Digger. The trailing arms are from ssd a company i haven’t really heard of before, but they seem like they’re they’re fairly good quality arms are pretty got some pretty good weight to them. Of course, the center is aluminum and then the end pieces are plastic, which should be a really good upgrade over the factory ones, because the factory trolling arms are really weak. We end up i’ll show you guys here we end up breaking the right rear one. On our first run, we just kind of landed from a jump kind of wrong and we kind of snapped it right there. You see the piece we snapped the arm and pulled the rear, drive shaft out, but that’s just part of the fun build it break it and fix it right. So we’re going to go ahead. This should be a fairly quick and easy, install we’re going to go ahead and get them on and we’ll get them tested out in a future video here. But really these things seem pretty strong just by filling them in the package. So i i don’t see any problems with these arms if they are how they appear. We’Ll go ahead and get some on the front, because i’m sure we’re going to break the front trailing arms. Here soon, since we broke the rears on the first run, but all right without further ado let’s get these things installed. Alright, so we’ll go ahead and start with the broken side.

First, the first thing we’ll go ahead and do is remove the rear, tire and rim that way we can access the screw on the bottom control arm. Our trailing arm that, to the side, tire off now we’ll go ahead and kind of prop it. Under there now we’ll go ahead and make sure we have the right allen the right size i don’t know what which it appears. We do. We’Ll go ahead and take this this screw out. Put that there pull that out. Yeah. You can see that where that thing snapped go ahead and undo the screw to the shock – oh maybe there’s a not on the other side of that there is whoa. All right. Dogs are going crazy out there, but let’s go ahead and get this loosened. I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I guess i should have looked but there’s a tiny nut on the back of that shock there. So we keep those two together, so we don’t get them mixed up now. We’Ll do the lower control arm screw? Oh all, right! I kind of kept them separated. I kept the the front of the control arm here center, where the shock was right, there well that’s the wheel, nut and then the rear, so i don’t get them mixed up. There go and take this out: that’s kind of cool in the factory trailing arm there’s another screw. Probably so you can set up another set of shocks. I know there’s some people that put dual shocks on them, so that’s kind of nice to know you can put two shocks on it comes with the the extra screw and that now before i forget i’m, going to go ahead and slide these splines in on this Drive shaft that way i don’t get the arm on and forget about that.

I have to undo the arm to get the driveshaft in now. Go ahead and open up the ssds it’s kind of nice. They put them each in individual packages in the main package, so they don’t scratch rub against each other and scratch up all right. These actually feel really nice really good quality i’m. Actually surprised about that, because i’ve never heard of this company before, but these are nice – trailing arms go ahead and get them installed here. Let’S see we’ll go ahead and make sure we install them the right way. You can see. The shorter side here was towards the axle towards the bottom, so we’ll go ahead and i’ll go ahead and stick the bottom in first all right here, we’ll go with the top. Oh dry shaft just slid out. I got ta slide the drive shaft back in, but that’s no big deal screw that in there all right before i put the bottom i’ll slide, these slide the drive shaft back in the splines here and let’s see there. We go now we’re going to put the bottom in so it holds that dry, shaft in place and we’ll go ahead and see. Okay, it’s got on the bottom, one all right get the bottom one. In now, we’ll go ahead and install the shock here. Think i’m going to put it in the center hole because you got three holes on this arm, so we’ll go ahead and put in the.

I think the center will be good. Let’S go ahead and see how we’re going to squeeze this in here there we go kind of be a little less gentle. I installed the the bottom of the shock off camera because that little tiny nut it was kind of hard to to get back on there and get the screw lined up. So we went ahead and did that off camera it’s not hard. You just kind of need to see where you’re putting that screw make sure you got it lined up right now, we’ll go ahead and put the tire the tire wool back on: oh yeah, those look nice, oh yeah! That arm looks really nice now let’s go ahead and do the other side go ahead and do the same thing: we’ll remove the iron wheel, another axle there prop it up. One thing i forgot to point out: they come with spare uh little rod ends here, which is kind of nice. Since those are plastic, they probably do break, but it’s it’s really nice, that they give you extras so go ahead and save those up, and then we got that one in the individual package here going to open it up and take off this arm. So first let’s go ahead and take out the shock. Well, i guess i shouldn’t have put the drive shaft back in here. I’Ll take off one end of the the shock. I have to pull the slide the dry shaft back out, so i can get to that nut behind the shock, so go ahead and take that off there now we can slide there we go now.

I should have room to get that shock off all right now. Go ahead and do the bottom of the arm the axle side there we go now we’re going to go ahead and save this spare arm just in case one of the fronts break. It looks like it might be the same arm on the front, so we’re going to go ahead and save this for a spare just in case. We need it in a pinch and also we’re going to save these extra screws for another shock. A little trick that i i didn’t know on the other side is uh i’m, leaving this screw kind of part way in because it doesn’t slide in so easy it’s like it’s threaded on both sides. So you leave a couple threads in when you put the arm and then you just kind of screw it down and make it a little little easier. So i figured i’d share that, because i didn’t know that at first something – i guess you don’t know until you actually do it let’s see we’re going to put this back on here, a little quick tip that lined up now something different on this side. I got ta put the shock and before i go ahead and slide those splines to the dry shaft, because a dry shaft blocks where i can’t get my little t wrench in there for that little nut on the back of the shock. So we’re just going to go ahead and wedge this in here i went ahead and installed the shut.

The bottom shock bolt off camera as well, because it’s just too hard to tinker with it and it’s a really tight fit to get the shock in here. So to get it in there and then get it lined up kind of difficult to do if you’re you’re not really uh, if you don’t really get a good view of what you’re doing so now. This is the side where it’s real important we’ve got to get the dry shaft splines. In there we go now. We’Ll go ahead and install the top of the trolling arm. There slide the little screw through there we go. Oh, we didn’t get it whoops there. We go, we got it that time and screw that down all right put the tire and wheel back on there. We go all right now. The gravedigger is back in action. We’Re definitely gon na have some fun with this truck man. Look at those arms, though those arms look nice now that i’ve seen them and know that these arms are really good quality, we’re going to go ahead and buy a set for the front. The reason why i didn’t at first because they’re around 40 dollars like 36 or something like that and i didn’t want to spend extra money if they weren’t good quality arms and they didn’t fit that good. But they fit really nice. So we’re going to go ahead and order a set for the front, but of course, i’m not going to change them until we actually break the trailing arm on the front, then we’ll go ahead and uh install them.

The detail on the body and the chassis really have me in love with this truck, but already guys definitely stay tuned, we’re going to be taking this truck out and testing those those rear, trolling arms, which i don’t think we’re going to have any issues since they’re Aluminum and they they seem really strong. I am curious about those plastic rod ends, but time will tell we’ll see if they stem the test of time. I hope you guys like the video and as always, please like share and subscribe.