When i say improper boxing is because i open it up. I test her out. I take a look at her. I look her over and i see what it is. I want to tell you about the vehicle, and so this box absolutely has been open, so let’s see what’s inside okay, so inside the box we get our car. We get a tactic, radio, we get a bag of extra spare parts and customizations like a little head for the guy. That actually looks like a skeleton, but you also get some drive shafts and some link pieces, and then you get your beautiful manual there. It is in any case, this is offered in two versions. It is offered in the rock racer and it is also offered in a crawler. However, i took it out as the rock racer that she is and uh. The footage, of course, is afterwards we’re gon na talk about that in a minute, but first off let’s take a look at the car, so it’s a lexan body. We get axial’s little guy in there. The model is older in spec it’s about uh, 10 years old. Seven about seven years old, which might explain some of the things that i saw on it that didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Let’S start with the first one in the manual it says that there is a power button on the esc. There is not. I checked with the community and on on the forums and sure enough it’s, just a plug in and go, which means you have to have your controller on first before you then go and plug your battery in.

Why is that a problem specifically with this vehicle? Well, it’s, because the only access that you get to your battery is directly through this little porthole right here. So you have to take your battery, which i decided to use a 3s ovonic and you have to try to stuff it in there right now. Of course, you’d think you would take it and you stuff it in going this direction right to put the battery in, except because of the way the velcro is inside it’s impossible to get your fingers inside there to the front velcro, and so that became problematic. For me, um it’s attached the body with these 1.5 millimeter hex screws, which are extremely tiny and unfortunately, from experience, can cause problems like this, which, if you’re able to see, is basically what happens is the lexan body starts to bend against those and then the screw? Pops through because of its size, there is a fix for that, however, and let’s see. If i have it around to show you what you do is you go? You get yourself some washers that are made of rubber and you go get yourself some washers that are made of stainless steel or black. If you can find them and then you would put them on and then you would find a larger size head for the screw and that would hold your body on. However, personally, i think i am going to do away with this body or swap it over to clips or magnets, because it was impossible when i was out there running her around to adjust the battery on the fly so i’m out here with the axial wraith spawn And the battery keeps popping out on me because it doesn’t fit right in the battery tray, so i just happen to have some velcro, and so i put it in on an angle and i’m going to try to velcro it.

You can see it’s, probably up behind the drivers up there, but that was actually the smallest battery i had that would fit, but it fit inside the tray until a couple jumps. So what do we get with the car? Okay put the battery aside here. So the car looks pretty cool like this. Actually, i have to say looks a lot like what i got behind me over here. These uh riffs the newest release in the rock racer line, the axial riffs. I brought because they come in handy when showing you some examples of the car, so we have a 20 turn brush motor that will run on 3s um. The, like i said, the esc is, has no power button on it. It’S located on this wacky plate that’s on the side, the shocks are plastic. The steering linkage on the car is plastic and real squirrely. I had a problem with the steering linkage right off the bat that actually bugged me quite a bit um the steering in the field wasn’t that great uh either the drive shafts and all of your. Your links are also made out of plastic and they’re cut. To look like scaled metal like like aluminum or metal, would be with the little holes that are in them, except completely unnecessary when you’re using plastic, because the reason those holes are drilled is because of weight. There’S a tremendous amount of flex in these side to side. But there’s not a lot of flex in the vehicle.

Why is that bad? Well, in a rock racer? Okay, you want the thing to be able to bounce hey, quick disclaimer, because it looks like i’m bashing, the heck out of this, while i’m, not bashing right, but that i’m ripping this uh wraith apart and i’m, actually saying that, because i’m, pointing at my computer over Here but um, the wraith uh didn’t break anything out there when i was uh running it and also there’s a lot of footage that i didn’t catch, because when i was doing the one handed footage on that tactic controller all of your trim knobs, are on the Right hand, side, which means your fingers up against them, and so often times i was accidentally hitting them and i would have to readjust the steering and stuff like that. So a lot of it uh could have been driver error when it comes to uh. How i was hitting the jumps, and things like that, so i decided instead of having that, let me put it down and let me test it out. You know just on my own and see how it goes so run it. You know as fast as i could as far away as i could and then bring it back and that’s when it was doing the rolls and things like that and that’s, where the trouble was and so that’s why the video uh comes off as, if i’m doing, Like a negative review on the wraith, but that’s, not the spawn the wraith spawn but that’s, not actually the case, it happens to be the case that it’s a seven year old vehicle and since then the rtr game has just completely stepped up.

And so you got to do the same if you’re going to go into the spawn rtr by axial, so uh. I hope you enjoy the video. I know it’s a little long, winded, but i’m long winded around this car is not very bouncy at all. By any means matter of fact, when i took it off of a couple berms and the thing landed it planted just like a basher would plant, which was kind of odd. I had a hard time when i was running it and we get up to speed just keeping it running over the rocks. And the reason is this: when i pull up on this tire like this, as you could see, the whole body moves, and i mean the entire thing: doesn’t have any uh give to it. It doesn’t it doesn’t, sway it doesn’t. It doesn’t give itself um the ability to go over a rock without having the whole thing start to tilt. So if you’re at speed and you hit something which you’ll see in the video, i do, the thing goes and it flips over that’s what happens so. The solidness of this means that this car needs to be loosened up. So for the price point, i think they’re around 360 us dollars um nowadays, 10 years later, uh they found out that making these cars a lot squishier a lot. Bouncier is the way to go for rock racers, so there’s a big following huge following for these uh wraith spawns.

However, i suspect that that’s, because after they dig into them and they start making their changes, the chassis is absolutely wonderful and is completely customizable. So you could do a lot of things with it uh, including changing your steering to because you do actually actually out of all the plastic you have. You got plastic on the servo, the plastic steering the plastic drive shafts, the the the plastic links, your plastic uh. Uh method, wheels um, actually it has rip saw tires on it. I thought those were were really cool um, but your your plastic shocks. They don’t, they don’t, give you any bounce whatsoever so um and when they, the the factory preset that’s on them, actually can’t be adjusted much lower than it is so you’re not going to get a lot of bounce. Out of that, you can see how stiff it is, even if i were to break it in this is the amount of travel that you get out of this car. I wanted to give you an example and that’s why i brought one of these bouncers out here now, because this is the kind of thing that we’re looking at versus this. So this versus this guy now granted, i don’t, have the hood closed, see a little bouncing that we get out of it right there, rock bouncer right rock racer plants. When you see me going off the jumps with these guys, you’ll see it you’ll, see it straight away and goes up comes down plants like Music that but then, when it goes and it’s at full speed and it hits something tumble we go.

You know rolls over winds up like this, so i would say for a ready to run rock racer it’s not ready to run. However, i had fun with it, because when i was looking into the vehicle, i thought you know what a couple changes, and this could be one of two excellent things. This could actually be a basher with an esc, brushless setup in it because of the way the cage is set or you could turn this thing into a mighty crawler, because it shares a lot of the things like the dual solid axles. That a lot of crawlers have, and so in that respect, if you’re going to buy a car that you want to do some customizations on. There are a ton of aftermarket parts that are out there for this car. However, straight out of the box, she needs a little bit of work, and this was the big issue for me: how darn solid it was got to loosen it up. You got to loosen it up because, when it’s running for a rock racer, the other thing would be great for would be mud, bogging or sand dunes. Put it put some sand vipers on here or put some mud boggers on here. Proline’S got the new mambas. You could put on here, and it would be absolutely phenomenal, uh going back to the battery tray. That is an issue that has to be remedied because trying to access the batteries through the body that way was just awful.

When i was out there in the field – and i am not going to bring a little wrench with me – to take off the body – so i can affix the battery inside that’s not happening, there has to be a better way so that’s, something else that you would Have to adjust so it’s one of those cars where and also you know, with the cage design. If you wanted to, you could take this and swap this out into lots of different uh uh cages um. I actually have one around here somewhere. Let me get it now and go ahead and drop her right in it, which i may do i’m, not sure i mean it’s ready to go as far as that goes um. So, if you drop into a cage, got a little thunder got a storm coming. Somebody doesn’t, like me, talking a little bit of trash about the wraith spawn. However, i will say: uh. Overall, there are other rock bouncers that are out there, including axial products like the bombers, and i i would go like this and say the riffs. The rifts need a little bit of work with them uh this one actually could could uh benefit from something the rift needs, and that is the rear sway bar had it had the rear sway bar then that would have actually helped it uh. Keep that tire down. You’Ll see it lifts like this. That would have pushed that in the opposite direction or held it straight when it was going over.

Just these little stones and you’ll see what i’m running on the pack i’m running on and it’s, just not it’s, not uh rock racing. Uh um uh ready that’s. Just you know what i can say about it now. It’S gon na do all right, but it’s gon na need a bunch of upgrades, which is why i went and invested in a bunch of upgrades, and that is another video that will be coming up. But take a look at the uh video and tell me what you think of the spawn uh i was you know all geared up because it’s been on the market for so long and the community is so uh into it um. But aside from its ability to plant and take off like a basher um, it wasn’t able to stay straight and it wasn’t as quick as i thought it would be. For a 20 t that’s my take on the car, i still love it because it’s rc and because i know what kind of upgrades i have so you’re gon na have to stay tuned and see what they are um.