I’Ve had these rigs, for i don’t say a few weeks now i got them just before christmas. One was from my five year old son and then one was for myself: uh yeah without further ado here’s, those new rigs. This one’s, my son’s. It is an scx, 24 deadbolt, and this one here is mine. It is an scx 24 uh, jeep jl, rubicon wrangler jeep. I have a lot of jeeps. Why change it for a little style or little ones anyway? These are the two rigs we got and uh we’ve been playing around with them a little bit kind of getting to know them a little. These are our first very small rigs. Normally i only mess with the 110 scales so uh. This was a huge change, but uh i’ll show you what i like and dislike about this jeep so far and uh yeah i’ll, give you my honest opinion on it, so for this jeep here, taking into consideration that it is a heck of a lot smaller than The other rigs i’ve played with it is a lot lighter. It is very bouncy, but i’m told there’s shocks. You can get to upgrade that this is completely stock. I haven’t done a thing to this rig. Yet, besides peel the stickers off the side, the big crc decal, that was on the side there, i peeled that off Music, but it has one body post right there, one little pin that comes with a little rubber tag and then it hinges at the back, revealing The battery tray, your uh esc, receiver, combo small servo little tiny motor, these little coil shocks, metal frame, transmission, it’s, got lights in the front.

Bumper little plastic drive, shafts plastic links, but again it’s very light, so you shouldn’t really need metal. However, i have noticed it does need a lot more lower weight because it does tip over fairly easy, but i’m told that has a lot to do with driver’s skill anyway uh. Let me fire battery into this thing and uh do a little bit of crawling on this little foam course that i built for my son and i to mess with and uh yeah i’ll show you what it does actually before i get into that. This is the battery that came with it. It is a reaction 350 mah, 30 c2s lipo battery. It came with a charger and everything all ready to go so yeah. This one’s mine, dad uh yeah that in there the radio is an ax 4 axial radio it’s got channel one channel three, some other switches and dials channel one little directions binds on off. I haven’t messed with it, so yeah it’s just fun to kind of rip around the house with the sun and with my son and uh hang out for a bit yeah. You can see the lights there. Really quick, servo and great modulation i’m extremely impressed with the throttle control on this thing. The turning radius is all right, lights are nice and bright. Tires are very tall. I think the c10 that you can get in this has smaller tires, but these ones here are nice and tall.

I have not driven this thing outside, i don’t know. If i want to, i want to keep it kind of as an inside truck, but uh yeah i’ll show you that foam that i made. So this is what i made for us just a piece of foam that i had from uh some windows that i got from buses. I used to fix and uh yeah. I did some cutting and carving, and i made it into a little little course. I guess and i’ll adjust you guys, so you can see better there that’s, better i’ll uh, see if i can get some articulation on here, for you yeah any little bit of side hill like that, and it rolls so that’s where i think the lower weight would Come in handy, but so far honestly i’m kind of impressed with this little truck. It does pretty good, sometimes turn that around see. If i can get those wheels to drop in there so yeah, all in all, not too bad a little rig, i’m kind of thinking. Maybe this summer, when i’m, not playing with it, i might do a hard body build on it because i was told you can take the model kits and uh pretty much put any one of those bodies on there. I have yet to decide what body i want to do so i’m open to some suggestions in the comments but uh i kind of want to do a pickup of some kind, let’s see if i can get down enough without it tipping over.

Oh look at that. Whoa drop down nice and scale that would have really hurt that’s. Just a quick little rig review on this little truck uh. I think a battery will last us a half hour if we’re playing with it nice, maybe a little longer i’ve, never really killed an entire battery on this one. Yet uh we just kind of mess around. I got three kids we’ll crawl around over the kids and on the couch and over mom and everything else, and my my oldest, like i said, he’s five, so he’s learning the uh hand eye coordination to steering and throttle. So this is an absolutely perfect rig for that very inexpensive. I don’t know what the wife paid she bought these for our birthdays. Mine was on christmas and his is on new year’s eve, so she surprised us with these, and we are extremely grateful for that. I know i am and i’m sure he is as well. He keeps asking me to play with it. Can i save it or is it gon na flip? I think i’m gon na lose it here. Oh yeah! These are just a ton of fun to boot around the house. I highly recommend uh if you’re looking for something for inside or just to get into the hobby, get one of these give it a shot, see if you like it, there’s tons of upgrade parts available for them from rims to there’s, brass wheel, weights, brass, all kinds Of things you can get to add that weight down low and uh yeah possibilities are endless, seeing as how model kits should fit on there and uh yeah.

I want to say this: one here was 150, maybe i’m a little wrong or i don’t. I don’t don’t quote me on prices. I don’t know we got ours at eliminator rc.