Once again today, with this video, we start a new adventure. We mount this very, very little and wonderful car before start mounting. I would like to share with you the quality of the packaging what’s inside it’s. Not a real unboxing is a walk over the contents of the box, i’m astonished from the quality from the quantity and for the precision that we will check during the mounting phase. So now, first of all, i have opened all the envelopes, a b c d e x, and we take a quick view at the content. You will be surprised from the dimensions, microscopic and the quantity and the quality let’s see what’s inside the box. We start with the bag a in bag. A you find the axles, the servo horn look at the size very little. These parts are to finish the axle to the wheels. These are the metal axles, the the transmission shaft. These are to the wheels and two of these has the bearing for ball, bearing these are pinions, look at the size of this fantastic and a bunch of bearings, so this is back a back b. These are all the links back c. We have the suspensions dampers motor mount springs, transmission, more bearings and uniball for mounting all these parts back d, the body, wonderful body, metal parts for the body wheels very nice, wheels, foam and and tires in this scale. Tyre’S. Weird foam is astonishing and this is bag e bag x bag x.

We have a very, very nice work. Look all these little bags weather the content designed on the label. Wonderful. There are a lot of screws because you have seen we have a screws here here and there are a lot of screws tools, double tape, adhesive tape, allen key. This is for hexagon, i think and screwdriver. This is the server retire boat and these are instructions instructions. The instructions manual – okay also, this is very, very, very well done, Music, okay, all the parts all the screws and then you start mounting – and this is what we are going to do. It looks like a real one, a bigger one about the engine i use. Oh yes, where is it the engine, perhaps in the radio? Okay, and this is it for first box. Second box is the radio the second box we have to open. Is this one, the radio here we have something more? Not only the radio and stickers are nice, but a little bit larger radio instructions and inside we have this – and this is we have to look inside radio receiver receiver with a lot of slots. We can attach we, we can drive a lot of things in this bag. We have the sound unit. This is a the circuit for the switch and here in this one we have led. This is always for radio programming, no, absolutely no instructions about electronics. How to use electronics? This is a problem and i have also discovered that i’ve, not the engine Music, the motor, so we have to buy a motor.

You have seen the content of the boxes, it’s a very, very good model, but you have to buy apart a lot of thing. I thought that it was supplied with a standard engine. I know there are three types of engine with increasing rpm 200. 300 for 500. I don’t remember well, but you can go on the on the uh. I gave you the link for this, and now i have to buy the motor, so i it will be a little bit delayed. I can start mounting something. First of all, i will paint this and this and in the meanwhile i hope, to receive the motor i have to decide which kind of motor. Perhaps i will buy the middle one. We have three, the middle one and the medium stat virtus. They say – and i hope to do the right thing by now – comments like and subscribe. Thank you very much bye bye up to the next. It will be a long journey Music. So so today we have made this painted the body two layers of primer, tamiya, white primer and one and with some final touches of ambro green brushes with brush. Then we have made wheels in three colors, aloo, green and chrome, and we have prepared the work. We have learned something about this wonderful model. The thing we have learned is that it is not a toy it’s, a serious model and the little dimension will be difficult in the assembling, so next videos about assembling and it’s.

As i already told you it’s a discovery for me, it’s the first first time comments like and subscribe as usual. Please subscribe. I want to reach 1 million subscribers, hopefully and wish you all. The best now is uh 10 days before christmas.