Look at this look at those ones yeah boat week, one on the rc sailors of 2021 was a huge hit, a massive success and so we’re back for boat week, two we’re kicking off really strong. With the jet jam rc boat, this is extremely unique for a couple reasons. Now there are a few, but not very many boats that have this jet propulsion system, rather than an open propeller. This is designed to drive in a pool now abby and i don’t really have access to a pool and public pools. Haven’T opened yet so we’re going to drive in the lake still gets the job done right, there’s still a lot of water to drive in, but keep that in mind if you have a pool and you’re looking for just the perfect pool rc boat. This is the one the water gets sucked in through the bottom here and then it is pushed out the back, and this actually turns and that’s how you get steering. I really like this thing just because it’s going to be easy to do self riding it’s super simple and easy to use all the good stuff right inside nice, big motor, it is brushed, but we have a steering servo a receiver, a little on off switch and That’S, where our battery’s gon na go and here’s something that’s, really neat i’ve, never seen done with an rc boat. Oh by the way. Before i show you all, these decals are totally optional.

They come completely with no decals on it, and then it came with three sheets of different colored decals, which i think is really cool, but they call this the catch cup it’s a little plastic piece that gets bolted to the front of the boat. Just like this, i think, it’s upside down. I think it goes like this, and so you can drive that around the swimming pool, that’s going to do a couple things it’s going to protect the edge of your pool from the boat, even though it has a rubber tip. But more importantly, it is there to push floaty pool toys around or for us rc boats to get stuck out on the water. I think we just got ourselves a brand new recovery boat abby, maybe yeah that’s really cool. I like that, a lot ugly as i’ll get out but it’s fun right, so we’re gon na test this boat today and we have a whole week’s worth of rc boats to test at the end of the week, we’re gon na. Let you know what our favorite bow is: i’ll get a pick and abby will get a pick, so let’s go there’s the included battery. It comes with a usb charge. Cable too nice snug fit. I like that even down to the batteries included in the transmitter are are included, so this is literally a hundred percent ready to run and the best news is it’s under a hundred dollars.

That’S really cool. This particular boat is bow on. First then, the radio, then the boat touches water and we have power. This is awesome. This thing can turn really sharp. Just like our pro boat river boat, i think we had that’s i’m. Pretty sure that was the name. It was the only other jet boat. Was it the jet boat? Okay, that was the only other jet boat we’ve ever had this one says pro boat yeah. This is a provo rc2. I love that it is ready to run 100 and it even comes with a little boat stand. That’S just cruising, it almost looks like a submarine looking thing. The water is kind of like washing over the top yeah that’s neat. You know that’s, probably the wind also helping push it but let’s, take it out and actually go full throttle, see it’s variable throttle that’s cool we’re, just cruising, but also i can blast it and get some pretty good speed out of that for a boat that’s designed To run in your pool now notice now that i’m going faster, the water’s not skimming up over it like that yeah, but it still look cool when you’re going slow, so it’s um designed to run in a boat. So safety pull designer. Well, you could, you could actually drive this in a fully uh half submerged boat, to a pool, uh it’s, designed to go just a little bit slower and you safety, i think, is like number one in mind with this, because the way the prop is not exposed At all it’s a jet boat and which also just turns on a dime, i love that that’s full throttle full steering very cool.

First donuts nate took the they took the trophy for that. I think that if you were shopping for a boat for a kid or yourself to play some really fun pool games, and especially because it comes with that cup, the thing that goes on the front of it that little like catcher. That would really take this up to the next level so i’m. All for this, this is a good first boat or just a full boat, but for what we’re doing here, you know it feels slow, because we have this giant giant lake to take advantage of let’s. Just test the range a little bit got a little bit farther. I think uh we might have to go on a vacation mate, bring the boats to this boat. You know what we’re gon na pull that’s a worse idea, bring some boats and drones sounds like a good reason to go on vacation. Oh that sounds so good. We haven’t traveled in like a year over a year been over a year since our last vacation was october 2019.. Oh man, okay, uh! You got ta, give this a shot. Yes, thank you. I want to point out that this radio does have steering trim on top that’s the only trim that it has, but at least it has it it’s a nice radio too. I have no complaints that’s just for the transmitter, yeah that’s it’s, a blue faint light right now, it’ll change colors.

If the battery gets low in the radio ready boat week number two – and i just want to tell you guys too i’m pretty sure this is the cheapest boat that we’ll have on boat week this week and uh, probably the slowest two. So i think it’s gon na be a really good week. Oh you’re gon na go through the oh nice. You know why, because it doesn’t have problems that’s right. I wan na show people that turning now that you’re here give it a little turn see that’s what that’s, what propels it? That’S, really cool. Okay, can i jam all right? We got ta. Do self writing you wan na bring it back in i’ll. Let you do. I don’t know if it can do self writing because it the battery is centered, so maybe it just flops right over if it gets upside down. Oh kick it kick it. No, it does have self writing that was impressive forward in reverse forward. Reverse forward reverse on the throttle test that one more time i was getting worried. So i think it’s cool, because you can go through a little bit of grass because there’s no problem or or rudder, because you have to think the rudder usually gets in the way of all that grass, oh it’s, so cool yeah you don’t want to suck in. Like if you saw a little floating pollen, it would suck that in to the propulsion system, but it would probably shoot it back out too.

That is really cool that you can go through the grass and the reeds, which guess what makes this one more awesome reason to make it a good recovery boat. So, if you’re into rc boats – and you need like the perfect recovery boat, because this one has that little cup system, i think that’s that’s that’s – why i’m going to keep it? This is our recovery boat. I just love how unique this boat looks just with the curved hull on the front, it just looks cool. I agree: let’s state the obvious, though right what’s, everybody thinking right now. Everybody it’s slow like if you have to stay down for a pull, that’s right, it’s a pool, boat yeah. That is very well. You don’t, you don’t, want it to go super fast, because then you’re gon na make it to the other side of your pool and then run into your pool. This is perfect. This is perfect for what it is. I love it. I was worried. Imagine that you’re in, like a like a kiddie pool, almost like a little, you know one of those ones you get from walmart like a little kid. They would even drive in that wouldn’t. It yeah look at that super tight. Your kid could do this, not gon na hurt anyone. You could even have – and i don’t recommend this, but you could have people in the pool while you’re driving this, because there’s no prop exposed on this to get hurt on, like you, haven’t zoomed out.

Right like this is a small little area right here. Yeah you’re, just still, this is like a puddle because of the variable throttle you can still cruise around that’s cool. I need a pool in my life, pronto nate make it happen. Ah, i wish, and the coolest thing is this is it’s windy today you guys can see it’s kind of choppy out. It has a low profile, not a smooth surface. It can do it it’s doing it. Just fine it’s not getting carried away. It’S, really nice you’re right. I didn’t even think about that. It’S like this is powerful. Well and it i think the aerodynamics or hydrodynamics of it too. Oh getting fancy with your vocabulary, uh. You know it’s a super low profile, very sleek and it hugs the water and just has this little bump up, and that means that wind does not affect this boat very much compared to a lot of boats. It was cool that’s, a super tight truck. I want to make a swirl pull look at this. Look at this little sweeps yeah. I like them, and you know what listen to this. We haven’t let’s be quiet and actually bring it by through the grass past us full throttle. I want people to hear it. It’S quiet just rip it in full throttle, i will Music it’s super quiet, yeah and, and you can bring it in to really shallow water because it doesn’t have a prop or rudder exposed.

I mean you were in like half an inch of water. Almost it got hung up for a second, but it worked its way out. That’S really awesome abby. I think you know what yeah and you’re kind of getting those rocks that’s a really good boat for what it is. I like it. Oh, it just fell off the bottom yeah. Okay, all right, that’s, cool water turns water test, so we turn that that’s how easy this is now that could be the downside right. So a lot of these boats have amazingly tight water seals. All the way around, like locking, hatches all the way around, but this one just has the one so that could be its downfall. We did some flip tests. We want to see how much water is inside now granted. Every boat is basically it’s. It’S, like a known thing, to put boat tape on it. There we go. Okay, all right hold it up. Let’S see truth here, that’s dry, that’s bone drop, there’s a little bit of water like couple dot little drops, they could have fallen off of this like watch. This, when i could pulled that’s dry, hold it upside down dry and the battery’s in there tight wow i’m impressed, and i think it’s that just that rubber seal, especially with like flipping that right, we flipped it now it’s cool, two or three times yeah. This is a really good system for under 100, ready to run if you want a pool boat, a boat for kids, a safe boat, because there’s no exposed prop there or a recovery bow this is it and i’ve never seen an rc boat? That is exactly like this i’ve, first of all, never seen one that has that that c hook on the front, i you you better believe that, oh i messed up on the stickers that’s my fault, that’s, okay, yeah! So, like let’s say you don’t like these little stickers on the back, which i do, but if you don’t, you can take those off yeah or just not put them in there.

It comes completely orange this isn’t even on there that black piece yeah well good job. Putting that already into that yep yeah. Actually, when i pulled the boat out of the box, i was like that’s in there upside down and i turned it over and i was like no that’s the bottom because it’s just it just looks like this orange torpedo. Yeah really neat, it looks cool, it would be cool if we had a big enough boat to put that inside of and then that shoots out. That would be awesome, and actually this week we have some pretty big boats coming to the channel. So the rest of boat week is going to be more powerful, faster, probably mostly more expensive, but i actually know that one is cheaper than this bigger than this and more powerful than this. So you know, but this is meant for a pool which is neat cool. Very unique because of that it’s not you know, you want a jet boat, they have some of the biggest most powerful boats out there ready to run they’re very awesome, but this one specifically, i can’t say it enough. I feel like i’m wearing it out, it’s designed for a pull. So if that’s your thing pick it up in the link below and if you use those links to help support, not only our channel but our family. So we thank you very much if you do while we’re thinking who needs to be thanked.

We thank god for giving us this beautiful day to drive rc boats on a little chilly in the air, but i really can’t complain it’s, not raining the sun’s shining. So, thanks to the big guy, upstairs also a massive thanks to our patreon supporters. Without you guys, we could not do what we do. You’Ve been the backbone to our channel since day one, and we thank you, it’s been a long time, but we’ll have our other jet boat video popping up right about now.