I figured ill give the rally a shot and see how it goes. Let me get this out of the box and well look at it all right lets. Take this box looks like this box controller standard, traxxas controller a little bit different, but for the price point, a good controller heres, the car comes with traxxas batteries, power cell good batteries, see what we got in here, i believe, should be the charger we got a Wall charger instead of the car chargers that all the other ones are coming with. This is pretty cool and, of course, the manual in the box, nice box see all the specs what we got under here. Some zip ties get the body off nice body lexan. I chose the red one. I did have a green one at my local hobby shop, but i went with the red. Let me get the angle from this eye. Get the light on get a little bit closer nice wheels, look like slicks, good compound theres, the traxxas servo brush motor. They do have brushless motors for this, but i think im gon na stick with the brush motor for right now, probably upgrade later, but the teeton. We never upgraded it and its always done about 20 out of the box with a lipo comes with the battery the thing to focus 200 milliamp, six volt, the traxxas plug plus the charger batteries controller. Another view of the box ill get a running video pretty soon.

Well see how it runs, how it drives and then well maybe do a side by side comparison of a driving. Next to the titan. My daughter has the teatin theyre very similar i mean.