So this is a eight motor, cinewhoop uh 1404 motors, something kind of totally different here and and kind of one of the reasons why i really wanted to review. This is because it is different than everything else that’s been coming out lately, whether or not it’s for you. I guess you’ll have to watch the video and find out some more details about it to see. If this is something that you’re going to want to use or not so this is the way that i flew it um. I mounted a gopro hero 6 here in this mount that came with the gopro flying in uh 850 4s battery, and let me just show you what this whole thing weighs the way i flew it. So the all up weight here with the battery in the gopro, the quad or the x8, is a 522 and a half grams yeah it’s a well over the 250 gram limit. But i think most of you guys probably already knew that because it’s got double the motors it’s, basically uh, two quads in one. Basically two, you know you know we got. Eight motors got two quads in one and uh. Let me just show you the weight without the battery and the gopro in here, so how much it weighs uh, no battery, no gopro it’s about 305 grams. Now something to keep in mind is mine, did not come with the antenna that should be included. It’S, like a white antenna, i’ll put a little photo up here, what it should look like that was missing in my package, so i just put this little stubby antenna on here that i had lying around just uses the uh there’s an sma extender in here.

You know sm antenna, but yeah you’ll you’ll get an antenna that comes out a little bit bendable and should be uh. You know further away from the body like this, so the weight obviously be a little bit more with that antenna versus this little stubby here, um let’s just get right into the the way this is all put together. As you can see, it really is kind of like two quads sandwiched, with obviously inverted motors on the bottom set here. Uh, the top set of motors uses a four in one esc, that’s, a 30 m 401 ac that’s in the top section and then there’s another four underneath the in the bottom section here that is uh yeah it’s difficult to see. But you can see it right. There and then bottom let’s see if we come over here. Yeah there’s been received from this side, so another foreign one esc over here, so you get total of eight esc’s and the bottom four motors are connected to the bottom 401 ac, the flight controller here’s on the bottom as well, it’s right there with the usb port Accessible in the front, obviously it’s a special uh flight controller it’s like a matec f722 mini target with eight motor outputs, obviously to control all eight motors and then on the top here. Obviously, this is analog. This is a run. Cam nano two uh in the top section here underneath the the front section is a video transmitter it’s a uh.

I forget the name of it. It’S like i think it goes up to one watt. So yeah you can go pretty far with this video transmitter. If you want, i think, only fluid right, like 200 or uh 400 watts, not nothing too high. Okay, so the motors on here are axis flying branded af 144, 45 10 kv, so it’s meant to run on 4s on these gem fan, d63 props or two and a half inch propellers, obviously in an 8 motor configuration – and it does have a neat motor configuration And beta flight, the um way that they’ve got the eight motors on here is interesting in this frame, so there’s a main plate and then there’s a, i guess, uh a secondary plate that will mount the top motors here and then the bottom motors are inverted and Mounted to the main plate here and uh it’s, not that easy to see because the carbon is so well cut. You can’t really see where it meets. It’S, like you, can tell that the separate piece of carbon but it’s uh looks almost like one piece, but it isn’t, so they obviously use this little plate. They mount the murder and the prop guard to the underside of that, and then this this murder and prop guard to the bottom side of this plate here and then they screw the two plates. Together with these screws and there’s, three corners there’s a little triangle there and so there’s, a m2 screw there and a press fit nut on the bottom there’s three leds.

It looks like there’s one two there and just two leds looks like. Let me see. Let me show you what they look like all right so coming in this blue colored here and pretty sure that they’re programmable yeah. So basically, you have uh two two and a half inch cinewob sandwiched together in an inverted motor fashion. It is actually running an x8 profile in betaflight, so the props in the top rotate and props in configuration and the ones on the bottom rotate in a props out configuration so it’s kind of interesting. You know overall uh, you know basically for double the weight. You get double the power, so it’s uh. You can carry more stuff like a gopro and uh, but it comes at the expense of flight time, so uh with the 4s 850 i’m. Only getting like two minutes of flight time, i think that’s, what they’re advertising with the gopro, if you don’t, carry gopro if you’re in a group where you can get more flight time with carrying less weight around. If you move up to a bigger battery, you can get maybe another minute, so maybe three minutes. So i think this is gon na be a specialized use case, maybe for uh situations where you need a little bit more stability, a little bit more power um than a normal two and a half but it’s one of the same sort of uh sort of you Know smaller profile of a 200 inch thinner whip, so uh, you know if you only want to be carrying around a full size gopro instead of a naked gopro uh, because maybe you’re concerned about crashing or if you just want the extra power.

If you want to do like tricks and stuff like that, this can you know this? Has that available to you with that extra power, but again it’s at the expense of flight time, so it’s a pretty unique product? I think with and it’s going to be for a unique audience uh. Well, i think it’s not going to be for everybody um. It is definitely louder than a tor, normal uh, four motorcycle. You got basically four extra props, so it’s it’s, pretty loud um actually louder than i expected i’m, not sure. If there’s enough, you can do about that because it’s carrying around a lot of weight. I think if you’re, if you take the gopro off of here, i suspect that it will um uh not be as loud. So, if you’re concerned about that, but i think you know if you’re looking for something just you’re looking to carry around a gopro. So you know you’re gon na have to live with the extra noise and the shorter flight time. There is a dji version of this as well. I don’t know anything about that. One i haven’t flown it so i’ll link that down in the video description. I think basically has a vista and a nebula nano for the camera, but i believe all the other specs are going to be identical, but yeah i’ll link that down in the video description, um yeah here’s my flight demo of it. You know. Let me know what you guys think i think we’re probably going to see more of these.

Hopefully, a three inch x8 might be more interesting than a two and a half inch. But you know that’s just my thoughts anyway, interested to hear what you guys think about this and in the comments section and i’ll talk to you guys in the next video yeah, it’s uh, actually pretty loud with eight motors and eight props does feel like it has A lot of power yeah, actually, when i try it even though it’s pretty heavy it’s got so much thrust when you do a maneuver, it just kind of floats there, yeah it’s really loud actually louder than i expected it would be, but i am carrying a lot Of weight with a full size, gopro hero6 it’s, pretty windy right now, not sure if you’ll be able to hear that on the microphone. I have a wind muff on here and you can see as the voltage is coming down i’m having quite a bit of voltage. Sag already at 14 volts, you can do some acro. This is only an 854s and this battery’s got a lot of cycles on it. So you probably want to go with a newer battery. Yeah i’ve done a 13.6 it’s, not it’s only been like a minute 40 seconds, so i guess um that’s the price you pay for double the motors and weight plus carrying a gopro. So a much shorter flight time than expected about two minutes here.