Oh my gosh, I don’t know if the color it’s pink, I know it’s my favorite color drink it right, love, clutters, hop in okay, all right buckle up where you gon na go Applause. Applause, Music, hi, everyone and welcome TV toy house and take a look. Today we have a remote control, cruisin Corvette for a Barbie and isn’t it beautiful. It is shiny, pink and fits to Barbie dolls. This was sent to us by Nico to review. So thank you. So much alright, everyone so take a look. Our car is out of the box and it looks beautiful. So this is a beautiful, beautiful, pink color. Of course it has I’m a bunch of stickers on it that has the Barbie logo. So we have Barbie right here and also on the hood we have. There did a ponytail logo, and here is the other side on the inside. The seats are pink and black and it actually looks pretty cool. So take a look at that the doors don’t open but it’s big enough for you to slide your barbie in so let’s go ahead and give it a try. So I have a tall Barbie. She is a little bit taller than the average Barbie and she fits in there pretty good, and I also have a petite Barbie. She is a little bit smaller than a regular Barbie and see if you can fit her in there too, and of course they both fit.

Oh, my gosh isn’t, this fun look at them great, surf arms a little bit so that she fits there. We go so here’s the remote control and it’s really cool. It has a little steering wheel that you can use to turn and this one’s goes forward and backwards. Alright, so let’s turn this on. As far as batteries. This little remote takes to triple a and in the car itself, takes five double a batteries and make sure you have lots of batteries before you start alright, so let’s go for a ride Applause. This is actually really responsive. Oh my gosh I’m. Really impressed goes really fast and natural responds very well Applause here’s. My three turn Applause. This is a lot of fun, so I really like this it’s, actually pretty fun, to try and it’s actually easy to try to you Applause. I like how it slides on my floors so much fun, alright, everyone. So I really like this car. This Corvette is super cool, it’s, really easy to drive, and I just love how it fits to Barbie dolls in it.