What we’ve got in front of us is the techno mt 410 long regarded as one of the best and maybe even the best monster truck out on the market. Today it is a 110 scale. Electric four wheel, drive monster, truck, comes as a kit, so you will have to provide all your own electronics wheels and tires as well as a body. Now i picked mine up from your rc, so definitely check them out. We got a five percent off coupon code. Uh three euro shipping all across europe, so definitely a good place to consider uh picking up the techno uh i’ve owned several technos in the past, all in the 110 scale. Size and techno considers this to be a 110 scale monster truck. But what it really is is an et 48.3, like 1 8 scale truggy, so it’s got the long arms, the super, beefy drivetrain and then it’s all bolted onto a short horse truck chassis which comes from the sct4 10.3, so it’s really closer to like a stunt Truck like an outcast or notorious uh, but it’s got the 13 inch long wheelbase and then the really long arms and wheels. Now this kit sells for 450 here in the united states, its main competitors are gon na, be things like the traxxas max, which is a forest monster, truck the creighton forest from arma the redcat kaiju, which is about the same size. So i consider these to be middleweight monster trucks, forest capable about 12.

8 12.9 inch wheelbase and then approximately this size, four wheel, drive monster truck so for this review, we’ll be rating it in six different categories, giving it a rating from one to five stars, and that Is graded on a curve, so three stars would be average as compared to other vehicles in its class, five stars would mean top of class, and one star would be really really poor. For my particular kit, we are running arma 4s electronics, so these are straight out of an arma creighton 4s. So i picked them up on ebay for about 130 for the motor and esc server wise i’m. Just running like a basic 35 kilogram, servo from amazon cost me about 35 wheels and tires wise i’m running the backflip lps from d boots. So these are the stock tires on like a outcast, 4s i’m running a proline c10 body. So this is the one i think for the e revo, so it’s really the longer uh wheelbase version and then battery wise i’m running a gen za’s 5000 milliamp hour battery so that’s. What i’ve got going on in my particular kit and uh yeah, so let’s get on to the review. So first off is the build – and this is one of the very few uh monster truck kits that are available on the market. So the main competitors, the max the creighton, the kaiju, all come as ready to run vehicles proline used to make a pro mt 4×4, which was a kit, but i think it’s now been discontinued.

So really one of the very few kits left on the market. Uh. Today, that is comes as a kit that you have to assemble yourself. So in terms of the build a really really good build, i do have a full review on how the build went. Everything went together perfectly no real issues. I did modify my setup a little bit from this kit setup. They do recommend like 100k diff load in the front middle and then i think 50k in the rear. I did drop that down to 20 1220. So if you are building this kit, i would recommend a lighter weight. The fluids i think the stock diploids are a little bit heavy and don’t, allow it to drive quite as well, but yeah. Overall, the kit went together really really nicely easy to put together. No real part, hard parts or anything i think, even if you’re not that familiar with building kits, but you have some experience with rc cars. You could build this, probably as your first car there’s. Nothing really really difficult or anything like that. So yeah. Overall, the build went really well uh just went flawlessly. I give it a full five stars in the build category, excellent overall, as mentioned in the introduction, this is basically a 1a scale triggy the et 48.3 shrunk down onto a short horse truck chassis. So it is a full race kit build everything on this vehicle is full race. Has all the adjustments, all the ease of maintenance, that you would expect all the durability, high quality components.

So, looking from the front end, you’ve got the easy access discs. You got the super beefy arms. You got the 16 millimeter shocks with adjustable pistons you’ve got a lot of different locations for shock. Mounting for camber link adjustments, you got full metal, drive, shafts, adjustable turnbuckles aluminum acumen plate with multiple positions. You got an integrated, servo saver down the chassis again, you have like the classic techno style, so techno is really big on kind of mass centralizing, all their electronics, having really narrow chassis, getting everything all kind of crammed all together and as compact as possible. That’S. Why? The chassis is kind of like this thin little lightweight, uh aluminum piece with the plastic sides, has kind of optimal flex, give you a little more traction and then in the rear, end all the same components. Uh, the 16 millimeter aluminum shocks sway bars integrated bumper uh kimberlink adjustments, aluminum stub axle, so this is a full on race, kit, uh design, wise. I think this is class leading there is really no other monster truck out there in the middleweight category. That is anything like this. This is a full on race kit, disguised as a master and so for the design. Category i’m gon na give it a full 5 stars. It’S awesome Applause performance wise. I kind of write this in a bunch of different areas. We’Re talking about acceleration and braking handling performance in the air jumping and landing, and then because it’s pretty much a stunt truck it’s a bathroom monster, truck style.

How old is it rotate in the air, and this thing is phenomenal: the best handling best driving monster truck i’ve ever driven, obviously it’s a little bit different than other vehicles out there, because it’s got the short wheelbase it’s, designed a little bit more for flips and Tricks in the air, but with all these adjustments that you can make you can kind of tune it to the way you like. So i have it tuned a little more towards like a more stable, wheelbase, uh type of vehicle um. But in terms of acceleration i mean the thing puts the power down really really well, and all the tuning of this thing out of the box is really really good. I do think there are some adjustments you need to make on the steering side to get it to drive a little bit better, but even out of the box with that super thick diff, this thing is the best driving monster truck i’ve ever owned. Shocks are amazing. This thing lands super super plush on the ground over rough terrain. It drives really really well, even if you send it like 30 feet in air, do the triple backflips and land on flat ground. It still soaks up that bumps it doesn’t bounce off the ground, there’s, not much chassis slap, super balanced front to rear and kind of the last area that i think a lot of people, don’t really notice. But if you’re familiar with more race kits you’ll notice, how well this thing drives in terms of like precision and response.

So it goes exactly where you think it’s going to go. There’S no slop in the drivetrain, no slop in the steering it’s very, very, very precise vehicle, that’s kind of the best way. I could describe it a lot different than other monster truck bashers out there, which are kind of sloppy a little vague and don’t really go necessarily where you think they’re going to go so in the performance category. This is really the best monster trick on the market. I’M, going to give it a full 5 stars, amazing amazing, amazing, again, techno kills it in this category. Now the other big area for a basher is durability, that’s, an area that most people are super super concerned about. When you launch this in the air, when you you know crash it when you’re doing cartwheels, when you jump 20 feet over a tree or whatever you know, is this thing going to survive, and i am pleased to say that this is extremely extremely durable. I’Ve i’ve done a lot of really bad crashes. With this thing on the front, bumper rear bumper on the roof, cart wheels landing on one corner. Whatever this thing has been a tank techno has this reputation for being super durable? You know a lot of people call them tank, no because they are super uh, durable tanks. In essence, this thing is amazing. The only thing i’ve really broken is i bent a couple screws on the rear, bumper here, um just from a massive landing right there on the back end, but the plastics didn’t even break.

You know these don’t look like super beefy or thick, but even though these are like 10 scale, bumpers they’ve been holding it really really well, no problems with the body mounts no problems with the shock towers, no problem with these massive arms, all the steel that they Use is super high quality. The discs have been holding up so in the durability category. This again gets full marks. Five stars really one of the most durable vehicles on the market today, rtr or kit. Wise techno is a little bit of a smaller brand as compared to something like arma or traxxas, but uh, at least here in the united states, pretty easy to get parts uh. Your rc also does carry a full range of parts for this and, for the most part, things tend to be in stock. So you don’t really have too many issues with the supply chain and having parts be out of stock for months on end as compared to something like an armor that oftentimes actually can be difficult to get parts. So, while your local hobby store may not carry techno stuff, there are a lot of online shops and then race tracks, oftentimes carry techno parts because it is a little bit more of a race brand and then you can always go buy stuff from techno directly. So in the support and maintenance category parts wise support, wise, i think it’s average, you know i’d, give it three stars.

There. Maintenance, wise it’s, actually really really easy to work on this truck. Everything is out in the open, quick access diffs, but really not that much better than i think other vehicles out there. So in the support and maintenance category i’m gon na give it three stars a solid um and you know, sort of comfortable average rating. The mt 410 sells for 450 here in the united states uh other competitors to this vehicle are like the max, which is 550 crane. Forest is 400, something like kaiju is also 400, so it’s a little bit pricier than those cheaper ones which are rqr vehicles. They do come with electronics now my particular kit 450. I spent about three uh 200 on the electronics for the motor esc and servo, and then you’re going to need to buy wheels and tires so about another hundred dollars there plus the body. So all all in all this is probably about a 750 dollar kit. Maybe if you have a radio already that’s, obviously without battery, so it is definitely going to be the most expensive option for a middleweight 4s monster truck. I don’t think there’s anything out there. Even close price wise, so it is very expensive now. The way i rank uh value is actually based not on the performance or durability or any of those other categories, it’s really about what you’re getting in the box as opposed to what you actually pay. So if techno just shipped me like a gold bar in the box for 450, you know i’d, give it a really high value rating, even though the rest of the vehicle it may not even drive right.

A gold bar does not make for a very good rc car, but if you’re getting that value in the box with the parts that actually are included, then you could get actually a pretty good score. So 450 dollars is quite expensive. Of course, i’m. Not gon na you know say it’s not or anything but uh when you consider the other vehicles out there, so a typical tenth scale, a short course strike. Let’S say the sct4 10.3 uh four wheel drive it’s about 360 370 dollars now for the et 48.3. I think it was about 550 it’s been discontinued, so it’s pretty much priced competitively or sort of average right in between those two so 450 for super premium. High quality kit made in taiwan, the machining and all the parts is super high quality, the steels, the plastics everything they use, the anodization even uh is a cut above what you normally get in an rtr. So in the value category, i actually think it’s a pretty decent value i’m, going to give it three stars: it’s it costs about what it should be for this type of vehicle, the only real competitor. This was like the pro mt 4×4. I think at the end of its life it was like 300, but you know sort of when it was first introduced. I think it was like 350 370., so a little bit more than that, but i do think the quality of this vehicle is higher.

So in the value category i’m actually going to give it three stars: it’s not great. Obviously it is expensive, but i do think you get what you pay for in the box, even though you have to add all those additional components so final thoughts on the techno mt410. It is a fabulous vehicle. If you ignore the price it pretty much knocks it out of the park in every single category, best handling best driving, most plush suspension, vehicle i’ve owned in this 4s class durability. Wise again, it is top of class 5 stars extremely durable, pretty close to the max. I don’t know which one is more durable. I’Ll have to put some more months or even years on this thing to find out in the end. Is it more durable than max, but it is extremely durable. Now there are a lot of other option: parts out there from mtc racing uh like different chassis, different shock towers, different bracing, all that kind of stuff, but i haven’t felt like i need any of that stuff. This chassis is still straight. Everything has been holding up. Plastics are amazing, so this thing has held up durability, wise, build design again top of class, really good, build design, wise tons and tons of adjustments. That to me is actually probably one of the highlights of this vehicle as well as it dries as durable as it is. You can actually tune it to get it even better, so you can get it to drive exactly how you want if there’s something you don’t like about the steering or the amount of wheeling it does, or the amount of endos or the amount of rotation that airs.

You can tune all that stuff with a lot of adjustments and i’ll, be putting out another video talking about my tuning adjustments. I’Ve made to this to get it to drive better, but even out of the box, still one of the best handling vehicles i’ve ever driven. Certainly for a monster truck, so conclusion wise, i think value wise is really going to be the only area that might concern people. I think 450 is actually pretty fair for this vehicle, but obviously, when you add all the electronics everything you’re gon na be spending a fair amount of dollars. 750. On the other hand, a lot of people take like a armored crane 6s at 550 and spend like another five or six hundred dollars worth of stuff, and you know, are spending over a thousand dollars and not necessarily even really driving much better than this. So i do think the value is fair, but you, obviously that is up to your personal opinion, on how much you want to spend on a vehicle so uh. Overall conclusion wise. Is this the best monster trek on the market today? I think for me it probably is i mean it just kicks, but i this is probably my new go to vehicle over the max now. The max is an awesome truck, but it doesn’t handle quite as well, i’m, not sure, it’s, more durable and fun wise. I actually think this beats it so performance everything just it is outstanding.

I give this thing full marks. Overall rating is going to be five stars. Um there’s really almost no weakness of the vehicle other than maybe you know you might have to spend a few hundred dollars more than its next competitor, so anyways. I hope you enjoyed this video definitely check out your rc. We got that five percent off coupon code.