Today i got a package sent to me by a new company thats, just starting up making uh rc batteries, and they sent me a couple and you want me to take a look at them test them and let them know what i think. So i wanted to share first impressions here with you guys i got uh, they sent me two of them. Um company is uh, black ruku is the name of the company and they sent me a couple 3s lipos. This one here is a 3s 5200 milliamp 60c soft case. Now it comes with the deans connector, not too bad. It feels feels pretty close. I use uh electron plo. Pro excuse me um quite a bit and it feels pretty close in weight size. Its a little slim looks like it might be a little long compared to the electron pro ive got a 3s 5200 milliamp, 50 c and yes, the black ruku is a little bit longer, but it is the same same thickness and same width, but it is a Little bit longer than the electron pro 3s 52 milliamp, Music. Okay, now ill have to do. Oh there we go lets see the black rook crew battery is 12.5 ounces too bad. My electron is 11.4 its about a ounce heavier than electron pro uh. 3S. 5200. Milliamp battery, so it is a little bit heavier all in all, it seems pretty decent see what the other one is. Second, one they sent me is a 3s 5200 milliamp, 90 c hard case again with the deans connector feels pretty decent youve got your warning label on the bottom side, and this guy weighs an even 13 ounces, well theyre, both pretty close to the same weight.

Half an ounce apart and they are the same length, the 60c versus soft pack versus the 90c hard case and the exact same length. The hard case is a touch theres a touch taller and, as you can see, width wise, just a touch wider im, definitely decent feeling batteries here compared to i got a gems. A 7000 excuse me, milliamp hour that i run quite a bit uh hard case and uh. You put these two side by side and the eggs theyre the same same size length with actually the gen z is just a touch taller, just a touch. But again this is a 7 000 milliamp, so im just trying just giving you a rough idea that ones a 15.7 ounces. This one weighs at 13 ounces even well, not not too bad. First, first sight, anyways, um, im going to get them charged up and then strap them in a car and well see what they do. So if youre curious, stay tuned, therell be more all right. We got the batteries all charged up and uh ive got these 90c in my arma satin and the 60c black raku in the traxxas. Slash so were going to see what theyll do and how they handle. Uh all right lets try this again. We got both going now so Music Applause, again mmm, oh im, pretty lucky this all right im going to switch curves here, switch off the irma for the traxxas haas be back in a few all right.

We got the arma switched out for the host. The la ha snow has the black raku battery 90c 3s and the slash is still running the 60c black ruku, so lets see if we can get a little more run on these batteries before they die out Music. So, Music, foreign – all right, so we got about 45 minutes, run time off the black roku 3s 5200 milliamp 90c battery. In about 55 minutes off the black roku 3s 5200 60c battery pretty decent run time thats about average. Of what i get on all my other batteries um, both batteries were still nice and cool to the touch. Even though weve been kind of beating the heck out of the cars a little bit here, jumping them the batteries stayed cool. Motor, esc temps stayed cool. So pretty decent! So far, all right today we got the irma running electron. Pro 3s 5200 milliamp 50c traxxas, slash running the new black roku raku. Sorry 3s 5200 milliamp 60c uh were gon na see were gon na, have a little drag race here, see who uh can beat, who okay ready set, go Music thats? What im trying to do, but im also trying to go set? Go i lost it. Oh Music uh here the slash, is running the black rocco 3s 52 milliamp 90c; Music Applause, Music, uh, uh Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, okay. Over the last several days, ive been testing these uh new black rocco batteries, um and i put uh three charges: four charges on them and ran them, and they seem to be holding up pretty decent um as far as the run time and performance out of them.

Theyre about the same as the batteries that ive been currently running, the electron pro and the gens ace um, the 60c 5200 milliamp 3s is theres, really not a huge difference between the electron pro and this one. This one does have a little more output um. I was running this one in the slash versus the armor with the electron pro. The slash definitely pulled away from the armor um im pretty impressed at this point. So if youre uh in the market for some new batteries and looking for something a little on the cheaper side but decent battery, i would definitely guys i would definitely check out black rocco batteries. You can check out their site that they just recently launched, and i do want to apologize throughout the remainder of this. The previous video here um i kept making a mistake on the name: black ruku black rocco, its actually black rocco um. Just as its spelt black rocco, you can check them out, right now, guys if you spend 79, you get free shipping anywheres in the us. So thanks for watching and dont forget to check them out.