Today we have a new product announcement. As you can see here. I have a bunch of tires on the workbench and i think youre going to want to watch this video, because some of these tires fit cars where they dont have a ton of tire options. So the brand is method rc and theyve been around for a while and they really havent gone public yet so they sent me over a bunch of tires asked if i would get the word out and of course i love showing you guys new products. So i accepted so lets get into these new tires. So well start off back here with this monster. This is a fifth scale, tire monster truck tire, and it is the terraform tread now whats, so special about all of these tires. Are they have a belt in them? They are belted from the factory. So those of you that are looking for a belted tire, because you want the stability you dont need the expansion of a normal tire. This tire, i think, is going to suit you, especially if youre a hardcore basher. Now the tread on this looks really really good. I mean weve got some nice large lugs here. The rubber compound feels really good against a long wear and they dont come mounted from the factory youre gon na have to glue these yourself so thats a pretty cool option for those of you that want to make sure its done right that youre gluing these tires Up the way you want it done with your process or maybe, if you wanted to swap out the rims, i guess they do all come with the rims and theres a variety of different rims.

This one right here is the array. I hope i got that right. Theres the array theres the switch and then theres the hive. I think i got all those right but really nice looking rim, it does have the hub bolted in separately. This is a 24 millimeter hex on the inside, so this is going to fit like your creighton. 8S and even the db xle, i mounted it up on the dbxle, its really close to the tie rod. Maybe you would want a hub extender, but it is an option for that. Buggy and i know some people are looking for options uh for that for tires. So this is a good one to check out this one over here is the a scale monster truck version, and this is going to fit your your creighton 6s, your corelli jambos, all that type of stuff, but again same style of tread. It does have the belt on the inside and they have foam inserts as well, so its basically a complete tire package, just not glued this one here is for a scale and seventh scale short course truck. So, like your mojave, this will bolt right on to it again. It has that six lug bolt pattern for the center hub, so you can remove that and replace it if you ever need to, but even the webbing on the inside of this looks really good, looks really sturdy. As far as the rim goes. Actually, you know started crushing these things and they do look like theyre very sturdy.

They are vented from the factory as well just want to let you guys know that, and finally we have this one here. This is the velocitar on hive wheels, and this is a really good looking tire for like lets, say the arma infraction or other speed run cars uh a scale on road cars. Again we got the hub bolted in place, but its got a really nice. Looking pattern to the tread and inside the the molding of the rubber is really robust, so i think its got to hold up to you know higher speeds and, just you know non stop throttle action. I did take some of the tires apart because i want to show you those really quick. So here is the eighth scale monster truck tire inside out theres your belt on the inside molded into the rubber looks like the job is really well done. I do like the thickness of the rubber on the sidewalls and everything. So again, it looks like a good tire. Now here is the rim. You know really well built rim, it does have a kind of a rough finish for the glue to go on and then on the inside again plenty of webbing. In there i mean that is a really strong rim and then the inserts are a open cell foam for the larger truck tires here. So uh, you know with a belted tire. I dont think you really need a urethane foam, so you know im cool with this.

One, the on road tire, however, is a little bit different, so we do have this urethane strip that they glued together to go on the inside uh. Here is the rim itself its an offset rim again its got the the textured edge for the glue to it. Here uh is vented, but here i wanted to show you the inside of this on road tire, because the outer wall here is just pure rubber, theres, no indentation, so theres no flex in the sidewall same with the back side wall as well. Just you know really thick rubber, and then you know the belt on the inside is laid in. You know as theyre molding it. So this looks like its going to be a really good on road tire. You know not a lot of expansion to it and uh the thick rubber on here. I think its going to last a long time now, if you do need some advice to glue up these tires. I did talk to one of the reps over there and they suggested that you clean the tires and the wheels with alcohol followed by spray windex, because it has ammonia in there that helps the glue, adhere to everything, use, a medium ca and then, of course, some Tire bands to cinch everything down so that will help you get these mounted up without a problem. Finally, heres the packaging that it comes in, i dont think the monster truck the fiscal monster trucks are going to come in separate packaging like i have here.

Theyll come in one big pack, but everything else comes as pairs. So when you buy it youll need. You know two packages to outfit your car, but these are some really good. Looking tires again, if youre looking for options for lets, say your infraction your mojave or dbxle, this is certainly something to check out and uh ill have a link down in the description below. So you can check out tires on their website and let me know what you think about them.