Of course guys the uh outcast backflips are the best tires. You can probably get for any kind of battery for success. Armors backflips are just simply incredible: hey chris you’re missing it. Here we go here. Another bass, number three Applause, oh my god, driveshaft okay, driveshaft popped out guys yo go for it. What let’s go see it nice? I got a shock right. Then i busted a shark right in god: oh okay and also yeah, but then you can’t run the other way down, know what this is it’s. My plastic diff case. I have wire with it to fix that what’s wrong with it it’s the threads. The plastic thread. I don’t know before i make it happen: watch out, let’s see, go for it, nice man, good job. You know that that’s what that’s been the whole time. I didn’t know it until just before i left the house wow. Can you can you just all these gifts? Are just brand new can’t? You still run, though oh my god yeah that’s what it is, it’s, not clamping down on the case. None of my teeth were broken. None of my input, shafts were loose or cuffs were loose, so i just realized what it was. I mean i don’t know what was going on with the different day, but this has to be the reason this correction anyway it’s in the front right it’s in the back. You can hear it right over the front right, yeah that’s.

What i thought last time was, i thought it was the back you’re doing a little job, yeah i’m, just gon na bolt these screws down. Let me show you, okay or maybe we’ll get this video to work. Chris let’s see what you brought ramps i’m, not using your ramps. By the way i might just freeze down now we’re going to be bashing here and um. We, you know you remove the floor. Oh my god! If he moves the floor, then i’m screwed, i won’t, have a partner. So we got this little rig piece over here. You move the floor that you said moved to florida. What the hell are you talking about? You see, you said florida exactly if you do that. Chris i’m screwed man, i have no partner, listen we’ll, be forced to force hobbies after tomorrow for what you think about the forced hobbies like the force like star wars. It’S, not like that thing. You force good right, yo! Listen! If i talk about it, force like the force – oh my god force hobbies like like, may the force be with you. Well, if i say watching tv is a hobby, it’s, a hobby, fun fact because it’s my opinion, the nazi in indiana jones, that i’m trying to describe butcher not seeing they get killed by the hand of darth vader when he like virtually chokes him really the same Dude jones and he plays like some head – he always plays a villain, huh yeah.

Is he a nazi in real life? I hope he’s, not a nazi in real life, i want to say he’s a temple of dunes. It has nothing noticed. We’Ve got the pro tech stuff going in now all right, let me turn this camera off. We don’t want to infinite. We don’t want to throw nobody we’re going to show this camera before this conversation gets out of the way by the way. These are great. Speed run here: this is a we got 13 opinion on her stock feel like Music can’t, even see it, what the hell! What happened to this thing? Hey guys a little breakage here. This ball popped out i’m gon na go real quick. What do you guys think should i go up this hill here? I guess i’ll try to see see. Let go the throttle guys and just hit it hit it like that. You should never give your vehicle full power if you’re airborne. She will not like it very much me and chris gon na race, now we’re in competition over here. You got two rc junkies over here. Come on. You let’s roll, you son of a bite Music. Oh my god. Can i back it up. Chris watch out get a boulder over there boy. I got i put down a boulder with this outcast boulder that was pretty sweet, see guys you’re, just gon na have some confidence going up those big big, big hills. I don’t know it’s on the other side, but you know let’s find out got ta just find out.

Take some chances. You know if your rig breaks, you have some fun Music.