Ah, does everything look good? All right? I always do this with my hands mail day guys we got some mail from a gentleman named tyson garage life. Rc have no idea what this is lets see. We get to find out together, oh dang. This looks like something cool read the letter. First Applause awesome, so this is a from again from a gentleman named tyson from garage life rc. He sent me. Oh, my god. A 3d printed wing mount for my traxxas sledge. He said that he broke his and he wanted something a little stronger. However, this flexes a lot. He said it was designed to flex which this is. This is super sorry, people like hanging out in front of my house. This is super flexible, which is interesting. Obviously, if it flexes it wont break. I think this is really really freaking cool. He says he does sell him online garageliferc.com hes a husband and a father, and he does bashing wrenching and racing. Those are all his things, so he loves the hobby and he makes these things. Super cool lets open this up, because i want to see so look it flexes thats, pretty cool. He said yeah. He said he broke his his wing mount pretty early for the tracks to sledge. I will put this on mine and see how it is. It does have a little bit of weight to it, but if it doesnt break the wing, mount thats awesome, very, very cool.

Super cool thanks tyson its awesome Music. What is up guys? My name is mark santamaria. Welcome back to the channel, welcome back to the rc vlog guys a while back. I went to a hobby town in downtown dallas and just looking around doing some shopping and i saw a brushed granite, four wheel drive and they said that is one of the highest selling cars that they sell to beginners to people that are new in the hobby. Ive, actually, never driven one and im really really curious, because my favorite entry level car is the traxxas slash because of its versatility, its easy to work on. However, the granite comes with a battery charger, an ac charger, one that you plug into the wall and its four wheel drive so were gon na were gon na test it out. Today i bought one. This is not a paid product placement. They did not send me. One to try out, i just want to see what its all about so were. Gon na unbox it ill show you whats in the box were gon na charge. The batteries up, drive it and ill. Tell you what i think should be fun by the way. That is another vehicle im, not gon na tell you. What that is. You got ta subscribe, make sure you turn on notification bell. Oh, you got ta grab this with one hand, Music, all right guys here it is the arma granite. 4X4. 550 mega.

So this is a brushed 10 scale monster truck and the reason why this ones so cool and so intriguing is, if youre not interested in going to the track. This is perfect. Its got a higher ground clearance got big tires, its four wheel drive. It comes with its supposed to at least lets see if it does comes with everything you need to run, so you should be able to just buy this. Maybe just add your double a batteries and to your remote, and you should be good to go. Lets look at the box panels: real quick heres, the front of it. I did get the blue and black. I almost got heres the other color here i almost got the white and red because i dont see very many white and reds. However, i didnt, the blue and black, looks really really cool theres the battery comes with it comes with a nickel metal hydride battery and then a wall charger, an ac charger, its brushed its got. Some. This doesnt look like its a metal gear servo, but it is waterproof and looks like it comes with just the entry level rtr spectrum remote over here, theres the two different colors you can get. They do have this one in brushless, however, this one is not brushless. This ones brushed these retail for 269. So for 269 you get a hobby grade. Rc car. You can upgrade this to brushless make it go super fast.

If you wanted to but yeah i mean the fact that its a monster truck its four wheel drive and it comes everything you need its definitely a good contender for a first hobby grade. Rc car one more box panel here heres with the body off, looks like it comes with ball bearings, uh, thats, actually a big deal because i believe some of the traxxas stuff doesnt come with ball bearings. I believe it comes with bushings on entry level, stuff uh, but we will get something to compare this to. I promise looks like theres a transmission here comes with your looks like that looks like i see that is ic3 ic3, heres kind of a top view of the car without the body on, but were going to take it out so well get to look at it. Firsthand anyways, Music, nice, i mean its sad guys even an entry level brush rc car excites me look how clean this thing is. Sorry kevin, oh, so satisfying nice all right. So here it is completely unboxed god the truck it looks good. I mean it looks like a really cool four wheel drive monster truck here, it is with the body off, does not have adjustable turn buckles. This is what this is, which is typical on an entry level car. This four wheel drive, though doesnt have the screw shocks that the shock collars that screw in and out does have shock collars, though um esc looks like a very, very entry level esc, it looks like its using jumper cables there or jumper pins jumper plugs.

I think thats what they call it thats, what they call it in the computer world back in the day 550 motor brushed. Oh sorry, its the zoom is wrong. Were gon na. Take this battery out heres the battery. It comes with. Oh look, thats kind of cool, it has something to hold the battery cable lets, get it out come on. You got it heres. The battery 3 300 milliamp nickel metal hydride 7 cell. It actually should be pretty fast fully charged. Just should be very comparable to a 2s lipo to change it to a slight ball. Believe you change. These jumper jumper plugs right there, no metal driveshafts! Anything like that see the bottom here. Oh bottom looks really really clean. I highly doubt this is going to bottom out that much the shock seems stiff enough. The oil seems stiff enough for it. It doesnt look like it will bottom out unless you jump it off of a 30 story building or something very, very clean heres. What it comes with comes with your manual comes with some extra tools and stuff again the tools that i dont recommend you use. It does not come with like a speed, pinion or anything like this. I believe this i dont know what this little red tool is. Im not gon na act like i know, maybe a shock tool or something more of the little jumper plugs right there. I think this came with it. This was just laying by the car when i took it out im assuming thats the the plug to bind the radio to the receiver.

Here is the radio. This looks like the spectrum slt3, i think its so weird that they didnt just throw double a batteries. There were four double a batteries away from saying it is ready to go out of the box like come on four double as thats all you needed, but you do need four double lights for the remote heres, the charger wall. Charger lets see. If we can tell how fast this thing charges – oh my god looks like it charges at half an m. This might take a while and then yeah we already saw the battery. But yes, oh man, im excited to get this thing running were gon na plug the battery in see how long it takes to charge out of the box all right guys its been an hour and 30 minutes its, not warm yet. So that means its not close to being peaked, yet this might be one of those overnight chargers. Jesus is taking forever all right guys. The battery took a little over four and a half hours to charge which actually makes sense if its charging at half an amp uh it didnt get super hot, which i would have really liked to feel it get really really really hot. That means it charged really really well um, but yes about four and a half hours that that that would suck. If you were a kid, just got this car and you had to wait four and a half hours to drive this beauty.

Music lets put eye drops in no im, not crying Applause. Oh i love these wipes guys. Look at that! Come nice and clean. It looks now all right guys. So the verdict is in this is a great first hobby grade, rc car. I actually started driving it in my front yard, in my backyard, since thats likely what the person who buys this thing, thats likely where theyre gon na go, drive it and it handles really really well like it can take the tall grass. It can go through really really tall grass. I went through some pretty thick grass in my front yard. I went to the neighbors yard, sorry, but yeah. It went through the grass just fine and also because its four wheel drive it can go up some decently steep hills like the place where i do. My high speed off road testing facility has a really big uphill. It climbed up that hill. Just fine. There is no way a two wheel, drive truck or two wheel drive car can get up that thing without a lot of momentum, so you can kind of climb up things at lower speeds. The four wheel drive definitely helps, i think, its actually a perfect speed for your first rc car. The reason why i say that is, if youre driving it really really fast on the street, and you turn like you turn all the way it will come up onto and flip. However, it is controllable and its not like as soon as you twitch the steering at full speed it flips over, so it does handle decently.

Well, i think someone who has never driven an rc car before throws in a fully charged battery and just starts ripping it. They are gon na, be impressed and think that its fast, however, if youve been in the hobby and youve driven a super fast car like a brushless, sledge or a creighton, or something like that, i mean this is gon na feel so incredibly slow. I i dont think you should get this truck. If you already have a few rc cars or brushless cars or fast rc cars, dont get it if its your very, very first one great, very, very first car but yeah the brushless stuff it just you can you can just tell it its not very fast. So on to my likes and dislike what i really like about this car is, it does come with everything you need, except for double a batteries like i literally i didnt bring tools of me nothing. We went in melissas, suv, remote battery car drove it around. Didnt break anything going into not breaking anything. The second thing i really like about it: it is super durable and there were a couple of bad landings. I had a couple of really bad landings. I did a couple of jumps on the cement and it handled it. Just fine one landing, i dont know if i got it on video, i hit this hit the dirt really really hard and it kind of went into a crevice.

I thought for sure i broke like the front bearing carrier or front caster block or something like that. Nothing i mean it was perfectly fine, so it is definitely durable. You dont have to worry about breaking this car. On your first few times out. I ran two battery packs through it perfectly fine again, i was driving it relatively tough, and the last thing i really like about it is, i think it looks really good, like the body integrates really really well with the chassis theres, not like a lot of spacing That you can like see through it the stance at least out of the box. The stance is very level its just a good looking rc truck, i think, for your younger audience or your younger drivers, its going to be very, very appealing to them, because it it looks, really freaking cool so onto the things i didnt like about it guys, the Charger sucks it took four and a half hours to charge the battery like. If you go, buy this rc car and youre wanting to go drive it. You got ta, wait almost the next day, five hours to drive it, and then you run the battery down. I mean if i have to guess maybe 10 15 minutes and you got ta wait another five hours. I mean that kind of sucks. I feel like right off the bat, even though it comes with the ac charger, which is cool ac, being the one you plug in the wall.

I think you still need another charger because it just doesnt. Do it fast enough youre, not gon na get the full enjoyment out of this truck? If you got ta wait ever five every five hours to drive it also, i feel, like the electronics, are kind of weak. The fact that the electronics used to do the settings you have to use the the jumper pins, thats thats, thats kind of uh – i guess primitive when it comes to technology, not very advanced, if were going to compare it to its main competitor traxxas like at least The xl5 esc has programmable modes, you can do sports mode, you can do race mode, you can do rookie mode or whatever beginner mode or whatever. They call it but theres other ways to do it. Also, you can program your endpoints on this esc. You dont program. Your endpoints, it programs it right when you turn it on, so i guess that programs it, but its almost like it doesnt know how far or how much the throw is. I dont know how the non programmable escs work, but i felt like it was. It was weak, also the motor after you get done running it for, like maybe two or three minutes its like theres, no torque like its almost like you have to punch it all the way just to get it going, and you got ta really wait for it To get moving in order for it to get some speed uh, it was like no torque after the first two or three minutes of driving.

In regards to the speed, i did do a speed run. We threw the gnss module on it. What else guess is how fast do you think it went ill show you guys, i dont know what it. What does it say on the box? I need to go check. The box hold up im gon na check the box to see what it says it does on the box. It says its. It can go 30 miles per hour, its a speed achievable 30 miles per hour in optimum driving conditions with optional gain. First off it didnt come with optional gearing. So maybe, if you throw a different opinion in there or something ill be honest, i dont think it has enough power to go that fast, because what we did was 23 miles per hour, not very fast. So, all in all great first rc car, i think the quest to find the best first rc car still remains. We still got to do it because i dont think its the best. I think it will. I think it lacks luster.