’ve, taken them off. I’Ve gone with the air racing springs, lighter springs which are heavier than the stock springs. If you get what i mean um, nothing new to the body body mounts are still the same from bumper from yeah racing went on very nicely um. I don’t know why my phone isn’t, auto, focusing but anyway it’s having trouble um a new gearbox cover. I did order a new gearbox. It came from year racing it didn’t fit because i saw that people online couldn’t fit the hot racing version either. So it seems that they have misunderstood or miss uh. Basically, the bearing holes are too shallow in in in the air racing one and also in the hot racing. Um transmission alloy transmission cover, so the stock one is still on there. I’Ve got a a stainless steel. I don’t know if you could see it that thin slither is a high tensile, stainless steel motor mount and i have put upgraded um gears, hd gears uh in the transmission and it’s a new hd spur gear and a new hd pinion gear um, which is great Because the stock ones are, i think, 48 pitch or smaller, and this is a 32 pitch, so um much bigger teeth should be stronger um.

I think i can close this up now and we can go underneath if we just go underneath here. So we have yeah racing uh steel center drive shafts in the axles, i’ve got yeah racing, uh, hd, stainless steel, axle, shafts front and rear brass uh diff covers from yeah racing and some i guess portal weights. I don’t know what you call wheel weights from year. Racing um the center underneath this stainless steel guard is a hot racing transmission plate and then i’ve put the air racing guard over the top. In the little box of year racing goodies, you can buy. You also get differential, um scratch protectors. They hung down too much. So i’m, not using them, i felt they’d be detrimental to the performance of the vehicle um. What else is going on here? If we come around the front we’ve got some we’ve got some nice brass knuckles from yeah racing at the front. We’Ve got some nice alloy. Steering anchorman, i guess at the front here um married up to a stock plastic. Um it’s got a it’s, got a wii uh bell crank in there um onto the stock servo. The new bumper is i’ve mounted the stock headlights in the new bumper and it doesn’t sit too high. I just haven’t got it in the in in the body holes here correctly um. I got a little bit of droop in the machine. I also used a bit of grease in the internals of the of the shocks which stops it from wobbling.

You know freely so much. I hate the wobble when you see these things crawling and they’re doing that, i believe the hot racing shocks are actually um liquid. Tight, so you can put a little bit of liquid in there and actually get some proper dampening, because at the moment i got lots of droop, but i got no dampening um, which is not much fun. I don’t really like it. Oh, i forgot a nice erasing. Machined rear bumper, so that arguably um is the one of the most expensive, 24th scale trucks. I should imagine in the united kingdom at the moment, um. But anyway, let me know your thoughts. I really like it. I think they’re really cool i’ve enjoyed building it at my desk rather than in a very cold workshop in the middle of winter, and actually the performance on these things for their sizes is quite phenomenal. I mean there is a ton of a ton of flex and uh and there’s. You know, even with the stock motor there’s a nice bit of grunt it’s a lot heavier now. Well, not a lot, but significantly heavier now so we’ll see if this motor burns out, but um i’m enjoying it anyway.