Maybe we’ll have to extend the series, but today we’re going to install these sledgehammer tires, and this is a simple bolt on, but these are some really cool looking tires, i love the lug pattern on these. I think it’s really going to help this truck, get some traction. As you know, we’ve got the wide max kit on here now i can’t wait to try that out. So let me bolt up these tires we’ll head out to the dirt and have some fun Music. Music, all right guys, i’m out at the dirt bashing let’s see what this wide max could do. So i’ve already been beating on the wide max truck and uh yeah. Everybody is pretty much right that wide max kit does make a difference. It is not the absolute answer, though, to keeping this thing stable. The first thing i did when uh i started ripping on it was rolled it over at least three times. So, yes, you still need to drive it even with the wide max kit on there. It’S not gon na save you from crashes, but it does handle so good with this wide max kit on there look at that, i can just plow through some of these berms at full throttle just nice and stable. Look at that wheelie action. It always seems to land on the wheels just a few times. I had to go flip it back over, but look at that full throttle. Those sledgehammer tires have some serious grip.

Just tearing things up. Look at that yeah, Music, it’s, a beast! This thing’s, like a tank now i mean with all that aluminum parts that we put on this wide max kit. Now it is so much fun Music. So all right, let’s move things over to the jumps i’m sure you guys want to see. This thing fly that’s a massive air jumps here, but you can get some distance whoa wow. That was fast all right, a little more air off of this side of it roll into it whoa so controllable. You see that a little bit of break stab drop the nose back down all right, let’s roll into it. That was crazy. It bucked up. I saved it, though, all right we’re back on it let’s go Applause, it’s kind of hard to see, but that thing just kind of sailed, low and fast all right, let’s rip on this side. Whoa, i love it. I love it. It is super stable, Music, Music. All right, you ready watch this Music low and long jumping that’s, pretty cool all right, let’s rip it through this berm. I love the berm. You guys know that Music, all right i’ve, been through this perm already, and i know it could handle it full throttle. Even on forest whew spin, this back around watch this ready rain railing up full drought whoa on the edge on the edge. I love it look at that full throttle rip. Oh, oh, we went a little while i didn’t see that just mopping through the grass all right back on i got to get.

I got to get a run up for this all right, ready, let’s roll on to it, get the full throttle up and over. Oh man, Music, oh yeah. I love it when it bicycles through that corner, so cool look at that all right got ta, find another jump, another jump where we gon na go Music all right. This double jump here is a tight squeeze, but i think the truck could handle it Music. Oh, it was edging on those wheels that was cool back it up come ripping through here, roll onto it and whoa awesome just landed so flat, Music, so smooth on the binders rip. This thing around a little reverse and on it and awesome that is so awesome. Music – oh, it just pulls up on those wheels that wheelie bar is getting a workout all right, ready! Oh yeah! Oh you see that just kind of floated through the air landed on the rear, wheels Music whoa. That was a floating jump there. That was awesome. Tons of start flying, yeah, Music, all right, another big whoa it’s hard to see, but that thing is just floating over the dirt, barely touching it. Oh there goes that potty again, oh hard hit all right, truck’s still good, so that body keeps popping off gon na. Go launch off this berm over here. Look at this all right, gon na come at me see how far we can get whoa, oh it’s, a hard hit.

I guess this is definitely a durability test here we built this thing to be strong and i’m gon na test. It yeah. I wonder if i could do a backflip. I think i could do a backflip. This is not really backflip jump material here, but i think the max could handle this thing. Let’S go yeah. It did. Oh man, it had a rack at the end, there’s another flip whoa, all right, one more one more come on baby. Oh, i didn’t think it was gon na. Do it pull it back out. Yeah whoa wow it’s got some serious stability. Now yeah it does backflips awesome all right. I think i have sufficiently beat this thing up, showed you guys how it handles this wide max project was awesome, all right, let’s, head back to the workshop. It was finally cool to go out and wheel. The max project i’ve been waiting for this for so long and yes, that wide max kit on there does make a big difference. It was a lot of fun driving with that kid on there. It does make it much more stable. You could go into turns a lot harder with it. It lands a lot easier and it’s a great option, part for the truck now. Do you absolutely need it? I don’t think so i i actually enjoyed driving the truck as it was stock out of the box. The stock with there’s some people that i know really enjoy it that way and there’s people that swear by the wide max kit.

So if you’re, i would say, if you’re having trouble, you know keeping this thing on the ground. You may want to switch to the wide max kit. If you find that you could drive it easily, uh with the stock setup. Just go with that. I actually like a little bit more edgy. You know i have a racing pass where you know. I just love to be on the edge of full throttle, and you know out of control. Almost you know that makes you a faster driver, uh, and so you know i like it both ways. I will probably stick with the wide max kit because i’m, just too lazy to swap it back out but um. I could drive this truck either way. It’S. Just a blast and we built a tank of a truck, i mean this thing took some really hard hits the servo that we put in it’s kind of loud, but it does the job of really steering this truck without issue um. I can’t think of anything really wrong. With this truck, i mean all the options that we put on here are, i think, worthy options. Do you need them all? Absolutely not. I am not here to tell you, you need everything i think you know if you are really interested in installing option parts on your xmaxx check out the series see what’s best for you and just install those option. Parts again, you know, i’ll run a stock truck out of the box.

I’Ll have fun with it, but everybody has their own different taste uh. These sledge hammer tires. These were pretty rad. They definitely have a lot of traction in fact, uh, because they have so much traction. The truck did roll over a few times. So you know, even though it has the wide max kit on there uh the tires that you put on do change the attitude of the truck, but uh the only thing. The other problem i had was the body cap popping off, but other than that. This thing is a solid tank love. This truck, i can’t wait to drive it some more all right guys. Let me know what you think of the project. Let me, let me know what option parts you’re going to add to your max in the comment section below. I know you know there’s all different types of parts out there so feel free, whether they’re, traxxas or an aftermarket. Let us know what you’ve done to your truck while you’re down in that section hit that subscribe button and the notifications bell. Throw the video like and we’ll see you back soon for some more rc driver videos.