Is it ken rc warehouse? Wait until you get inside guys, callum’s come here to have a little go on his drift car new drift car? What do you think of that guys kind of excited to get that going? Aren’T you yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah jack i’m done mcdonald’s. Oh look at that food. Look at that that’s all jack jacks gon na try and do line out the cannon let’s have a go at drifting. If you want to see more drifting, what do you have to do subscribe subscribe? What you have to do jack comment down below comment down below turn on notifications hit the like button enjoy boys and girls jacksonville in the noodles. What do you think of those guys and check out the merch store? I mean just look at this place. This place is absolutely awesome, it’s drift nirvana, so this is callum’s weapon of choice that is just built and it’s a secure d5 with a nissan r34 body on it. I think which i did spray it quite a bit dropping not the normal hardcore rc colors, but you fancied a bit of a different color Music Music Music. Have a quick look inside run the sky, toro 120 amp esc a just stock hobby wing, censored 10.52 turn motor high voltage, 2s lipo and a little gyro there on a king king max servo. Look at this guys. This is one hell of apparently there’s. Only 150 of these chassis made worldwide.

This is top top of the line. Maybe one day callum can afford one of these. If you can find them on their Music chassis, Music, um, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, you ready, i’m sure you’re, ready, okay, guys that’s. Our first drifting session over at slide dynamics, hopefully enjoyed that and if you want to see more, please remember to subscribe hit. The like button turn on notifications below share with your friends and remember to look out for these other videos popping up here. Right now. All around us yeah take care everyone stay safe and we’ll, see you on there.