These are the two test pieces. All metal, one was a shiny aluminum. The other one was a brushed aluminum testing out my primer waiting for the paint to dry on my one sixth scale tank, build that I've just started: it's all metal, it's, all crazy and because I don't want to mess it up and I'm being extra careful. This is the self etching primer that I'm using it's a rust oleum made for aluminum. You can see here it's like a nice green gray, which is like an olive drab, so it's perfect for the tank base coat all these pieces. I would hate to make a mistake, but in the meantime, and while I'm waiting and doing all the scrubbing and in between here is my 18 scale, cab of the Ford f, 150 Raptor body that I just brought back from California, you guys might have seen it Look at this: this is the all black body that I'm just finishing up now for those of you that may have been watching rcadventures for years you'll. Remember I had an all black to me: a Tundra, a high lift kit that I built, and this one is much larger. I love all black trucks usually fairly clean, but I don't mind a few stickers, keeping all the colors just kind of black and white. This truck is the bomb. I did keep the the windows clear, just in case they come out with an interior kit or I feel like building one one day rocking a one to many RCS older version of their light bar just kind of repurposing, that I got it on a remote control Which is pretty decent Ford, Raptor body, looking good missing a d ring busted it off in my last journey to California there, while we're doing the hill climb, but no big deal.

I can get a new one in look at this. These tracks is Canyon. Trail 2.2. S are absolutely killer in size, the 2.2 s I say, really kind of match up with the 18 scale body and so much better. You know they look like they're supposed to be there and even though it's a little bit cold outside right now and it's. Certainly, turning into winter, I think we should go outside on the backyard trail park: Music, Music, Music, Music, great suspension, movement, they're, just idling down there we go, we get to see a little bit of axial movement, just letting it creep crawl to the bottom. A lot of you will notice I'm actually going backwards here, just to kind of show you you know what kind of capabilities we have Music. What you see hanging down right here in the window is actually just a power regulator for the light I didn't hide it. Yet longer wheelbase more chances to get high centered good. Looking good straight down like my drag break. Oh still, doing it one hand here, filming with the other and hear the rain coming down Music. Turning game gon na have to move those pylons set up for 110 scale. Look at this can just barely get through rolling, just idling down whoa, letting the drag break do its work. There. Look at this. I lost my my pull pal a little earlier glad to see it now. I can get it out of there after the run, of course, Music up to the teeter totter first time for this truck on the teeter totter backing it up.

Giving you guys a good view of what we're looking at here makes it more challenging for me even up driving, though okay counterweight on the back and a little windy out here no worries here we go side, hill, totally a side Hill really designed to twist the Truck up quite a bit yeah, okay, big boy right here and the one I stepped in okay, super EXTREME. There you go that's a better angle, tiny got ta be quick there. You know I I Music think, instead of the yellow one, we should take the wider one. That kind of gives us a better look at the articulation of the suspension. I do have it set up fairly stiff, though, for no other reason than just giving me a bit more ride, height Music. Some of you may think that there's not much of a difference between eight scale crawling and ten scale, but there definitely is the capabilities of both. Vehicles are the same, but the bigger truck can just do bigger obstacles that's all, but what a great shot his bar is always difficult: they're, very rusty and old. Oh yeah, yeah yeah. Oh my gosh. I got lucky on that. One! Look at that that's a long ride and if you fall bad, laid on top ain't staying so pretty okay up and around definitely angled and a huge drop on this side. Oh, she like a boss. The 10th scale would have rolled there immediately Music.

Oh now, this was designed to roll ten scales easily. I haven't tried it with a skill. Yet, though, a little longer wheelbase I got further up than I thought I would but let's have a go out here again, a little more speed yeah. So I figured and then of course drag break on the descent so I'm, not doing anything here, I'm, just letting it roll forward. Using my tires to wiggle forward, we're gon na have to get 18 scale talk about competition together. One of these days – beautiful, oh yeah, up and over this side, one ah because of this giant hole right here, I've got to make it way more sturdy for next year. Let'S move it up here. Well, this eight scale even fit on the rope bridge. I don't know Music four by four power through this down. It goes nice. Strong, drag, break, helps you on this side. You want to be flipped off right away right there. Oh, this is gon na, be tough with the camera. Oh yeah come on odds on the inside there we go try to get over the novel on that side. Dude. Oh, I didn't frig me that's too bad and the rains coming down pretty hard. Now, no, no, I think we're stretching it on its own stalled out. Hold on oh my gosh, I totally did it yeah. Oh my gosh that's not gon na work. I can just push the front yeah, no Daniel, thanks to everybody that told me to seal up the carbon fiber here I did do that.

There are quite a few holes that are drilled in the carbon fiber, though so I might have to take out a paintbrush and brush some glue into those holes. Let them dry and hope I can get the screws back in yeah don't fall it's a long fall such a good. Looking truck I'm waiting on my light kit right now, that's, why those light buckets aren't lit up? Oh slippery, careful haha the tilt table whoa and, of course this might be too narrow, yep that's, okay, it's raining pretty hard. I should get inside. I get in a rock Crawford. We'Ve had my fountain out here right now: Music, bite, Music, Music.