There are a few things, so i upgraded a bit. Take a look here: i’ve changed out, i put in h, hr hot racing aluminum and carbon it’s kind of hard to see aluminum and carbon uh lower links. I put it incision upper links. I did buy a gpm aluminum piece for here, but it didn’t fit um. This truck is different, obviously than version one it’s different in ways i didn’t expect so we’re gon na take a look at some driving footage and we’re gon na take a look at um how it’s different because it’s not obvious when you first look at the truck That there have been uh quite a few minor, but maybe important changes made so let’s take a look alright, so the first um thing that’s changed. Is this front mount where the frame mounts to the cage up here under the this front skid plate? I should call it is at a different angle than it was originally it’s actually forward about a centimeter half a centimeter, so any parts made for the version one the fit up here – don’t fit um. So i discovered that so i decided hey. I want to protect this bendy plastic and i bought this metal piece to go over, but even though it’s made of steel, i managed to bend this and permanently set the permanently push the body into a new position by bending the um, the cage. So i had to rip this off and you can see it’s quite there’s, quite a bend in it um.

So that was useless, just a couple crashes and it put a lot of pressure on the plastic piece and then buckled the cage underneath and actually drove the wheel wells into the tires. So when you see um see the video uh, you might hear some wheel rub and that’s, because this whole front part was just kind of smushed down and this was moved forward, so it’s, actually cracked, the lexan body in here um. Another thing: a couple: differences, um, the ball joints or the the ball ends for the shocks, and the ball ends for the sway bar on the back they’re wider they’re, bigger everything like that is bigger than it originally was. So the ball ends on the um swing. Arms, so when i installed these incision ones that were made for version, one they’re a little bit narrower in the ball, so the mounts squeeze in a little bit tighter, so that’s. Something to be aware of when i went to mount the shocks and the the sway bar to these hr racing arms, lower links, um the ball ends were too wide, so i had to take them out. I had to dremel them down so they’d fit in the slot, so it seems that losi has just made the hardware a little bit heavier and then that causes some issues. So if you’re buying parts i’d say if you own this and you’re going to buy some upgrade parts, wait and only buy things that say: v2 um the metal front piece i had it did say: v2, it just bends really easily um, so other than that.

I protected the body i put in uh t works, uh, cargum body gum and strengthened up the whole front end. I straightened the roof. I think i shall strengthen these pillars. These pillars aren’t very strong. I already got a crack in one here um. I used drywall tape and gorilla tape here on the back just to try to protect the body from the wheels scraping. But if you take a look in this wheel well, you can see there’s quite a bit of wear in there, so it is starting to wear the paint off anyway because it wore through the um gorilla tape. Now, as far as performance, this thing is super super quick, it’s, a very, very fast rig. It drives relatively well, it will roll over will traction roll because of the solid reel axle but that’s to be expected. Um. I did like the shock, so i took it out of the box. I really like these shocks, but i found it after just one battery pack that maybe it’d be nicer to have um a little bit stiffer suspension. So i’ve i’ve wound the caps down, seeing the wheels were always hanging out inside also, i think too much wheel. Speed goes to the front, wheels so i’m going to change the diff um change the diff fluid in the front i might put in diff grease. I might put in a tamiya makes a putty i might put the putty in. I want more power to the rear.

The front wheels tend to expand quite a bit. I think that would help one very frustrating thing was um the battery the battery tray so it’s inside the body from the bottom right, it’s in under here or under here sorry, so this battery door, that latches it’s got a metal latch, that’s fine battery, slides in Um i got ta take out my adapter, so i’m running this chinese brand, it’s actually quite good, so i will recommend it: gowning um 6500 milliamp, 100c plus, and i actually have a couple more coming with the ec5 connectors, um, eight thousand milliamp ones, 130 c um. So these are hard packs. My soft packs are too long for the battery tray in here, because i do have soft packs when i put it in the the wires on this are mounted here so they’re supposed to come out the bottom, but the door closes onto the black wire. So there was no way to close the door. I could could not get it closed and use my battery pack and the soft packs are too long. I have leopard effects, so what i had to do is i had to cut the top out of the battery chain, so i had to make a space, so i could mount the battery upside down. Have the wires run out here? Otherwise, there’s no way to close the door um, which is unfortunate. I mean this. The prim and i had to take the foam off this side of the battery door because, with the foam on it, wouldn’t close and then i had to slightly make the hole where it melt where the slide goes through.

I had to make that hole slightly bigger to even get it latched, so i think that’s a bit unfortunate, it’s a very tight fit. I didn’t try with 2s. I took out the spacer for running 2s. I just ran this thing on 3s and uh yeah it’s kind of annoying that it was hard to fit the battery, and i had to mod it a bit to put it in. I didn’t change the connector because i’m planning on buying more horizon um horizon rigs and rather than switching everything to xt90 or xd60. I think i’ll just get adapters for my charger and start running uh ec5s, uh battery packs or change connectors to ec5 on other ones, but my lmg, i already changed with the xt xt version, so i guess i’ll keep a few that way um as far as Performance, it does run well. It runs very, very, very quick. Now i don’t when i ordered this, i thought it’d be smaller. Actually, because i don’t really have space for large vehicles. I have other large ones. I don’t get to run very often um, so i took it out to a park and i ran on the grass and i ran it on the concrete and i already noticed the tires are wearing so these are nice soft tires and these are good for dirt. But if you’re running them on concrete, i don’t know how long how much time you’ll get out of the tread on them, because one battery pack and the treads wearing off i do find the steering like there’s quite a bit of like i can push on that Before it engages the um, the servo so there’s quite a bit of play in it, i’ll probably change out the servo run, something quicker.

I generally do um other than that it’s what’s to be expected, it’s very fast. It has a lot of suspension, travel, um, it’s super fun. The body will self destruct when you smash the truck i’m noticing more little starting cracks. So i’ll probably pull the whole body off and strengthen some new areas. Um yeah it’s, going quick and when you hit something yeah something’s gon na give so better the polycarbonate body than the uh chassis or something all right, i’m very happy with it. Uh enjoy the footage and uh see you next time, all right. We’Re going to test out this for the first time and i’ve upgraded a few things reinforce the body put a nice metal skid plate on the front new rear links with carbon, aluminum and steel links up front had a bit of trouble with getting a battery to Fit in this battery tray, but i think everything’s good we’re running 3ds, so let’s power it up there, you go Music, great Music, oh Music, the vehicle controller, Music, Music, loud noise, Music, Music, dude, Music, ah Music, Music, uh, Music, oh Music, so Music, Music, uh, Music. Oh Music, so Music, great Music, uh Music. So i put this metal piece to protect. The front is bent you see, it’s a boat in here you can see the plastic behind its boat and it’s pushed the whole kind of cage through the bend in here. It’S pushed everything back and my body’s sitting way too high.

The wheels are clipping.