If this video is helpful for you, please, like comment and press the subscribe and bell button. Okay, let’s start the video Music starting at number. Five. We have the remo king rc hobby toys, military truck, presenting the lifelike riding experience, toy’s military truck shown above comes with smart features. It is being equipped with a wi fi operated camera, allowing you to watch in real time. In this way, you will get a completely new experience with the assistance of the supported two ways: control. It will be easy to control this toy through your mobile phone or other mobile devices. Also, you can control gravity sensing. There is special support for driving on different terrains by the included four wheels. These wheels allow this truck to ride on ground, mountain mud, etc. High performance is delivered by the swift transmission of signal that supports distance up to 50 meters. It will be a fun filled. Experience to watch the whole racing time in real time through the included wirelessly working camera Music. Moving on at number four: we have the q. U n fung electric rc car lamborghini, the red color, electric rc truck mimics, the appearance of the 124th lamborghini car in this rc truck. There are four lights included on the front and back these lights appear stylish and fierce. It will be quite simple to control the rc truck by a remoter. For example, you can move it forth and back or turn right and left the included.

Radio controller possesses two joysticks to regulate the direction. Besides the simulation of rubber tires and wheels resemble a real truck. The product comes with a shock absorber along with damping effect design. There is a trimmer available on the bottom to perfectly adjust the direction when it is skewed. The manufacturing process is done using a decent quality rubber capable to decrease the friction between the tire and floor. Moreover, the beautiful paint could avoid getting it fade and always presents a stylish look Music at number three. We have the hazam all terrain, rc car, the prominent characteristics of this rc car 9112 are its powerful operation and high speed for these benefits. The special thanks go to the powerful brush ‘0 motor, which is actually the largest in class. The built in motor allows the speed limit up to 38 kilometers per hour and lets you relish the high speed riding experience. The greater manage experience is executed because this particular rc truck supports control within 260 feet. Moreover, it supports exceedingly receptive, steering as well as throttle the included remote controls. Transmitter of this toy car guarantees superior control. The users will be benefited from high performance on all terrain. There is a 2.4 gigahertz radio system implemented and the s truck suspension technology is also implemented. Being an all terrain, rc truck there will be no issues while riding on wet mud, sand grass flat land at number 2. We have the redcat racing volcano epx, the 4wd monster truck in the present discussion as one of the best rc trucks on this list.

It basically comes with a huge monster truck tires and lightweight molded plastic chassis. In its structure, there are eight aluminum capped, oil filled, shocks and front and rear gear differentials. Names of the essential components included inside are tunable suspension, tunable shocks, adjustable ride, height, tunable gear differentials, adjustable toe angle and adjustable camber. Furthermore, it also comes with the aggressive tires low center of gravity, chassis for high speed performance, independent suspension and ball bearings throughout. If you are not fascinated by driving an rc truck for a race, then you can consider this monster truck. It is designed in a compact size, with weight just eight pounds. Therefore, it is much safer than few other rc trucks which may generate excess impact Music and finally, at number one. We have the fist stone, rc truck 1 16 high speed racing car recognized as the high speed off road truck. This is the best rc truck in this list. The 1 16 scale 4wd lets this racing truck to be more realistic and impressive, with the included powerful motor. The maximum speed attainable is up 24 mph. Besides, the waterproof function could control different pavements. The body of this fistone rc truck is removable, so you could change to another car whenever you want. You may consider buying this swift racing truck as the gift for your kid during occasions like party christmas birthday, etc. Inside the configuration there are four stable spring to retain the movements firmly and prevent over shaking pressure at the base.

The elastic rubber tires come with clear texture, highly clutched to the ground. Any kid or adult can conveniently play with this high speed, rc truck. Thank you for watching this video.