Ive got something really cool to show you today. These are portal axles, and these were sent to me by the folks over at rcawd and ill put a link in the notes where you can find these yourselves. They contacted me and said: hey. Would you like to review some of our products, and i said, of course i would be happy to so they sent me these axles. They also sent me a set of wheels and tires and a set of oil filled shocks. Um. The wheels and tires and the shocks well get to in a later video were going to focus on the portals today. But i wanted to go and show those to you. So what are portals, if youre, if youre, not familiar with them ill kind of, go through and give you kind of a quick explanation. So this is a stock axle and you can see that on the stock axle the center of the diff and where the gearing inside the diff is is in line with the axles on a portal. Now this is the back one, but same idea. You can see the gearing and then the drive gears inside and the axles sit up higher than where the wheels go. So that gives you more ground clearance and thats. The whole idea of portals is to raise the center up to give you more ground clearance. Ill point out, first of all, lets lets talk about the axles themselves.

This is the front axle. The housings are aluminum, it comes with aluminum links, uh, it comes with a brass diff cover these portal, housings are brass and it also comes with brass hexes. So you know raising everything up. You have to worry about your center of gravity, but i think with all this brass and everything on it and the way they have these built. I i dont really feel like the center of gravity is going to be affected much at all. I will point out, though – and this is something that that may either be good or bad for you, depending on your build but um, you can see the stock axle versus the portal axle, so the the portal axle is wider than the stock axle. So you know for a lot of people, thats good, give you a little bit extra width, but if youre youre already running you know extenders or or wheels that are really wide or something like that: thats just something to keep in mind um. They are heavier than stock axles. I need to get a scale, so i can give you guys some actual numbers, but this is a stock axle with the servo and the links still on it, and this portal, axle by itself, is a good bit heavier than this. I know a good bit is not a very uh scientific term, but lets you know, trust me its noticeably heavier so so lets get these installed and well see how they do and were going to install them on this vehicle.

You might have seen this in a previous episode. This is kind of a new project, one that were working on so were going to install them on here and see how they do okay. So we have the front axle put on already. I havent put the back one on yet. I wanted to show you first of all side by side, so you can see how much ground clearance were gaining with the stockx versus the stock axle on the left and then the portal axle on the right um. Another thing that i wanted to point out to you guys is youll notice that the wheels now spin in opposite directions. The back is still the stock axle the fronts, a portal axle and thats, because the gearing inside the portal housing itself will make it run backwards. This particular vehicle is brushless, so its easy enough just go into the software and tell it to run the opposite direction. If youre running a brushed motor, you just want to swap the wires at the pin, um thats relatively straightforward. I think theres plenty of videos on youtube how to do that. So all right lets get the back one installed and then well take it on a test. Drive okay, so we have a front and rear axle installed were gon na. Try it out on the course um. I just want to show something real quick. This has nothing to do with the axles, but just to kind of, if you can see theres not im having an issue on this one where the front of my motor is hitting the link suspension, link at full compression.

So when its running, if you hear a grinding sound, its, not a bad sound but its just like a kind of buzz thats, what that is, that has nothing to do with these axles. But since were talking about the axles and showing it running, i wanted to show you that that didnt have anything to do with the axles themselves. Its just an issue that ive got to kind of sort out on this, and i just havent had a chance to do that yet so, with that said, lets watch it run. So this is probably the steepest part of my course um im going to be building something steeper im sure, but i was worried about you know with the weight being up higher it being you know too high and stuff, but it doesnt seem to bother it at All so you can see right here, um, where the portals are really gaining us: a good bit of clearance heres, a a truck with stock axles, um different tires than the one you just saw, but the same height tires. So you see that the center of that, let me see if i can get a better shot of this, so you can see the center of that axle is actually hitting the rock right there. Its rested on the rock, whereas with the portals weve got clearance. As you see, we still have plenty of clearance on obstacles like this as well Music, so it doesnt look like its really raised the center of gravity all too much it kind of feels like maybe its slightly higher, but you know even on things like this is A on this side hill here im not noticing any any ill effects from it sitting up higher.

So i think that you know with the brass down low um. I think that counteracts any center of gravity difference from the height. So i got to say i am really a fan of these portal axles from rcawd. I want to give them more testing outdoors and different terrain things like that, but i think im going to keep running them. I dont think im going to take them off this vehicle. They, the ground clearance, is really good um. I dont notice any big change in the center of gravity. So to me, both those are kind of a positive thing. Um lets see kind of everything sits up higher, so i can probably im probably going to tinker with this. Get the body sitting down lower or maybe run bigger, tires or something i dont know what im going to do yet theres all kinds of options. One thing i wanted to point out um on the bottom here there are two screws that stick out that hold the hubs in ive noticed online. A lot of people saying: oh those hubs – are those screws gon na get hung up on everything theyre gon na. You know theyre to ruin all your ground clearance and stuff. My experience has been that that doesnt matter i have not had a problem yet where those screws get hung up on anything ive, obviously not tested these on every single possible terrain, every single possible course. So maybe its possible, but to me thats not something that im worried about then, and i dont think its a you know anything negative at all.

These axles are really well made. They go together, easy im, a fan, go and get yourself a set of these theres.