This is maximum x. Gamer I’m excited to bring you this fantastic tour, the you command Batmobile! This is, from the recently released The Dark Knight rising film franchise. Although the packaging is very similar to the previous released toys from this franchise, this particular toy has been made by a different company, called think way: toys and also DC now I’ve done a lot of reviews and I’ve covered quite a few toys and action figures from This particular film – and I can honestly say this – is one of the best they are other you command toy releases and I’ve very much enjoyed playing this ever getting to grips with the different types of commands. As you can see on the left on the books, its Oakland Quan variations, the illustration: does it no justice, this Batmobile tumblr is a monster words of advice, though you do need a lot of space to truly appreciate and use this remote control. Batmobile. Now much like the previously reviewed mini version of the same toy that infrared remote control without the wires was very fast. And although I wasn’t a big fan of the controls, I did actually appreciate the amount of detail that was put into the actual tumblr. And ultimately, it was a pretty decent toy for the price, but this just blows it out of the water. I cannot say enough good things about this. I mean, as you can see here, there is so much detail put into the actual tumblr everything that you expect to see you have.

The front of views are soft. They are designed to take impact. The side panels are very durable and trust me when I say this after using this for a few hours, this vehicle has been introduced to the wall at high speed and it’s, come off unscathed, so it’s, quite durable, and all the details that you expect form a High end toy it’s all here, it has to try me button at the top, which has quite a few phrases and driving commands and, as you can see from this panel there’s a program mode, there’s different types of variations up to a thousand variation commands is so Many phrases there’s so many default actions. The controller itself takes three AAA batteries and the Batmobile had batteries already included. There is an onoff command on the controller, as well as the humbler itself stand clear: I’m starting up the Batmobile. The Batmobile is built for speed. The night belongs to me. I Batman. Nothing can stop the Batmobile. We have to stop being let’s head downtown. As I’ve said earlier, the front wheels are designed to take the impact. The back tires are very heavy and very good quality. As you expect from a high end toy and also as you can see, there is so much detail in there. It’S got the suspension, let the base of the unit. You have the onoff switch and you have the Try Me button and then you have the full play button and when you press the primary button, you can see the rotation of the actual tire.

This is a toy which retails roughly around 60 pounds and so it’s not cheap. However yeah – and let me emphasize this – you get a lot for your money and it’s definitely worth having. In my opinion, I think this is the best toy release for the Batman. The Dark Knight Rises franchise, except for the iron figures, like the hot toy figures. So, as you can probably tell, would I recommend this hell yeah? This is freaking awesome and I just can’t say enough good things about it. So if you are going to or if you’re on the fence and you’re not sure right out by if you can get hold of it at the moment, it’s retailing. As I said around about 60 pounds at Toys R Us, i was able to utilize their twenty percent off and get it for around about 48 pounds. However, it’s still worth the 60 quid that they are asking for so definitely go out and buy it. If you can, this is definitely going to be one of the most lab toys and a collectible for the future. Well guys, if you enjoyed this review, don’t forget to check out my other stuff, the other reviews for other toys and, if you haven’t subscribed. Please do so any comments appreciate this is maximum x gamer signing out.