So what i’m going to do is with another driver with another racer brandon weekly is we’ll, do basically one hot lap each on each tire and see where we end up so the reason i’m doing. This is there’s, been a lot of talk about this new scribble compound and how easy it is to uh break in so as far as breaking in tires, i’ve never had a tire break in easier or quicker. You can go from basically a bag tire in a bag to a fully prepped race, ready tire in about 15 minutes or maybe even a little less, which is incredible. So basically, the conditions of the track were not matching the tires. The track was pretty wet on the day we drove and in the main i ended up running actually really low pins and they were hooking up great. So if you, you can tell like the pro lines, they have a good amount of meat on them and then the akas are pretty much the same, almost brand new, so we’re going to drive, like i said, uh one hot lap, each really and then i’ll see How it goes from there so first i’m going to show brandon’s lap on the pro lines and then my lap on the pro lines and then brandon’s lap on the scribbles, followed by my lap on the scribbles right first person driving today will be brandon. Weekly he’s been a little bit quicker on than me on this layout, so i will definitely be looking at his hot laps.

Yep. 18. 5.. 18. 9.. All right here goes vanya’s run on the uh pro lines. Let him get around here to start it 34.6 right. Brandon starting his laps with or a lap we’ll see how i edit it out with the scribbles 183 good lap bonya. Why not? 21.3 18. 4. 18. 6. that’s a good one, 729 Music. So there you have it guys. On this occasion the scribbles won, and you know what this has been happening. A lot lately they’re just so easy to get right that you get faster lap times on them, because your tires are prepped correctly versus the pro line. You’Re, just chasing the tire always now, once i did put on little slicker tires or pretty slick tires for the main i did get my hot lap and that was on proline, so the scribbles i feel like they do really good when the track is a little Wet but big issues when our track gets super dusty and dry, it looks like it might uh the pro the akas might not have enough pin for uh those kind of track conditions, so we’ll see later in the summer, once it’s get once it gets really hot And the track starts breaking apart, we’ll see how the grip is, but on a very, very moist track. I mean, like i said i put on almost slick tires and they were hooking up. These actually were great. My uh, my fast lap, was only a little bit quicker on the slick pro lines, but between these two tires i believe uh brandon’s difference was about two or three or four tenths i would say, and mine was like a tenth or two.

So there was a little bit of difference. There i’m, not sure how these would work if i slicked them out on that day, but this is the only set i have so i wasn’t going to do that, but you know comparing them to pro lines with. You know, literally the same amount of tread pretty much on a wet track. These worked better so i’m, not saying this will be the case every time, but uh it’s been happening quite often at our track and then um if you’re new to the hobby. I can’t stress enough how much you need to run aka scribbles just because of the ease of breaking them in. Basically, you have to scuff the side, walls with the scotch brite pad and even that i’m not sure if you have to do it it’s just i was told to do it by uh aka team driver. So i have been doing that. But you know you just saw some and you put two runs on and maybe and they’re ready. You know two like four or five minute runs and they’re ready to go so if you’re just getting into the hobby starting racing, these are definitely the tires. I would recommend for you: i still have a bunch of pro lines. So i’m, not i’m, not stopping running my pro lens i’m, not switching to aks or anything i’m, still going to be doing a bunch of testing. I want to slick them out, so try them in dry conditions and conditions that call for slicks like try them every way possible c see how they hold up against prolines, and then i actually do have some j concepts too and i’m gon na.

Compare all three of those in a future video sometime, so we’ll see how that goes a lot of the fastest guys or really all of the fastest guys at my local track. They run uh. They run um, eight or j concepts – i’m, sorry, not aka, so they run j concepts besides, maybe like two or three guys who are on pro lines and uh pretty much out of like the top tier guys. Nobody runs aka, but there are like couple proper, fast guys who uh who do run them and they have been doing well so i’m. Sure all the tires are good. I’M, not trying to start an argument or anything i’m. Just trying to figure out which tire is best and what i want to run in the future. So for now it seems like those scribbles are really really good. However, like i said with you know the pro or the track, calling for low pin and the tires being on high pen, i can see where the scribbles would work a little better just because the track was so moist and they seem to work in the wet Conditions really well all right, so this uh test is going oops going to the scribbles and we’ll we’ll continue this uh testing never ends and racing.