It is the smart remote I 580 let’s see combined six remotes and one supports thousands of brands. New device updates, backlit buttons and to find my remote feature and is made by beam baam. They have a see there. They have a Apple, App Store and Google Play and easy to set up with the beam app which I have already went and found on my phone so stuff I already read: oh, it has four buttons that can easily be customized with your favorite commands I’m. Not going to do everything this remote can do because this would take forever. I literally bought this remote because I have several different things. I would this like to control with one remote, also just stereos, so control multiple devices as one find my remote feature, which would be probably done via the app and supports thousands of brands, and it is bluetooth, obviously that’s how your phone kinks to it requires four Triple a batteries not included yeah, since I did not prepare at all for this let’s get her opened up here. On boxing, I was just gon na open it I’m in a hurry today, so whoo shiny, whoo, all right, okay instructions, oh there’s, a code list which we will keep this beam: smart, remote, universal remote, I 580 user guide and it’s one of these it’s. Like a map, let’s see not bad, I mean so far. It looks pretty. They got a nice table of contents over here, OOP table of contents lease up there’s another page, so man whoops.

This is oh wait. That’S it down any Hooser that’s it instructions are pretty good. Some of these instructions on these cheap Chinese products can be pretty atrocious, which I don’t know if I’d say is this cheap 20 bucks is pretty average price for a universal remote we’ll see how good this one is. I have a. I have the Sony one as well right here. That’S worked really good. You can get these on eBay for 15 to 20 bucks it’s, the Oh. What model is this? Oh, so that’s the RM vz3 20 man see we need some batteries for this guy yeah. Fourth, trip phase four triple A’s grab, some of those all right back with batteries. These are EBL rechargeables. Then I buy off Amazon. I have had pretty good luck with them and everybody should buy rechargeable batteries. I don’t know why you wouldn’t alright let’s get those in there all right, that’s on let’s, see let’s get the app going here. Key where’d it go. I simply just went in and I don’t know if you can see my phone screen. I simply just went in and searched beam and the beam smart. Remote comes up, so we’re gon na hit install bla, bla bla. Oh it’s. Fifty four point: eight eight megabytes, which should take new time on the Wi Fi installing make sure everything goes good here. What’S. This apparated just have got a good rating. No, it doesn’t has a two point: three ready that does not give me confidence we’ll see how this goes.

Let’S open, the app pairing beam, remote mixture, Bluetooth of the smartphone, is on. It is on to start pairing press and hold the apps button and tell the power button lights up. Okay, then it beeps at yeah. Okay, it is ready to pay our I mean see. The power button is lit up red now, okay, allow a beam to access device location. No, whereas this remote need to know my location. I wonder if that’s how the find my remote thing works. I don’t plan on losing it. So no you got to allow the location they want to know where you live. If you buy the remote, do you see what’s doing there I’m, so whoa kind of neat huh go to sleep, go to sleep guy Steve! This is gon na take forever. Oh says: searching search. Device failed well, let’s turn bluetooth off once this crap out of here, no don’t do it: marriage, don’t Bluetooth, back on no remote showing up. I mean this might be a short video. This thing doesn’t pair as the one of the reviewers said on the Playstore. This will be a very short video, not oh right. There beam, I said, turn bluetooth off and back on pairing. Do it and I think we’re done. I think we are paired. So we go back to the app tell it to refresh and should hopefully be like. Oh you paired it now. We’Re good waiting, waiting, no don’t need to use smartlock don’t even need to search.

It said you paired just work still trying to pair up it. Stop thinking I engage, gave up no sit, Oh leave, he hit back it just dumps you out beam and start over hi press and hold the run to the lights up that is still lit up. I don’t know what you can tell there, but it is lit up just tap the next arrow it’s gon na do it’s a little crazy thing again anyway. Can I just like hit hit that so we just tried different stuff. Now, Applause mm – hmm, the too far apart didn’t you be closer. Are we doing? Is it like a gon na be real, close kind of thing? Okay, that well, why that’s not working? What lets me least see the instructions installing batteries got that down. You could probably just use the code list, but in that case I just use the Sony remote. I bought this because I can program it with my phone, but it’s not going to work if you can’t connect it we’re aware getting this started for a gram I’m. Assuming it failed, it did fail again. Oh okay, I’m gon na talk to keep trying Music I’m gon na look in the troubleshooting, hmm, nothing to do with Bluetooth. Apparently the Bluetooth should just work, but that apparently, is not going to happen. I mean I’m following what the app says to do here. When you open it open up beam, you can try can’t, see it very well.

This crap out of the way, says pairing a beam remote to start pairing press and hold the apps buttons until the power button lights up, power button is lit up, make sure the Bluetooth on your smartphone is on. My bluetooth is on 100 see if I go. If I turn the Bluetooth off and turn it back on, the beam does show up shows up right there. Do it we’ll do a scan, see if it comes everything: new Music Applause, Bheem, bheem, let’s, try sticking weights when options connections, bluetooth. No, I don’t! We need to rename or unpair it mean let’s do bean one thing: we’re not doing nothing. Oh geez be map. Don’T have to keep holding that apps button down. Even after the light comes on you just keep holding it till it pairs. Didn’T say so. Oh, my goodness search device failed batteries are obviously incorrect. That was like the troubleshooting just check your batteries. I know these batteries are good and they’re in properly. I really would like this to work. Okay, this is what we’re gon na do, since I cannot get the Bluetooth to work at all. This thing’s gon na have to go back to Walmart. I am NOT going to use the code list. There’S no point I’ve already have this on your oops. This on your mount, which works great works, just fine and is easy to set up program, and I used I have to use codes for this one, so I don’t know why I would have to universe remotes, especially the Sony one quality wise just seems better.

I mean this one’s nice. I don’t really like the gloss front. It’S kind of you know. Why would you make a Gloucester on something you touch all the times to make tons and tons of fingerprints? But I was willing to look past that if this thing did connect to my phone – and I could just easily set it up – but apparently they can’t get that done for 20 bucks, so I’m gon na have to look to probably a more pricey remote. So this guy is just gon na go back to Walmart and I will just look elsewhere so in the future, if you see this beam, smart remote, I 580 at Walmart for 19.99 don’t, buy it even if it’s on rollback, which is whatever I a couple of The comments in the Google Play Store also said they were having trouble getting it to connect to their phone. So, yes, I would pass on this one. Unfortunately, unless you don’t mind using the code list far as the code list goes, most universal remotes do support and tons of codes. So you have a lot of options. If you’re, just gon na use a code less, you wouldn’t necessarily need to buy this one. Actually, I would recommend you just buy the Sony one, but anyway that’s it. This thing’s going back like subscribe.