Not only is it going to make your life so much easier, but also it looks super cool and futuristic in your home. The AI Robo vac has various cleaning modes. If you want to, you can use the remote control that comes with it and just move it as you wish, or you can set it to spot clean that’s where it will work in a rotary motion. It will zigzag if you want it to it, will just work around the edges of the room. It has a UV light if you put the UV light on you’re, going to get a thorough, clean and it’s going to really attack that bacteria, and if you want it to perhaps go and do its business at night, you can set it on mute, so it Works a lot quieter. For me, one of the best things is that the eye Robo vac is intelligent, it’s not going to bash into any walls or furniture. It will make its way around a room and avoid them all perfectly. Even your feet and the I Robo vac is a lot of slimmer than previous versions, so it won’t have any trouble getting under beds or sofas. You know that your whole room is very clean. Indeed, you’ve got various attachments with the eye. Robo vac, including this mop attachment all you need to do, is just soak this piece of material attach it to the vacuum cleaner and you can mop hardwood floors as well as vacuuming the area as well, and we have a virtual wall gadget.

This is a laser. You put in batteries and set it up where you would like your virtual wall to be. Perhaps you don’t want your robot to go outside into the garden, but you’ve got your doors open or perhaps you don’t want it to go into a bathroom with this in place and the laser marking its points, the Robo vac won’t cross that at all, so you Can keep it confined to the areas you want to looking closer at the vacuum cleaner? You can see, we have a touchscreen display and on this you can set it to go and vacuum when it suits you. Maybe you want to set it for two hours during the afternoon when you’re out or when you’re sleeping it will just know and do it you don’t even have to think about cleaning the eye. Robo vac is really easy to clean out. You just press this silver button here and the drawer pops out, and then you empty it once it’s filled up with dust. The I Robo vac is a great gift for any gadget lover who likes to keep a clean house. Finally, when it’s run out of charge, it will simply make its way back to the charging point and you’re ready to go.