com just want to give a big thank you and appreciation to this company for sending me these batteries to test out. So i’m going to be testing these out today and i’m, going to be using the arma sentence to test it out because the arma sentence, their minimum requirements for the battery used for this truck, is a 5000 milliamp and at least 50 c of discharge. And this whole time i’ve been running this with my jlb cheetah battery, which is 4 000 milliamp, 30 c discharge. So it was not really a decent power but enough to get this going. But since i have this one now, it’s uh yeah it’s really going to bring out the beast in this truck, so we’re going to test it out in this truck, and i just want to give you guys a quick close up on this battery it’s pretty thick. Pretty heavy, this is a 3s connector, of course, my favorite and yeah. Overall, the quality built it looks really good. You know it. Doesn’T look, cheap, looks really good. It comes in a bubble, wrap inside a box which is this one and you get a pair inside a bigger box, which is this one, so yeah pretty cool how you get a pair but uh yeah, anyways, we’re gon na test. It out see how this battery does and i’ll, let you know my honest opinion and review at the end. Here we go Applause, Applause, there’s, so much rocks here.

Oh, it definitely does handle differently with this battery. Just because of that extra bigness and weight. Oh, it seemed to turn better going left and right. Look at that power man. This thing’s got power dang. This thing’s got power. Whoa oh, come on come on. I got this. I got this Applause. Oh Applause. Oh a lot of rocks. We’Re almost fell into the lake, pretty good battery for reals, guys pretty good battery i’m still getting peak power that extra weight that extra power man. This thing is so fun that’s, so awesome, hey, wow huh! This is amazing, i’m still getting power man. This truck handles Applause, Applause, Music, so Applause, dang, it’s, still going Applause, Music Applause i like to feel it losing power sort of. Oh, that was cool Music. Oh it doesn’t want to steer right. Oh there we go. Oh, i got stuck there for a moment. What’S going on Applause, so, oh, i think that’s lipo cut off how slow it’s going and it’s dead whoa man. That was epic all right guys. That was a great run. This battery is uh it’s good. I like it. I like the size of it. The weight of it and it gave plenty of power to the end and the the run time was uh was pretty good too. I actually ran this truck longer with this battery than my old battery, so yeah thumbs. Up to that, everything will be in the link below if you’re interested, but yeah man look at the size of it.