Okay, i got one hand on my phone one hand, opening it up what i did not know that they made those what i was too busy just flipping through the lost box to open it up. Oh dude, you know i’m gon na have to get that one. You know i kind of already had the uh. Was it the team associated version, but this guy is the funnest. This guy has the same model. I don’t know what that is a little buggy, that thing’s cool dude little monster truck little race truck and then a little. I don’t know what i don’t know what that is, but dude i definitely want the monster truck and that that i want them all. So today we got this guy here, i’m gon na open it up and flash to the box out of the box wow. So not a lot to go on here, but okay so check it out now this is supposed to be open. All right, i’m gon na open that up real, quick and snap, two okay check that out that’s, pretty cool and see that last one i just ripped it apart and drove it. And man, like i said this thing is really really quick really fast, like it’s got a brushless motor in there already, although it doesn’t as a matter of fact, look what kind of motor it has it’s. The only thing on here – that’s, not hobby, grade that’s technically toy – i mean, i guess, it’s hobby grade.

It is a motor, but still everything else is straight up. Hobby grade you can you can do anything with this thing. You can replace everything as you see. Do that with some of my quadcopters um i’ll, do a review on this guy happy with it, but it needs a new steering servo. So if you do buy one of these buy a new steering servo as well um all right, so let’s go and open this guy up now, i’m gon na go ahead and snap my fingers and just open this box all right here we go that’s. What i’m talking about look at that thing in there sweet so stoked to have this guy and this guy. I did paint those rims a little bit because i have some anodized red rams coming in for that guy, with anodized red suspension, replacing the suspension, the a arms and some other stuff i’m. Actually gon na get a carbon fiber body for this too or chassis, yep and uh. I would try to get a clear body, but honestly it’s not necessary this top. These bodies are pretty cool okay. So what does it come with now? We got nothing nothing here. Okay, empty all right now we got is we got a car, a remote and it comes with yep it’s, always laying around somewhere gears here. So you can make it go faster, slower, better acceleration, all that bit i’m sure and that’s a battery charge right there.

They only come with one battery, so i would highly recommend getting a second battery which i already ordered should be in here today, but check this out now open this guy up boom. So that’s, what i’m saying it’s all hobby grade, the only thing that’s toy grade um as far as i’m concerned is probably the esc, um and the motor but it’s it’s, it’s hot, be great because it’s remote control. But this is what i would consider toy grade right here and you can get replacement motors with replacement, speed controls with replacement receivers, and you can make this thing. Probably the coolest 120th scale car. There is no we’re going to go downstairs and drive a little bit, but let me snap my fingers and get this thing out of the box and get it ready. Okay, now we’re out of the box, like i said, that’s just charge her some gears i’ll open that up, but um honestly, i have another one somewhere around here anyway. This is the battery that little tiny battery that if you compare it to my pinky um, i mean you probably know what it is. You know um but uh. What could you compare it to how about a permanent marker there’s, a permanent marker, sharpie there’s, the battery it’s uh, not much bigger than the head of the sharpie? So yeah? You want a couple more of these, although i haven’t had one die on me yet yeah.

So and i’ve been mashing, nothing around like crazy, so um i’ve had to get a little slower and then i just plugged it in, but honestly they go for a while. So totally good, but yeah look at this man get this thing it’s so worth it. Man yeah, you know if you can get it for you know under 100 bucks score 99 bucks score dude. This is a great remote. This is a great remote. It’S got the trim Music. If you it’ll, take you forever to figure out turn it on. If you don’t like the directions but that’s on that’s off, in fact, we can just grab this guy over here on off. This is all trimming up here, so we’ll take this guy down and i’ll. Show you what how it goes all right. I don’t really want to scratch this guy up honestly, i might take this body put it on here and then put the anodized rims on there with anodized suspension and all that bit give you one upgraded version and one stock version yeah. So let me put this top back on there, plug it in, and uh we’re actually gon na erase that one but i’ll show you and let me get this one back together, and so, if you want to know this manual, keep it for sure, because you can Basically, it tells you how to rebuild the entire car so keep this there’s. This shot right there and we’re going to take this guy out.

I’Ll show you how quick it is also. I should mention no my reasons for why this is the the best car, because battery lasted a long time, it’s hobby grid it’s just the most fun. When you turn you can be really accurate. With this thing, i’ll show you and um, with covid, going on you’re, not really going anywhere so right now, this this is even without cover, though this thing is just the funnest i’d get four friends together for these cars and i’d put 100 bucks on the line, And go race, you know you can make it in your garage. Make the track. Well, not really it’s, still too fast for your garage, but make it out front track off front. I’Ll! Show you all right here we go outside and 10 9 7. One drill all right: okay, here we are now and another thing about this thing: it’s hobby grade, but it’s still got a little switch right. There awesome little on off switch, see bum boom, the battery plugs in by the balancer right there real quick, but i also want to show you under here, so you guys know that this one is still stock. This one is completely stock. I got the stock lipo in there that it comes with i’ve got uh let’s, see the stock motor stock little braid that they do right there uh stock wheels. I mean everything’s stock dude. I haven’t done anything on this thing, so i want to do all the performance parts, the other ones.

I just painted these wheels with like a permanent marker, so this is actually how fast these things go. Um i’m gon na turn on the remote and let’s flip. The switch on the car it’s still windy out here. All right super windy, it’s hard to get a full throttle without like because i’m driving it through the through the camera, so with one hand. So sorry about that, but yeah. Look! How quick this thing is man you just make a little quick, it’s, really cold, the ground is cold, but even when it’s a little bit wet outside you can make really sharp corners. So i want. I know you guys want to see this thing in the street. So let’s check it out real quick, so we’re going to do a little jump here, all right all right, dude man, it’s gone just stop dude and remember. They saw brushless motors for these things too it’s four wheel drive it’s starting to rain it’s, waterproof all that bit not waterproof, but it’s. Pretty good i’ve, already splashed the puddles on everything it won’t go in grass. Of course, wheels are just too small but see, but it will go in some dirt now snap to a little bit of dirty area. Now, of course, the dirt has to be like really really, you know graded or whatever kind of like this okay. This is my son’s track on the side yard that we built for him uh for his remote controls, but also for his motorcycles and for his bikes.

So, as you can tell it kind of goes on the dirt a little bit it’s supposed to be a rally. Car oops, sorry, sorry, that’s, why i got driving through there it’s supposed to be a rally car, so you would expect it to work, but so yeah that’s that’s the car. In a nutshell, there that’s the review. I give it 5 out of 5 stars, like the coolest car i’ve ever played with by far coolest car i’ve ever had Music and i’ve had a lot of them, 20 or i’m uh, 32 years old and i’ve been playing with mock troll car. Since i was freaking born now, probably like five, four or five so got my first nitro car when i was uh nine years old. So this guy right here is just perfect: dude, oh yeah, and if you’re gon na get one get okay, so the drift tires totally suck. So you don’t want the drip tire. So what you wan na do is you wan na do what i did, which was you wan na get the car that i just got, and then you want to get this body. You want the porsche body with um regular tires because when it flips it wants to just this thing, is you can flip this thing all day, long and with a porsche body for some reason it just always flips right back over so that’s what we got here. All right, peeps, king of usa, fave days, follow me hit that click like all that bit i’ll do extensive reviews of all these remote control, cars and everything all right.