I haven't been filming here for a while, in fact, I've been in my shop out at the ranch of course, but I thought this is a great opportunity to put something back up on the white bench. We'Ve always had great rigs to show you up on the white bench and today is no different. Now you've already seen the preview picture, you've already seen the title. So you know what I have back here is the new RC. 4 wheel Drive beast 2. It is a 6×6 ready to run crawler now. Yes, viewers of the show that are familiar with rcadventures know that I actually had a beast 2 kit and it was orange now I've. Lucky viewer got to walk away with that one day when they met me, an RC 4 wheel Drive knew that I didn't have one anymore. They wanted to send one out, so I could show it off to the audience and see what you guys thought of the new 6×6. It is quite a machine. Quite a few people already have one in kit form, but at the time of this filming, the RTR version is just being released. So enough talking let's, get out the blade slice into the box and have a look at what's inside cutting through the packing tape. Holy cow, the thing is huge: do I even begin? Ok, the wheelbase is 16.1 inches long says on the back here that it's 8.3 inches wide, all together from tip to tip we got 20 4.

3 inches. That is a long truck. Hey looks like the body comes separately here, come on out of there. Milspec assembled hard body set hahahaha. Here we go. Everything else is out of the box. Nice there's, the radio right underneath standard, RC, four wheel, drive ESC let's, give you a overview of it. Alright, so the aluminum bumper up front has light buckets, that's what's, actually in this hardware bag as well, you can see these gradings on this side. This is actually to protect your light buckets and, of course, you can put some tow hooks or whatever you want off the front, leading back into the aluminum frame rails for the chassis. The shock hangers are aluminum as well, including those shocks. These are bead, lock, rims I'm, pretty familiar with these they're good. These tires themselves, they're pretty good, except it would they get mud in them, but it's a nice soft compound. So if you got some water nearby, you can you know kind of dip em in they clean up pretty nicely. Looking up here, 55 turn brushed motor, which gives it some pretty good torque. So what it'll have enough power to be turning all of these drive axles? I'Ll talk about that in a second. The pinion itself, like I was mentioning here, is a 14 to 32 pitch that goes onto the two stage: transmission and out to a transfer case right here. The transfer case takes that power and shifts it out to the front drive shaft, which is the front driven axle and then there's a drive shaft.

That goes underneath here, going the other side and goes there's. The drive shaft right there goes to this center axle. This has two output drives on either side, which allows that drive shaft to not only drive this axle, but the other side of the output hooks up to another. Smaller drive shaft that goes into the final axle housing, which is, of course, your final drive back here. All the suspension links are really cool. Look how the rods are hooked up to have stability in your back drive axles and, of course this here the skid plate is aluminum flipping it over. So you have a total of six shocks, three on either side and, of course everything is going to be basically paralleled on the other side, standard, ESC and B EC combo that come with our C four wheel, drive stuff as well as the receiver. I wish they would change this, but that's only my own personal preference. I know there's lots of nickel metal hydride batteries out there that still use this older style tamiya plug. But this is actually one of the first things that I have to change out in order for me to go a trailing because that you know all of my stuff is either ultra plugs, Dean's, Traxxas or whatever, not really the old style, timaeus or Tamiya or Tamia, Or you go hard in the world, however, you say it. We all know what we're saying. So there is a good overlook, but didn't uh, one of the hardest parts about the kit I found was assembling the body.

There was so many pieces to glue together so I'm excited to see how this looks. I think we should unbox it and have a good look. Okay, so before I unbox that I'm, actually a little bit surprised on how lightweight these controllers are now, it kind of feels like it's empty, but it does not have any batteries in it. It takes four batteries on the bottom and really when I'm, looking at radios like this, normally for the person that's just getting into the Hobby, a radio like this ready to run is good to go, but for folks like us, we normally switch them out, but I'll Tell you what, when you have an inexpensive radio, you don't mind getting it a little muddy, you don't mind, beating it up and bang it around right, so it may feel light. But there is some pros to that and we'll see if it holds up I'm. Pretty sure it will technology's come a long way, so I love the packaging. It always seems to arrive in good order because the styrofoam that it gets shipped in is so thick now. Hopefully it is in good order. Dimmer herder now take the book. The instruction booklet have a good read through that myself always have this on hand. I always kind of keep my booklets in a file cabinet just so I know when I need to reference them. It can go back also. You can usually find things online, bum, bum, bum, bum, lice nice army, color Wow, that everything has been individually wrapped, so it wasn't rubbing during shipping that's nice.

Here we go so the rails are on. The bottom looks like it's going to attach with body pins and posts very nice, probably very quick and, of course, a spare tire let's have a closer look. Somebody just the other day was asking me to do more army videos, and I think it's about time that we did at least to take this fella out on the trail up and over there's a hatch on top and then another hatch in the back. If you want to put a sound kit in here, this is a great place to do it because it's got the mesh on top here. You can even have a look right in there. Okay, so it's pretty large area plus on top it's got this little handle. So it won't open underneath all glued together. Here is the side cargo area that's pretty large. Actually, what can we put in there? There'S one tire say: look. You can fit so much more in there, given the complete manual length and the tire. So, quite a bit of room probably put a tank back there, hey that reminds me so there we are do these open at all. Ah, could have been cargo bay areas, but that's just one too many things, I'm sure I could have a look at it myself. I might as well mount it up onto the chassis all right as I'm, quickly discovering there is actually some assembly required. I don't think you need to do this to get it out of the box to run it, but if you want the extra accessories on there, ie the mirrors or the wheel wells or the hatch on top, you just got to take a few minutes, and so What I'm going to do is look into the instruction book and see what I have to do.

Alright, these are the mounts Mike our C Pitt mat is magnetic very handy for holding small screws that you don't want landing on the floor and through the magic of TV it is all assembled and ready to go. I figured if you guys just got to see it took me about 20 minutes to do it off camera. I just installed the mud flaps on the back I've also lined up the rails. The this whole cargo area is made of plastic, including these chassis rails. So the pins come through here you can actually push that down, put a body pin in there and that's how this whole back area is assembled now mirrors went on tot top hatch is able just to slide in I'm, going to actually leave that off. So I can show you guys something: spare tire has been attached: the interior. If you want to go ahead and build yourself an interior, there is definitely room to do that, just by pushing it through down the hatch but the doors don't open. This is very cross. Rc, like it does remind me of the capo slightly, but the capo was made of all aluminum and completely a different product. Then, having a beast too, before the kit version, I know it's a great truck and it runs strong, never had an issue with the drive shafts myself, but the one thing I'd like to see improved on a model like this apart from the stock electronics, because that Is a little bit too light for my liking? Is the the the factory glue job like? I was saying one of the hardest things about building this kit project to begin with was actually assembling all the body parts because you had to hand glue them.

So look at this. I got a fingerprint up here from the assembler through the glue and there's stringy glue lines everywhere. Now I would suggest, because, even as I was putting it together, I was having problems with some of the glue letting go on the body. If you do decide to get a platform like this, because you want to upgrade it and make it your own or even just have it sitting on the shelf, awesome make sure to go in with the glue yourself and make sure to you know sturdy it up. Where you need it to be, but overall it's a nice fairly light truck I'm, not sure the weight of it right now, but it doesn't feel much more than you know, six to eight pounds and it's going to be great on the trail. So hopefully, you've been inspired to try out the radio control hobby during the show I'm going to leave some links in the video description box down below to this truck and to the RC four wheel drive online store because they've got great scale, accessories and parts and All that neat stuff there and there you go overall, my friends I'm, going to have to give this truck a thumbs up. You can see how the top lid moves right here a little bit just out of the way I attach the hinges on the inside and with this release lever, it's, simple and it attaches to the frame of this back cargo area.