A new series on the channel were gon na, be calling this free car fridays or freaky fridays. Something like that, but uh yeah its a new series. If youve been following this channel for a while, you may have noticed we typically review pretty high end rc cars id say: probably the average price of the rc cars reviews somewhere around 500 bucks – and i thought id start a series a little more for the you Know more budget friendly type things, and the reason for that is that rc cars are getting crazy, expensive. The economy is not that great theres, all kinds of weird things going on in the world: wars, pandemics, kind of that kind of thing, so inflation wise all that kind of stuff. Why not do reviews on some of the cheaper stuff? So these are all free cars that got sent to me. I decided to just say yes to everybody that wants to send me anything and take a look at the arts cards, but you know rest assured. These are gon na, be my honest opinions. Ive gotten lots of free cars on the channel before, and i just tell you what i think thats the only way im gon na review, an rc car, and so what weve got today is this i think its pronounced the riario not sure, but this is a Brand new buggy its coming out, i think tomorrow, so this will be available. I believe, on amazon i kind of did a little research looking about this uh brand and im not familiar with it.

They do have a monster truck already out, so i think theyre newer. I think theyre smaller and were going to take a look at this. I have not opened it. I know nothing about it, except i think its going to retail for under 100 bucks, something like 99 or 99.99 somewhere around there, so pretty inexpensive vehicle – and it looks pretty impressive, so were going to take a look at this first of all box is actually quite Nice really nice, graphics, um. You know sort of well printed, looks like its 14 and older, which pretty much all rc cars, say. 14 scale four wheel drive. It is a four wheel. Drive buggy, which is my favorite type of vehicle 2s to 3s, sounds insane for under 100 bucks, says carbon fiber body im, not sure about that well see, but brushless motor looks like aluminum shocks i dont know were gon na, have to take a look uh here On the side, it is an rtr, independent, four wheel, suspension 2.4 gigahertz radio here on the end um made in china requires three double as okay ill have to find that um a little bit of information in different languages, so it is made by this company. I dont know how to pronounce that chanto da is what i would guess um, and so it is a chinese company. There is their email address if you want to find out more information, not much there on the back.

So, taking a look at the side that looks like the radio it comes with, looks very similar to like a fly sky novel, maybe inspired by that, but yeah lets take a look at. This looks like the box just kind of pops off from the top and okay. I dont know if this i dont think this goes with the car. I may be wrong. If it does, i would be, i guess it does its got the manual inside what if this comes with the car im im totally shocked, because it seems insane i dont know. So i cant tell you if this is normal, or this is uh, something free that they sent me im guessing thats extra. That doesnt look like that looks way too nice to be sent um normally with the kit. So well, just assume. That is something extra you can buy. Here is a radio so yeah, it looks kind of like a mini fly sky, noble, uh radio. You know just single foam wheel here on the right heres. The little instructions here on top english is very good. Certainly legible. Remove label after reading ill, just pretend like. I read that and take that off uh, so radio was throttle. Shim steering rate steering, trim, throttle, reversing and steering reversing cool looks like a led power button here and then i believe this is yeah three double as like. They uh said lanyard holder, small radio. I mean my hands, not big, but this is uh.

Certainly kid friendly. If you had a huge hand, maybe feel a little small to you but foam wheel. Uh feels you know super basic, its a 100 car. What do you expect seems: okay, nothing in there, nothing in there, so that is that ill pull out the vehicle. Nothing there reminder for beginners. So maybe maybe this comes with the car thats. That would be crazy. All right look at the vehicle yeah. It looks 114 scale to me. I do have a few 114 scale vehicle uh. It does have looks like three body clips with tethers hard plot hard rubber tethers, but that is a nice uh. Little add on to make it easier to pull this on and off purple body purple accents a little wheel. Nuts looks like five and a half millimeter wheel, nuts aluminum shocks wow, i dont know if its friction dampers or it has oil in them. Uh standard lexan body looks pretty nice. Carbon fiber look, uh looks like theres some sort of transparent film, so it is pre painted on the inside. It looks like a little bit of film. You want to remove off the body uh before you run it there to keep it nice and clean yeah, solid body actually reasonably thick. I think that would be fairly durable and heres the buggy itself, so uh yeah lets kind of zoom in and take a little bit of a closer look. Okay, we got everything out of the box and i am totally shocked by how nice this is so i i was able to confirm that the accessory kit does come with the car, so you get all these extras and well kind of go through them.

Real quick! You get a full set of arms. I assume these are the same plastic, so same arms as the originals you get additional. I think theyre hinge pins. You get additional little nuts, you get additional, i think theyre, probably inserts for the hand, pin braces you get a battery and charger battery is a 2800 milliamp hour. 2S lipo heres the manual and the manual actually is pretty decent explains. All the stuff does have uh sort of blow up diagrams of stuff um, including like the shocks and stuff. So the shocks are oil filled. They do have actually pretty good damping front and rear differentials. Although the center is just a you know: spoiler uh, steel spurger. There no center diff or slip or anything like that, and they do also make optional parts like metal hubs, steering blocks. That kind of thing does come with a spare set of cvas and uh rear dog bones, so rear dog ones and then uh front are cvas and it comes with a spare beach thats, really nice, a little bit of tools, a phillips head, screwdriver cross wrench. Three additional body clips, so if you lose the three that it comes with, you got extras its got the little inserts for the wheels and additional hexes the stock hexes are actually metal, so um. It comes with plastic ones too. I guess for lighter weight, something like that. It comes with a foam bumper kind of a touring car style on road style, bumper or something i guess.

If you want more protection, so thats really nice, i mean im more of a traditional front, bumper type guy, but that is impressive, but um. I got a chance to look at this car and its its nuts, like i got ta admit whenever someone wants to send me a free car, 99 of the time, its pretty much some sort of entry level really cheap basic car. But this thing is nuts: its got carbon fiber shock, towers, front and rear carbon fiber chassis. Its got a 2s and 3s capable 3200 kv motor. I think its 28 by 47 millimeters 28 in diameter, 47 millimeter length 2s and 3s capable esc with a fan. It actually has plugs on the esc. So if you want to switch out the esc to something else, you can just pop right in you. Dont have to resolder anything three wire, three wire servo. I think its something like 1.7 kilogram centimeters in torque, not exactly sure, but you know, if you change out the ec, you dont have some funky, weird connector itll, just swap out right away. It does have an integrated esc and receiver. So thats pretty typical for something. Like this a battery strap here on the side, i think there are even options to change out the battery tray, so you can run different size batteries standard. You know t plug style connector with a lipo balance port, so thats, really nice all aluminum shocks, adjustable, turnbuckle, steel, drivetrain, all the way around, even like a little carbon fiber hinge, pin brace here in the front and rear so yeah.

Both all abcd blocks are carbon fiber. That is nest. Look at that carbon fiber hinge, pin braces so they dont break. You know typically pretty much. Every other 14th scale ive seen is plastic or maybe aluminum, but carbon fiber is way superior to aluminum, because its not going to bend right, i mean, i guess sterically, you could break it, but its pretty hard to break carbon fiber. So i am shocked with how nice this thing is: a flexible wing and wing mount as well does have a wheelie bar, which i probably would want to remove in this giant bumper. But you know you can use that on. If you want uh tires, have no foam pretty basic tires, look like kind of an all terrain type tire should be okay on the street, uh, probably even decent on carpet. So i am gon na try. This thing i mean it is a full on race vehicle. I didnt i i got admit i did not expect this. Look. A carbon fiber, uh ackerman bar here uh looking at the vehicle, does have different adjustments for uh camber link locations, different shock, mounting locations tops mining locations on the bottom wheel, nuts or im. Sorry little lock, nuts for all the uh ball, studs actual full on ball studs with rod ends turn buckles man. This thing is super nice ive got a couple. Other 14 scale, four wheel drive buggies. I got the associate. Ive got the wl toys.

14. 401. Everyone else has, this honestly looks nicer than all those it doesnt have a center differential thats, probably the only one thing design wise. I wish this thing would have, but it looks super nice. It looks like has a quick access, disc, probably four screws from the top. You can pop this thing off, so this is not just like a cheapo basic. You know, play thing, play toy type thing. This is a legit like race. Buggy. From what i see here i mean it looks pretty amazing. I think its 12 millimeter hexes someone correct me if im wrong, but um yeah. It looks super super nice 2s3s, capable man aluminum uh motor mount here in the back pretty nice. I dont know if its adjustable or what but um yeah. This buggy looks super nice. So anyways uh next thing – i guess to do – is to take this. That thing out for a run: okay can wheelie Applause entertaining little Applause for sure you just a little slide. There rocket ship Applause super entertaining for 14 scale: Applause. 16, 40., Music, Music. 26.3. 23.44. Oh Music, so oops, so that was some running footage of the roller, though four wheel drive buggy and i just want to share my final thoughts on the buggy first off. This is similar to other vehicles, youve seen out there on the market, but in my opinion, its kind of a high end premium version with the carbon fiber chassis, the carbon fiber abcd blocks shock towers, ackermann bar all that stuff.

So this is a little bit nicer than what you might typically see out there uh price wise. It is gon na sell for 200, but uh. They do have an introductory one day, only basically uh the first 200 units they sell and it should be tomorrow, ill put a link in the description below, but they are blowing these out for 99, so basically half price for the first 200 units shipped. So that is an absolute steal, in my opinion, if youre lucky enough to watch this video and pick one of those up um, definitely well worth it for that price. The other good thing about this is that it is available uh to get parts on amazon. So, at least, if youre here in the us, you can buy all the spare parts on amazon, which is really nice because its like cheap, its fast uh. If you have amazon, prime, the shipping is like within two days or something crazy, so very convenient for that, and then the performance, i think, is really good motor esc very fast, probably one of the fastest of versions of this vehicle out there that you can buy Parts wise a lot of parts are going to be compatible with other vehicles. You might see out there, the parts are not exactly the same. I mean i compare these molding wise, the plastic and stuff theyre very, very similar and im sure theyre fully compatible just slightly different in some of the shapes and stuff you know sort of.

Maybe there might have a cut out here or not a cut out there or extra ribbing like on this uh version of this vehicle, so uh yeah. In my opinion, this is kind of the high end version fast, servo plenty, strong uh. My only real concerns is that i did have kind of this delay in the in the trigger, where uh or maybe kind, of a large dead zone, where you know pulling trigger a little bit really didnt do anything so they i did reach out to them. They said they do have a fix for that so um by the time you watch this video or one of these, you might have not experienced that um. So anyways just one of my concerns uh and then, if you ever want to change out the esc or receiver, it is a combo unit. So you would have to change it out pretty typical for this type of vehicle um but yeah. If you, if you know you cant, just change out the radio or something like that without making differences, uh so uh one breakage i did have, i did take this out to the track and uh tried to run it around, and i broke a carbon shock tower Here on the front, as you can see there, so i did replace with aluminum, which i think it will bend. I mean all these aluminum pieces will bend, but at least you can just hammer it straight or whatever its not going to crack on you or whatever.

So maybe a upgrade you might consider out there so anyways thats it for the rollero 114 scale for wheel, drive buggy a pretty nice vehicle overall. Definitely one of the higher end versions of something similar that you might see in the 114th scale forward buggy space, but check out the link in the description below. If you watch this video, you want one for 99, i think thats, a ridiculously low price at 200 id say its fair at 99 is insanely cheap, but uh anyways. I hope you enjoyed this video dont forget to hit the like share, subscribe and notifications buttons.