Two, the rocky road test, its performance around large obstacles, level, 3, the volcanic slope, the impossible level, one that has never been conquered. Is this the best mini crawler on the market. We’Ll share our pros and cons at the end of this video Music, hey what’s up guys i’m joe and i’m, amber with casey kiwis on this channel we’re doing it from fashion crawling speed, runs on books, reviews and much more so if you’re new here consider subscribing That way, you won’t miss out on any of our future rc adventures and in today’s adventure we’re, taking out this epic looking 118 scale crawler, it is the toyota land cruiser lc, 80 and it’s officially licensed by toyota. I’M super excited about this one we’re gon na, take it out for its first run and give you guys our initial thoughts at the end of this video massive shout out to fms models for sending us out this rc2 review, but not to worry guys. We keep it real here on the rc, kiwi yeah. We sure do and i cannot wait to see how capable or how capable it is not when we take out for its first run, but first off amber let’s see what comes in the box. It’S gon na be a struggle because, yes, but a nice and the box comes no. No, no, i say in the box comes the box and this is actually a box that i would keep because it’s.

This is actually a box that i would keep it’s really hard to polystyrene it’s, really hard polystyrene and it fits it’s, a nice fit for your rc car, saying good way to keep protect your rc car. There you go so in the box comes a box which is actually really good: quality, it’s hard, polystyrene and it’s pretty good to keep your rc in. If you don’t want to get it damaged. The instruction manual, which you should read a 2 cell 380 milliamp 5c discharge battery and very important note. It says here if it is not in use for a long time unplug and take off the battery to prevent battery leakage, and that is important with all iphone batteries when you’re not using for a long time. Certainly, you want to be unplugging them out of your car right away, not when you’re using it and then putting it to storage charge or a lot of time, these smaller little batteries, if you chuck it on charge for around about 20 30 minutes, it does bring The levels up a little bit if you don’t, want to store a battery fully charged and you don’t want to store a battery fully dead it’s somewhere in between a usb charger, a tool, a bind plug a transmitter and, of course, your toyota land, cruiser lc80 Music Man i’m telling you right now. This rc is going to be one of the best looking scaled mini scale. Crawlers i have ever seen and we’ve got the sdx24 that’s pretty cool looking, but this definitely is a level up from this one being officially licensed as well.

So here we have a hard shell body, nice, clear windows, which is what we like to see. So we can see the interior and yes, there is a detailed interior inside and there’s also a little stick there. I don’t know that’s what i mean it’s for changing gears or something like that. I don’t know never seen one before never used. One for it’s got working headlights and tail lights. It also has working indicator lights. So when you turn left the left indicator comes on. You turn right. Yeah, you guessed, the right indicator turns off. It’S also got space up here for some fog lights. If you want to install them later, on it’s got a roof. Rack it’s got a spare tyre on the rear which does work. It also has a ladder to help get up to that roof rick, and it does have some really nice. Really nice. Looking side mirrors there i don’t know. Can you see that i can see something i think it’s better, but overall this is a very nicely detailed body of his rc, but we need to take a look under the hood. So under the hood we have a mini servo. We have a two in one esc, receiver. We have your on off switch and we have a little battery tray and also you’ve got your little 50 size brush motor and these electronics are not waterproof. It does sound the box water resistant and i’m guessing.

That is with the hood down now. This rc does have a bit of weight to, it, does make it feel of decent quality, and it does have middle chassis railing, which is really cool. It is four wheel drive with realistic, looking drivetrain and it does have metal gear throughout and it is full ball bearings as well. The wheels feel nice and grippy, which should help. Hopefully, when it comes to mount everest, trying to climb mount everest and it’s got a whole bunch, more features i’m sure on this rc, but not to worry we’re going to have this rc link in the description down below. If you want to read up more on it or if you want to buy, you can go ahead and go through that link and it does help support the channel, but it doesn’t cost you any extra. You know amber. That is enough. Talking it’s about time. We take this thing outside and see how capable it is Music, we’re now here on location, and let me taste them right now. This is the best place, the best crawler place in the world in the entire universe, and if you don’t believe me i’m about to show you in a second but first there we have it. Man we’ve got the toyota land cruiser lc80 who’s gon na, be in this video and then in the next video or one coming very soon. You’Re going to see this one here. This is a cheaper alternative, also pretty cool looking uh truck there, but look at that.

Would you just check this place out man? This has got to be the best crawler location on youtube. We are in a volcano right now how many youtubers go into volcanoes to film crawler videos, the rc kiwis that’s, one of them. If you don’t believe me there, we have it, man it’s a volcano, it might be erupted, it might be a dead volcano now, but once upon a time it was a volcano anyway it’s time to take our toyota land cruiser crawling on level number one remote on. First, plug the little battery in and turn the car on, see the indicator there and we’re gon na go ahead and turn the lights on bam. Front light’s got rear lights, the rear lights on too every indicator. How cool is that into the right? Let’S get into level number one, the dirty road, all right, oh, that is so cool. I love that indicator. Oh i’m, falling over some prickles. I know this is harder. Hey it’s actually handling it quite well that little um rock that was there. It’S got a really good job so far, but it should. This is only challenge number one and if it’s a crawler and most certainly should make it up challenge number one it’s very cute, i’m, loving the indicators i like the scale look of it. Yeah such cool little finishing touches on this rc. This is so hard walking backwards up here. Oh it’s, nearly at the top of the dirt hill, now we’re gon na make a left turn and see how well it handles the grass okay, decent sized grass.

Here we do have a gate. Oh no, no amber! Are you kidding what you flipped? We only get one life, one life i’m, going to the hand of god hand of god. Thank you pretend we didn’t see that okay, i’m gon na you’ve got to go slow over here too much confidence. There. Look at that indicator. I was so confident, i’m going very, very slow. Nearly there there’s the gate just ahead of you. There we have emma made it, we have it amber. Congratulations! The toyota land cruiser lcady has successfully passed level, one let’s move on to level number two. We are now level number two of our crawler challenge, and this is the rocky road and it’s quite challenging amber let’s get into it. Get some nice close shots for everybody start off out of that indicator, so i turned the the main lights off. The headlights. They’Ve realized just to make sure we get enough battery while we’re out here, because there is a very tiny battery and i’m interested to see it’s battery life and we’ll be sure to let you guys know, but so far it’s doing quite well. It says 30 minutes on the box, but look at this it’s having no issues no it’s, just at all a little bit, just as i said there. Oh, i can’t get too cocky here. He does have a long journey ahead of him come on. You can do it boy. This is definitely an easier level two than what we had in hong kong yeah, but i would say, level three is harder here than what we had in hong kong.

Actually nice and close, amber you’re, nice and close. They want to see their suspension working, so this is really going to test its capability over fairly large obstacles for this uh 118 scale crawler, because these these are boulders man and we’re inside a volcano right now, just changing the line up a little bit there. We go oh it’s, quite windy, hopefully it’s not too bad on the microphones, for you guys, look at it go. This has been the first time, we’ve been out with rc’s for a very long time amber because we finished our quarantine in hamilton, it’ll be so busy moving. No yes, no come on we’ll get one life, each that’s, my life done but i’m sure it’s about to conquer level. Two did you get to the top here? No more mistakes come on joe come on i’m, taking an easy route over here. I haven’t opened it up yet, but i think i might have to do that now see what it’s got there. We go full throttle full throttle, it’s not built for speed, it’s built for crawling and crawling that it does wow there. We have it. It is past level number two of our crawler challenge, but we still have another level, and i tell you what guys level number three is probably impossible for anything, but we’ve got to try it anyway. We are now level number three of our crawler challenge and this one is called the volcanic slope that is because well we’re in a volcano guys, it might be dead, but nevertheless we are in a volcano.

Let’S go for it amber level three. This is definitely a step up from level two and level one because the slope is steep, so steep. I don’t know if amber’s gon na make an idea it’s slippery here, we’ve got our first little typical part. I think their rear axles getting stuck on that rock. There, oh, that wind yeah, might keep it grounded. No, i know it’s my first life already. Ah, oh, no! Oh no! What again? Oh, oh we’re, still good we’re good we’re going to try a different line. This time amber gon na go to the right! Oh man! This is tricky. Oh here we go. Oh, no! What? Oh? No! The bonus come out a little bit of a durability test for you guys yeah i’m, just gon na cheat. I just wan na try this right here, look we’re, not even halfway up. No, i think, it’s not going to get any further with me today. Oh, what a show it’s loose terrain, it’s, steep yeah, all making excuses. It is tough for even us to get up there right. It is going to give you a quick turn to see if you can make it amber’s on the controls of the toyota land cruiser level number three let’s get into it. May the best crawler win. I thought it wasn’t even going to work. Oh amazon, quite well. I know see: hey hello, you really got higher than me and i think this is where i got to isn’t it it’s pretty tough here.

Ah there we go one life. I have one more turn: one life and i’m gon na cheat a little bit like you did. What oh come on boy. I think it’s just too steep too loose a terrain too light of a vehicle. This is going the wrong way and there we have it amber. Ah, it didn’t complete level three but level. Three is very difficult. I think even the tx6 might have some issues yeah yeah. We might have to get a tx6 let’s. Try that out. I really want mine. I want to build one well, we have that bonus level, but we only go to bonuses if we pass the three there’s no way that’s going to make the bonus level, but it’s done quite well anyway. Amber let’s go home and give these guys our initial thoughts on the 118 scale. Toyota land cruiser crawler, well we’re back in the studio, and you already see it, you see it. I got my opinion top on man. You know what that means. It means it is time for our pros and cons. Astra we’ve got our pros and cons. You’Ve got your pros and cons, and that is absolutely fine. We’Re going to start off with the pros and the number one being the quality. The quality of this rc is really really good. Not only does it look great, but the attention to detail the materials used, the hard body, everything about it, it does scream detail it’s, something that you can drive, which is what we’re going to be doing.

What’S something you can put on your shelf and look at it’s completely up to you, but quality has got to be the number one pro in our opinion anyway. Number two would be that this rc is capable yeah. Okay, it didn’t get all three levels of our challenges today, but that third level was pretty difficult, but it did dominate level one and level two pretty well. It handled the dirt. It handled the slope it handled the rocks and it handled the grass when it came across some bigger boulders yeah it’s gon na probably get stuck under the axle and you’re stuck there. But hey. This is a 118 scale, mini crawler, so find another line and drive and drive around the bigger boulders, but definitely is a capable rc, and it also did really well on the downslope you’ll see in this footage here going downhill. It did really really well. Finally, the third and final pro for us today is that the battery life was as advertised 30 minutes plus, and we got about 30 minutes, maybe just a bit more than 30 minutes, so fantastic battery life. Those are the three pros now it’s time for the comps. Now, for the cons number one being this car is a little bit on the pricey side, but remember when getting this car you do get the quality and it is awesome, as joe said, it’s awesome looking, but don’t worry if you can’t afford it.

We’Re gon na leave a few links in the description box down below of some cheaper alternatives, for you guys and con number two is this: car only has one speed seating, so it is awesome for crawling up the slopes and on the gravel and in the grass, But when it came to us walking back down the hill to our car, it was a little bit slower than your average walking speed. So that’s, just two things i can think of and one more i’ll add – is that the shocks are not oil filled and they are it’s a little bit on the springy side. You can see here so that would have been nice to see if there were oil filled shocks, but that is something that you could possibly look at upgrading in the future, but there we have it there. We have the pros and cons and overall, what we can say is that this is a very beginner friendly, rc it’s, an awesome, looking rc, and if you want something that you can enjoy indoors on rainy days or outdoors and some crawler challenges, then this might just Be the perfect rc for you, but we want to know what you guys think. So let us know in the comment section down below your thoughts on this rc after watching this video and if you own one of these, let us know your experience with it, because we’re really interested to hear. We also had this arizona, 118 scale crawler out on those three crawler challenges.

Also we’ve got rc planes coming to the channel for the very first time this one being a very popular one at the moment, and we’ve got other rc planes coming to the channel and rc cars, of course, and maybe some boats soon. So if you don’t want to miss any of our future rc content, make sure you go ahead and hit that subscribe button and hit the bell as well so you’re notified exactly when we post it and guys don’t forget we’re going to leave links in the description Box down below for this car and cheaper alternatives, if you enjoyed this video, give it a like, and if you didn’t give it a like anyway, make sure you’re staying safe out there on your rc adventures and remember guys make sure you go check out the rc Kiwis.Com gee sub kit geese over top. Please have a hoodie and remember we’re.