This thing for a speed run and see if we can get that claimed 70 kilometers an hour here. We are on location at the beautiful canterbury park, with uh f22a from xlf and were going to be doing a speed run first up on our stock lipo. This is a two cell lipo five thousand milliamp lipo battery and then were going to be running it on this three cell energy lipo battery. Hopefully that doesnt cause the car to blow up im excited to see how quickly this thing can go. It claims 70 kilometers an hour. What do you reckon im gon na go 62 im hopeful im going to go 69 kilometers an hour okay, remotely on first like the battery in turn the car on and were going to be using this gps thingy bobby to get a accurate speed of this rc Car and if you want to know where you get this gps, speedy theme of bobby were gon na, have the thinking we will be linked in the description down below, along with the car and were gon na put this in kg camera on the back here. To make it go slower than it actually can go now you know we, like our camera angle, guys cam camera angle, guys we, like our camera angles, guys always got different camera angles going on im, also going to have this little camera link description down below if Youre interested as well first well do a speed test on on road with our 2 3s and then ambers going to do the speed test on the off road.

We have satellites track start lets, go first, run man straight into the speed test, and i can tell you there is some delay in the steering theres some lag here. Man, okay, lets, go oh full speed, Music. That was full. That was full speed, man that was full speed. I think more. Like 50 read 40.99 kilometers in there, so knocking that 70. You know, i know someones gon na be saying. I saw the extra drag and wait youre adding onto this car. No, its, not man, im telling you im telling you its not no. My camera praise the lord. Its all good lets see what it could do on the grass start. Yeah there definitely is a bit of delay. There is full not too bad to control on the grass actually, oh as she sees that lets, see what we got ‘ yeah. I was about to say ‘ as well 42, not getting its claim 70, though its a little bit disappointing were going to try three cell lipo and then see what kind of speed we get. Then weve got this massive adapter for a million different things, and some people are freaking out right now, its like theyll blow up some people might say joe youre, probably losing so much energy from this battery – that, through the resistance of all these connectors that uh youre Going to get the same as a two cell fingers crossed so far so good track start.

It does hand the website 60 to 70.. If we get 60 at least its you know, its pretty close were oh whoa. Oh definitely, a lot more speed there. Oh 66 kilometers in there, so there we go man, 50, ks stock, completely stock and then youre getting that 60 or 70 kilometers out that they claim on three salipo now had i had a not all that resistance from all those adapters. Maybe you would have gotten the 70 cloves an hour, so yeah ill. Take that three sale lipo you can get that speed um, but just be aware that youre gon na need a threesome lipo stock out of the box. You can expect 50 kilometers an hour with the included laptop battery anyway, its time to change the location to a skate park to do what this car is really made for, and that is to bash around Music. Now that is Music Music Applause, my tier to see what this things got Music. This is going to be a true test. Oh look at that. Ive got grind its going to be a true test for this car, because this is all metal design. Man, it holds up after this whoa on the nose. You know this things: tough, oh, no, not again: Music, Music, im gon na try for a backflip. Soon, dont worry. Oh man thats the problem, theres, not a lot of um travel and no shock, so it does tend to bounce up on its top, see that its the uh travel on the shop theres not much trouble, so it bounces up a lot less than this problem.

Music. Oh man try something else. Yes, i planned that im sure you did Music Applause, oh, that was awesome bit of a durability test. Oh, it was cool Applause. Oh it keeps happening. I mean its tough isnt, it really tough yeah. It is. This. Is a cool skate park ever now its time to go for this big jump, man were gon na try and get a back flip Applause. Oh that was not good. Man lets see how good this front bumper was. It was still a drive. You know what that means. It means all good it took it that goes to show its durable. Oh man, i think its time we bump it up to a threesome 3s power time now now lets see if we can get this back. Flip, oh instant, thats, a bit faster, instant, Music Applause, Music. Oh yes, easy back flips on three! Yes, so much more power! Oh no weve got some damage guys. That was, i mean that was a big bad crash. That was pretty bad and the part that broke is exactly what we talked about in the unboxing overview. Now we were just about to see the power of the 3s lipo unleashed its actually, the middle part of your camber link going into this plastic part, so the plastic part looks to be fine, so thats whats broken today lets talk about some pros and cons. Well start with the cons now, a big con for me is the handling of this car.

Now, had you had a much better receiver transmitted combo? I think this wouldnt be a problem, but there is a lot of lag man theres a lot of lag between your input and what the car is doing and thats to do with either the transmitter receiver or both also the servo, does seem to be a little Bit slow, but definitely the bigger problem would be this transmitter. Receiver combo, if youre planning on sort of taking it to the track, which probably you arent. But if you were youve, got to probably struggle with the handling side of things. The second con, which is also pretty big con, is the travel that you get in this truck. I mean there is a bit of dampening there, but theres not much travel, and that is why this part broke here. After that massive jump, it was pretty big when the car landed, the shot can only absorb so much before it runs out of its travel and then, of course, our camber link took a lot of that force and snapped, and that was one of the weak points That we talked about in the unboxing. Have you mentioned the video out if you havent? Yet that would be something id consider getting spare parts for, but uh you know maybe its the geometry of the truck, or maybe you can get different shocks that are going to allow you to get more travel but thats, something that ill be looking at uh when It comes to the cons on this car, but for the pros first up other than this part here.

This car is, this truck is actually very, very durable. It handles a lot of those big jumps in a skate park. There is absolutely no other damage. The drive. Shafts are straight as an arrow. The chassis is straight. Everything is straight everything held together. Well, apart from this one piece here, uh, the second pro with this truck is that its got good speed to it. It can get that 70 kilometers an hour, but with a 3 cell lipo battery it would have been much better if they included a 3 cell lipo in the box. If youre going to claim 70 at least include the lipo battery or say on the box somewhere in brackets, this is with a three cell lipo with the two cell lipo. We still got a reasonable speed at 50 ks but thats, something to bear in mind. If you want something fast, you are going to probably want to upgrade to a three cell lipo battery overall, its a pretty decent truck for around about that 200 mark. If you can find it under 200 and thats, definitely an even better buy personally the handling issue that lag. I dont like that at all, and i would go for the wltoys one: zero. Four: zero, zero, nine and thats got some issues of it, so mainly being that its nowhere near as fast as it says it goes, but if youre just doing bashing just bashing it around at a skate park, then the wltoys one zero, four, zero, zero.

Nine is more than fast enough, and it certainly is durable. Just like this truck were gon na have both of these trucks, a link down in the description down below if youre interested and were gon na, have the coupon code and guys make sure you use the coupon codes.