Now this is a 114 scale desert style buggy that comes completely ready to run, is four wheel drive and has packed a load of features that you wouldnt typically find on a truck that comes in under 100, but before we get to those features. First lets see what comes in the box in the box comes the instruction manual, which you should read: a lithium ion battery and charger sikashi, a 2.4 gigahertz radio and, of course, the hp expectra 16886. Looking at the exterior, there are four panels in this body: its a really nice camo, looking body as well theres a roll cage with two drivers inside and theres a working light panel at the top. The tyres are feeling quite firm and theyre glued to the rim. Theyre also vented through the rim, they have foam inserts and we have a spare tire at the back. That has a little cover with it, which i think is quite cute. The suspension is oil filled and theres lay down suspension in the front. It does feel okay, but it does feel a little bit bouncy Music thats right, though now looking at the bottom youll see that the chassis is plastic and it has a solid axle at the rear anyway, thats enough about the exterior lets, take a look. What comes underneath? Well, it took a wee while so to take the body off. There are six screws and it tells you exactly how to do it in the instruction manual, which we always read, always read it always starting with the electrics.

It comes with a ‘0 size brush motor with a heatsink to help keep it nice and cool and then accompanying that we have a two in one esc, receiver, combo and then parameter system. We have a 1100 milliamp lithium ion battery and these batteries, while not as powerful as a lipo, pose less of a hazard and therefore great for beginners. This comes with a micro size, 5 wire servo. The car has ball bearings throughout and also is metal gear throughout, which i think is really cool, especially for a car that comes in at this price. It has metal, drive shafts too, and metal diff cups. It has front and rear differentials and theres some adjustability. You can do here, youve got your toe links. You can adjust your toe and im sure there is a lot more going on in this car, but not to worry well leave it linked in the description down below. So you can read out more on it or pick up one yourself. If youre interested and dont forget to use the discount code, we always provide discount codes nine times out of ten with the products that we review. But from what im, seeing here, im pretty impressed with all the features that come packed into this little truck but its under a hundred dollars. So now i think its time to take it out for a real world test and see if it performs as good as what it says on the box.

Here we are at a new location with amber lintz and i forgot its name, but were going to call it the spectre, its the specter man yeah its the hp expector model, one six, eight, eight six before we get to bashing this around at this cool skate Park theres more jumps, dont worry theres. Some more first were gon na uh. Take it for a bit of a speed run. How fast you guys gon na go. Im gon na go 24. im gon na, say about 30. lets, get that gps on and see how fast it goes. Ambers going to break a nail shes going to break a nail. Oh, i might break a nail. There we go. The battery compartment is a little bit tough tricky to get into, but it can be done its windy today, man, ambers eyelashes, might fly away remote on first. Ah, youve got it ah remote on fast flag, the battery in and turn the car on. Oh yeah, look at those beautiful lights its on its connected and amber its time to get that gopro on your head, because we all know how much you love that gopro on your head, its very flattering: oh yeah, you should keep all the claps in a video Crack start: oh its so quick, i dont know if im capturing it Applause there, we have it guys hbx! Oh, when i first crashed. Oh no, my gps meter thinking my bobby all right lets see what kind of speed we got.

While i was walking that over here hopefully im faster than the car but lets see what we got, stop read 28 kilometers in there, obviously its not made for crazy speed, but it had a bit of punch. There had a little bit of kick tool didnt it. It did so i mean that means its geared more for off roading, so thats. What were about to do now well go on to some grass and bark before we then jump in the bowl for some backflips. Are you ready to see some absolute craziness? Oh yeah? I want to see some craziness will i handle the grass. The answer is yes, like a pro, and this is pretty long grass yeah, it was hidden away. Oh no yeah, this stuffs pretty long and thick a bit too long here there we go its doing it. Its doing it i mean it is a sand buggy or whatever they call it so, its probably better if we found some dirt lets, see how it performs on stones and im just going to mention guys, because i didnt mention i didnt mention that before i am At full speed, very bouncy, its a rock racer, see how it goes on the back Applause, and it looks like its doing it with heat like a pro. How does it handle ember very very easily, as she rolls literally every time every time so im going to go into this thicker stuff, so yeah this? This buggy does have sway bars guys, which means it will.

It does help with its handling thats. What i know about sway bars, improve handling, yeah, see, look at that its cool aint, 500 100 bucks man. I know 90 bucks, i think discount code. Okay, i still got it like a pro. I thought this thing handled all right in the back. I feel sick. Its time to do some jumps now, this car does feel reasonably durable and for the speed it should be durable enough. What were gon na find out? Oh, oh straight, to concrete theyre right there and its south is it up to no? This car is durable. So this is actually drifts like its pretty cool thats kawaii. Oh look at that. Oh, like a pro sweet. Oh this ball was effect. Oh yes! Yes, oh no! Oh! Oh my! I think i can do a front flip. Maybe do you think that again, oh look. Theres a front lap, its gon na, be your pack. Oh. What was that like a cartwheel whoa? Oh, that was sweet. Oh oh, did you get there got that there was epic were getting all of that grind grind Music, that was cool. Oh there, we go theres. A good jump, oh yeah. Oh there perfect. I perfectly planned that i love how its like flipping on its back, as i say that that uh, that roll cage helps it quite go away and the metal gears will be helping it too. When its having these bad crashes, oh this ones a bit deeper lets get into the deep stuff.

Oh there you go, you got to jump yeah there, just a little jump. Whoa sweet! This thing is actually pretty cool nice under 100 bucks, its not the fastest thing. Its got a bit of punch to it, a bit of torque its durable, oh, oh, ambers, durable as well, and it handles quite nicely. You know its drifting around oil filled, shocks, metal, gears, metal, drive, shafts spare tire in the back there get there there we go. That was a bad one, but you know what still no damage how she still goes. Oh, it cleared them. What a beast you made! It back up no way. Oh no, nice! This is a cool car man. This is something definitely cool for the kids. For sure adults. You know, even adults well were having fun with that. Have you ever got a lot of money to spare on toys? Then this could be one to get and they also have a brushless. I dont know if theyve got a brushless version, but theres an optional brushless motor, or you can put your own brushless system in this thing, to make it even faster being that it is metal gear, metal, driveshaft so well be able to handle brushless power quite nicely. I mean youve seen weve done some pretty big jobs today, pretty big crashes and its holding up just fine those oil filled shocks are doing their job a little bit on the bouncy side, but hes still absorbing it see doing way better than i thought it would To be honest, oh and under look at that, it was awesome, its good that its got that foam insert as well on the tyres.

It helps absorb some of the impacts when doing big jumps as well, Music, whoa and, of course it survived it. Of course, what can i say guys this car is pretty sweet for under 100 bucks? You cant really complain uh in terms of the cons for this. The only thing i could think of is the better trades a little bit annoying to get into, and wiring is a little bit tricky to get a little squished in there. We end up just having it flicking out the back there. But of course, if you took your time, you can get it in there nicely other than that. This car is great. The suspension worked nicely car handled well yeah im trying trying my harder im a little bit green. I have to spin that chair. I i dont. Do merry go rounds or anything like that, uh, the trucks very durable. You know we just have bad jumps and crashes and nothing is broken. Driveshafts are still straight, not much scratching either. No, i mean this thing. Is this things cool? This looks sweet. You know. I could definitely recommend it for the price i think its about 95. You might get it lower using that discount code im sure weve got one in the description down below so make sure you dont forget to use the discount codes. Now we dont just do cheap cars. We also do pricey cars and weve got a video coming soon its going to be our next one, which is going to be the udr comparison with the mojave.

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