Once again, anyway, ben could have been good enough to send me this little uh rc car to review little 132 scale mini high speed, rc car anyway. We’Ll crank it open and check it out before we do that. I’Ll leave a link in the description where you can get it from banggood. Uh and i’ll also leave a 10 off voucher code in there as well down in the description uh. So you can get it a bit cheaper, they’re. They go for 13 u.s around 13 u.s or that’s about 19 australian, so yeah we’ll get it open and there we go. So we start off. We’Ve got a usb cable and there’s our little car, beautiful and in the back here, we’ve got some instructions and we’ve also got a little radio now without reading any instructions whatsoever. I can tell you that the uh, the throttle is uh proportional, but the steering isn’t you might hear that clicking yeah, so it’s gon na be full left full right, full left full right anyway. The first thing we have to do is take this screw out and uh put a battery in it. Anyway, it takes a couple of double a’s, so i’ll get a couple of them and throw it in, but uh yeah well, they’ve all got the car it’s like a little formula. One buggy type thing: it’s got suspension on the back anyway, nothing on the front, but we’ve got rear. Suspension and we’ve got the power switch underneath there and we can adjust left and right there’s a little uh switch under the front, so you can adjust the trim left and right.

Doesn’T seem to do a great deal but that’s a little better yeah anyway. So to take the body off we’ve got these little uh little pieces of rubber tube. Basically, there we go got the antenna there and our charging port is well hidden. Oh no too easy right on the bottom, so i’ll bring your battery in the remote and uh i’ll charge the car up and uh i’ll actually time how long it takes to charge it. It may already be charged, so i don’t know um and then we’ll get it outside for a run should be cool alrighty. So we’ve got our batteries in two double a’s. In there i charged him up in the instructions. It says charge of half an hour. So i did that so no need to time it half an hour and it should run for 11 minutes. They say uh so before we go for the run. One more thing: we’re gon na need a jump. So i got this bit of cardboard here. Pretty basic it’s already got a bend in it, but i’ll just make another bend here and uh a bit of tape and we should be good. Yeah, probably doesn’t need to be too high, so just tape it there and there we go flatten the bottom out, a bit it’s. Only a small car, so yeah done a huge loop at the at the start. There, Music that’s it we should be good and for a finishing touch, Music done.

Alrighty we’ll, take it out for a run: Music, Music, so Music, oh Music, so Music, Music, so Music, so Music Applause, so yeah that’s him runs. Okay, i think yeah. The only issues i had was uh reverse seems much quicker than ford um. Now ford, the ford uh is proportional, but reverse isn’t, it’s just flat out reverse um, that’s, fine, but yeah. I wish it went faster forward and the high low switch on the transmitter doesn’t seem to do anything. I don’t know other than that. You know for 20 bucks it’s, not bad. I think a bit of fun uh, certainly good for lockdown. Anyway, if you liked it, you can buy one down in the description, um yeah, if you liked the video leave a thumb up.