My friends, i hope you’re all doing well and it is it’s a special day because, as you can see, the reloader is again on the table. Sorry for the delay, uh, it was my fault and um just um. To put it in a nutshell, this rc model is awesome. Full stop! No discussion at all. I don’t know if you checked the price of this thing. It is just a little bit more than one thousand dollars u.s dollars, and this is compared to other models. Just really really cheap. I know this is a lot of money i know, but if you compare it to other models, it is just awesome and what i what i expected – and it is really it is like this. The model is really well built. It is yeah, it is awesome, my friends, it is really cool and you can compare to another one on the market from a well known asian manufacturer, but i think this one is just much better. The details are great, as you can see in the video, and the pump is really doing a good job um. The only thing i would like to change is the controller of the pump. This is the the controller is doing a bit of a noise that might be annoying after a certain time, and but if i change it, i will let you know the other thing. I change other speed controllers, so we tell you later, but overall, this machine is just awesome.

It is really really great. This is the battery i’m using i’m, actually using this really cool battery. So i hope that it’s getting sharp and that you can see what’s written on there. It is from uh mailboard electronic it’s, a german, very small german company it’s a 2s li ion battery, and the cool thing is that this is really. As you can see. It is really small and the manufacturer of this really cool model um supposed to put the battery right in here, so you can it’s not finished yet, as you know, you can just open it this way and then the battery is meant to be put right in Here and so there’s no space for a cabin anymore, and so the cool thing is that this battery is that small that you can? Let me show you this isn’t ready yet, but it will be soon. You can put it right under this hood, so so it’s done cool, huh and and what i’d like to show you is how powerful this so far. I have uh this can right here and i will try to to lift it let’s see if it works. So let’s try to lift it. No problem at all the manufacturer says that the manufacturer says that the lifting capacity is around 800 gram. So almost one kilogram – and this can is 500 grams, so this is no problem at all. So what i’d like to show? You is how it works with the fork.

So, first of all the um i just put the battery in the in the loader, as you saw now, let’s turn on the um, the commander, the radio control so it’s. As i said, it is the scale art um, commander, sa5000, so the big one. This is, as you already know from my other videos, a really really really cool radio it’s, quite expensive, yes, but it’s, just cool you can do almost everything with it. So i put in a receiver in the loader from scale art, the small one it has been connected already and now we can turn on the radio. So we saw maybe the the flashing lights when they just flash it’s not connected when they are like this. The model is connected to the radio, so what you can see in the display is the information that i hope you can see it. It is the information that the bobcat is connected and now let’s start the pump and do some exercise – Applause, you, Music, and so what you can see here is the cool thing is and yeah just it’s. Just amazing. It is like the real thing: i’ve, never driven the real one uh in real life, unfortunately, but the model is doing this, i think quite well is what you see here is you can run it very smoothly and the turning radius is just awesome. It is so small you can put it on your table in the living room and have fun.

As you can see. The only thing that is missing here is the sand. There’S no set on the table, but in a few minutes i will change the bucket. I will install the fork and then we can try to operate these stoves on the right side, but this is really cool. This is always important. Going fast is really easy, it is, it is not complicated, for, i think, there’s only almost no model in the world. That cannot go fast, but the hard thing is the difficult thing is to operate your model that smooth this is really important, because this makes the difference and then you can have fun and what i changed is. I did not use the speed controllers that were in the kit um. I suppose they are quite quite cheap, so i didn’t use them. I also used two of the two new speed controllers from mailboard electronic, the german company and, as you can see, the loader can be operated really smooth Applause. This is so important to have fun if you cannot operate your loader, that that good that well there won’t be any fun. This is really important. It’S it’s the same with the with the hydraulics, by the way, it’s important that you can do this smoothly. Slowly like this, because if you can, you will not be able to work properly, you can always do this very fast, but this is. This is not really good. This is so cool.

The turning radius is just awesome, and this is what the reason also makes makes it so so good Music. So before i change the bucket to the fork, i would like to show you how powerful it is um. It is by the way. I i guess something something around three kilogram. This is really heavy, it is really heavy. You will not expect it when you see this machine, but it is due to the fact that it has been uh made almost out of metal. All the parts are metal. The only plastic things are the cabin and this hood all the and the door and all the other things are made out of metal, so it’s really heavy um, and it is so well manufactured so well built this is, is just it’s amazing. It is really amazing and i’m – not i’m, not kidding my friends. This is really a cool thing and the combination with a scale art commander is for me the best you can find. I know this. This radio is quite expensive, but it is really a good combination. So, foreign Music, oh Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music. I hope, my friends that you got a good impression of this rc model, and this is not my last video with it so what’s still missing here. What you maybe have already seen is that the windows are missing. The cabin they need, something to be put in the seat is missing. The exhaust pipe is missing the the headlights, the back lights, the rear lights, and all these things are still missing.

I will work on it and when it’s completely finished, i will do a last video and show you how it looks, how it feels and give you my first impressions of playing with it. So stay healthy, have a good time and hope to see you soon.