Don’T know how long these guys are going to stick around for, but what i picked up is two 2s lipo batteries with a dean’s connector hard case 25c. Mind you so a lower c rating, but they came to my house shipped for 30, canadian. This is bananas. This is crazy value. I had to buy them just to see what they’re all about let’s see if they’re any good, so the brand is kiro which never heard of them before, but it’s a 4500 milliamp battery. As you can see, uh came packaged nicely. Let’S open up this box and see what they look like again: everything’s packaged nicely little adapter plug here from deans to ic3, which is pretty cool, very common connector these days, nice that they threw that in there nice little bit of packaging and there’s the battery itself. Like i said before, it comes with a dean plug and look at this even a little bit of foam here, protecting it, so it doesn’t rub the plastic case. I love those little bits of attention to detail. That always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside but again guys 4 500 milliamps, 25 c 7.6, volts, which i find that that’s interesting, because normally a lipos 7.4, but anyway that’s, maybe that’s a typo i’m, not too sure and all wrapped up in a nice hard Case so this i mean the appearance of it. It looks like a nice battery it’s packaged well little attention to detail things going on nice, thick gauge, wires, nice deans, plug on there initial impressions are good, very positive.

This looks like a nice battery uh. So what we’re gon na do is obviously we have to test it out, so i have gone ahead already i’ve installed again. I got two of these batteries, so i’ve already got one installed in the hot shot and i figured it’s a 25c pack so what’s that good, for i mean it’d, be great for a crawler. I wouldn’t want to be racing with a 25c pack if you’re into racing, but this has a good budget battery for just guys that are backyard bashing going to the beach or to the local skate park or wherever it is you like to bash. This is unreal value, so i put it in a buggy that’s four wheel drive with a 10 turn brushless motor, so this thing rips it’s fast. This is going to really strain this battery. I want to test this 25c rating and see if it can keep up with the four wheel: drive 10 turn brushless motor and on top of that i’m gon na go out and run it on the beach. So we’re going to be going through deep sand. We’Re going to go through hard, packed sand and i’m going to run this thing hard and see. If i can stress this battery out and see if we can discover any limitations with it or even discover, if it’s a really good battery and just a little hidden gem out there in the rc battery world, so let’s get this thing out on the beach and Let’S see what it does all right guys so we’re out here at the beach we’ve got the kiro 2s lipo battery inside my hot shot.

Remember it’s only got a 25 c output rating, so um i’m gon na test. This thing out and see how it holds up. Hopefully it does hold up well, Music, so Music, Music. That was awesome. Okay, so initial thoughts on this thing are the batteries got tons of punch um, as you saw in the footage there guys. I was running this thing: uh full blast through, like thick sand, loose sand, hard, packed sand, full blast, pretty much the whole time i’d say we probably pulled what was that? Probably half an hour of running about 30 minutes so a run time at full tilt. So that’s pretty impressive: the battery is branded as 4 500 milliamps. So when i get back to the hobby studio, i will check that out and put it on the charger and see how many milliamps we put back in this but i’m impressed. I mean the motor on this thing is hot to the touch like i worked it hard and it never hesitated battery had plenty of power, so i’m pretty impressed for uh for a budget battery. This might be the fix for, for you guys out there so here’s. The pack that i used in the hot shot on in that running video and, as you can see, it’s packed full of sand and it’s. You know it’s got some more wounds on the plastic, which is to be expected. The batteries hang down very low in that kit and uh.

You know it probably took some shots off some rocks and whatever else you can see the rubber, the rubber on the end of the connector there from rubbing against the rear, tire and anyway that’s kind of cool – and you know what guys it’s it’s, not swollen at All it yeah it didn’t swell didn’t puff, do anything unusual, the pack other than just being packed full of sand and scratched up, looks like it survived, it’s in good shape, so that’s, a very good thing. The only experiment left to do on these batteries is to see if they are a true 4500 milliamp. I ran this for about i’m, going to say about 25 to maybe 30 minutes which, in that extreme kind of condition, running hard. I think that’s a fair run time, um so i’m, going to say we’re, probably pretty accurate with the 4500 but i’m going to plug it into the charger and uh i’ll. Just put it like i’ll, just put it on a on a gentle charge. Maybe a 2 amp charge and we’ll see how many milliamps it takes all right. So after all that hard beat running, we’ve got the battery on the charger. Let’S see what a discharge do and uh let’s see how many milliamps we put back in the pack after charging so we’re at 3.31, 3.28 volts per cell, so we’re pretty close, all right guys. So my bruins are playing tonight against the capitals game.

One of the stanley cup playoffs let’s, give some love to them and on top of that, let’s go check out this battery and see what it’s doing just about fully charged and uh. This cell 2 seems to seems to have always been behind cell 1, but they’ve been within uh, 1 100 of a milliamp the whole time they’ve been charging, so that is good. It’S, charging up and balancing nicely let’s see how many milliamps we put into this guy 32 and 15.. So i’m, no battery guru, but i will say if it’s a 4500 pack, we put 3200 back into a 45 and we don’t fully discharge it because it’s lipo. I think that sounds about right. You battery gurus out there. You probably know more than i do put your comments down below. If you think i’m accurate my overall thoughts on that battery pack, it is an outstanding value. I am thrilled that i got two batteries for 30 bucks, canadian, which is like 20 u.s and amazing value, ran well four wheel, drive buggy 10 turn brushless motor, ripping it hard on a beach. I got a 25 to 30 minute run time on it. It balanced perfectly it charged nice. There was no puffing there’s, nothing wrong with it.