This is the drc off road, remote control, power, four wheel drive car, so i press this. It goes forward. I press up goes backwards, left and right, Music. Okay, this is the drc off road, remote control power. Four wheel drive carts. Now these toys are lightning fast and they turn at a dime. You get two fully rechargeable batteries and the batteries last 20 minutes uh its actually very easy to plug in these batteries. The rc has the hood pins take those off and then the entire plastic assembly is going to come off, as you can see, theres quite a lot of raised edging on the rubber, so theyre going to have very good grip, especially in leaves and off roading whoa Check out the suspension and the motor right here, its got a little bit of weight to it. Im gon na in the final video im gon na show you all the details. Im just gon na go plug this in so that goes in here. Yeah, so were good now were gon na put this back on pins back in lets, see whats in here brush to clean all the debris, your usb charger, some replacement parts, wow theres some serious and they give us extra pins in case we lose them and theres A little baggie for this, so thats kind of nice. The cool thing about these batteries is that you can charge them on the go with a usb charger. You basically plug this into here like so, and then you take this and you plug this in onto a power bank, for example.

This is a five volt. Two amp output is one thousand million, but thats it thats. Actually, pretty good thats gon na thats gon na fly. They also provided you with an assembly exploded diagram that way you can replace any of these parts. These also actually show you how to change and fix differentials. Okay, so now lets take a look at the uh. This, okay, so make sure you get rechargeables so now, im gon na put this in flip this on, okay, okay and then lets see see so i press this. It goes forward. I press up goes backwards and then i press this and it goes left and right. Speed switch off and on right. So if you want to slow down you roll this this way and then youre going to get slow. If you want to go fast insane fast, you go all the way up and look at this, so youre going to get like crazy drifting right. So so lets get this out. Son! Yes, quick! It is whoa Applause see how far it goes still coming. Perfect, though whoa that was some oh, that was epic, but you can remember, we have to avoid the curbs, because then you have to run after them. Music ill go back and do the 360. and bring it back. So this is a really good entry car for like if you really want to get into racing before you step up and spend. You know like a couple hundred dollars: its not cheap, but its definitely super fast and its a little fun, not only for kids but adults as well.