This is a 1 18 scale kind of rock racer desert runner kind of vehicle, and actually with this can am body on it. It becomes a one tenth scale, vehicle and kind of what uh horizon hobby and axial we’re. Trying to do with the release of this is kind of have a scale accessory for your 1 10 scale, crawlers that you can also drive and even on its own as you’ll come to see it is a very nice vehicle and you can see that it is It is a 10th scale vehicle because the heads in here for the driver and the passenger – this is the exact same mold head as um is seen on the deadbolt on tent scale and other other 10 scale. Axial crawlers that have a driver in it. So that’s that’s the thing that makes it immediately obvious and also obviously in real life. These side by sides are smaller than an actual jeep or bronco or whatever it is would be. The car is available for 150 are completely ready to run. That includes the battery. For the car battery for the transmitter and speaking of the transmitter, it is this stx2 transmitter, it’s, very basic, very plasticky, but it is a pretty decent transmitter. Feels very nice in the hand, has all your adjustments as well as your throttle limiter, that a lot of people like so and then it doesn’t have double a’s in it right now, but it does come with them and also you get a charger for the battery That’S included – and you get this usb nickel metal hydride charger, which is a lot nicer than the ones you get in the ecx 180 118 scale vehicles which has a charger but no light on it.

This one at least has a light on it. So i really wish they would include this charger with the the other cars as well, but you know um. Looking at the body, the body itself is pretty well uh pretty nicely detailed. Though most of the details are uh stickers. You can see the tail lights in here are stickers, um headlights or stickers, um and all the details on the interiors are all stickers. All the gold bits are also all stickers. Um, the body itself is just black and it has a lexan piece on the top, and the body itself is also lexian. Interior, obviously, is not full depth, and neither is this storage area it’s just a sticker flat area right here, but the reason they had to do it like that is so the battery would fit underneath. One thing that they did give us, though, is the front bumper is unique for the can am version so that’s an actual molded piece, so these inserts are stickers and the rear bumper has been replaced with this piece right here with a little exhaust pipe on these Two things right here are stickers, but the exhaust pipe is actually molded and same thing with this little roll bar area i’m, not sure what that’s supposed to be, but that’s, all um, molded plastic and, as you can see here, the the car has a solid axle Design in the rear, with a open differential, so this cannot actually rock crawl because it does have a pretty loose gear.

Did you can see i’m spinning it pretty freely there and the front runs on independent suspension, which works really well and for such a small vehicle and just rc cars in general? This has one of the best suspension tuning that i’ve ever seen on an rtr vehicle. The shocks are very plush, they’re tuned, very well for the size and weight and dimensions of the vehicle, so i’m very happy with the shocks. The shocks are also threaded bodied, so you can’t, adjust them and the shocks are also different front rear the front side. Have these shorter shocks the rears? Have these really long travel shocks, so it is definitely going to have a lot more suspension, travel in the rear, but it makes well use it makes good use of that. The tires are licensed. Maxis bighorn, like atv, tires and they’re. Very soft they’re foam filled and i really like these tires. I wish they sold these wheels and tires separately but i’ve. I haven’t been able to find these separately because i really want to use these for some of my other cars. Um let’s see the underneath. You can see more in detail here, ignore the cat that i drew on the bottom. The driveshaft here is just a dog bone, so i’m, not a big fan of that, because this bearing is pretty exposed and the driveshaft itself is also plastic, but it works fine. So it’s, not a huge issue and metal drive, shafts and stuff are available.

If you do wish to upgrade. The only only complaint i have about the suspension is the rear link here. This upper link does not allow for any articulation. It can only go up and down. It does not allow for any any articulation this way, so that kind of makes it um flip over a lot on road. So maybe you can you can modify these links or cut them off or something like cut. The supports off or something i haven’t – really messed with it, because this this car, as of the filming of this video, is actually not mine anymore. So i don’t really want to modify anything but taking the body off and it’s. Just these two little body clips in the front and the body swings open on the little hinge. The battery that’s included is a nickel metal hydride battery pack, that’s the same as as horizon hobby uses on their all of their 118 scale vehicles and there’s. A little thumb screw here you undo and the battery will sit in here. The rear shocks have this reservoir detail, it’s fake it doesn’t do anything. The car has a ec3 connection, which is good for a lot of people that have a lot of horizon hobby products. That’S, a very common plug, i i’m glad they didn’t go with an ec2 or anything like that. So that’s nice, the motor in it is a 380 sized brushed motor. The heatsink is normally not included.

I added this part so ignore that the esc and receiver is a two in one unit, but it is a pretty decent unit. I only have some minor complaints about it, but as far as electronics go it’s, it’s pretty good. The servo is also metal gear and has plenty of torque it’s a little bit slow, but has plenty of torque the front drive. Shafts are metal and all the links are just solid plastic pieces, so no adjustability there and overall, pretty straightforward chassis. It literally looks like a scaled down version of the old discontinued, 10th scale yeti, but with all that said, let’s take it outside and see how this drives. So you can see me immediately bouncing it off a concrete corner there. So i’ll talk about durability. First durability of this thing is excellent in the intro. You saw me run into this thing at basically full speed with my eight scale: aluminum chassis, red cat, landslide and that’s. The only time i ever broke anything on this car, i broke the front, drive shaft and i hit it with my landslide, but other than that other than that having a crash with that eight scale vehicle. This thing has held up really well durability, wise so durability. Very very good for this little thing: um, not really something you have to worry about and that’s a good thing, because parts are not as easy to find for this thing as how you would think it would be especially being a horizon hobby product but um.

It won’t break much but it’s kind of hard to find parts for this uh from what i’ve seen but driving it in water and off road like this in the water, the electronics, the waterproofing of the electronics work really well um. They seem to hold up and driving it on off road surfaces like a little bit bumpy um, the the car is very small and the solid rear axle doesn’t make for the smoothest ride, but considering all that, it does drive really well and it’s fun to drive It’S peppy and responds really well to all of your controls. Um one thing you will notice. As i drive it is, it is a little bit top heavy on any sort of high traction surface, so it’s best to keep this thing on loose dirt. It really likes to be driven on surfaces like this um. It has pretty excellent traction. The tires aren’t, really soft and grip really well um. I wish the tires are actually easier to find on their own because i like it for some other cars but yeah. This thing really prefers loose dirt and stuff like that, otherwise it does still drive really well it’s, just going to flip over a bit uh a bit more often because of the high position of the battery along with the roll cage. Um jumping this thing jumps excellently the plush and really well tuned suspension, um soaks up the jumps and the landing really well, and as long as you stay on the throttle it, it stays pretty level in the air.

These these uh uh solid, rear axle kind of vehicles like the nose dive a little bit on jumps, so just keep on the throttle and um it’s going to jump really well uh, just bashing it around this dirt. This bit of the dirt track a lot of fun again the drive flips over because it’s a little bit higher higher traction surface but yeah overall uh for 150 bucks uh the scale look of it the way it drives the way it performs the durability. I say um it’s an excellent value, it’s, an excellent vehicle if you got, if you guys want it for your 10th scale, crawlers excellent buy if you want it as its own independent rc car, also an excellent buy 150 dollars for all of this scale. Look driving performance, everything fully rtr. You really cannot beat this thing um. There are some aluminum upgrades and stuff available from axio, so you can check those out if you want, but for now um 10 out of 10 thumbs up. I love this thing and i think if you get one you will too so.