My mom bought this for me, so I wanted to review it today. It is the Cascade 40 inch Tower Sam sureness. It has to control convenient remote storage, ideal for home or workplace, perfect for bedroom, basement family room garage and more so it’s. Not that heavy I mean I can pick it up with no problem. It looks pretty cool actually looks kind of trendy that’s. The only reason why I’m gon na keep it otherwise I would’ve just I mean I couldn’t deal with the hotness right. We don’t have air conditioner in my house, so I decided to keep it and I’m going to do a review on it. So let’s get it unboxing. I think I’m gon na have to put the camera a little more far away, because this is too close and personal yeah let’s, get it out of the box and see what’s in here. What are we building with? I think it was like 10 or 20 dollars, I think, was twenty dollars so for twenty dollars, a better beep up, because I mean that’s, pretty cheap right so and it’s not that heavy, so we’ll see what’s in here. Okay, I feel, like the cameras, all the way over there kind of far I mean the camera is pretty far from where I’m asking, but you can get up lifting on on the shop, so I’m gon na go with it. So here I’m going to open it. That’S, like this little sticky right, there sure have this styrofoam it’s well packaged man.

Lay it down right here, there’s some other goodies in here some packaging and then here I’m guessing. This is the base and that’s it there’s like another styrofoam packaging thing at the bottom, but otherwise that is it so now. Okay, now let me bring in a camera let’s bring in the camera. Okay, I’m still working with my camera. So sorry, for all the lighting issues, so here it is open this up, there’s tape right here, so you can either cut it or just kind of pull it here’s, the other base part in a ripped up our word a little bit in case this is trash. So here we have these two pieces: okay, here we have this bottom piece trash. So we have this other half, so they give you two different, two halfs for the bottom piece, let’s unbox the tower fan oh here’s constructions and have two remote control. It has a couple screws, so they won’t have to do some heavy duty work. You just open it up, really easy peasy lemon squeezy, so here’s the instruction manual I’m, going to read this I’m assuming people who are watching this video already bought it or are thinking of buying it so that’s. Why I’m showing the instructions anyway? This is gon na. Be my knight reading this all save that for later the limit rip this the power Sam? Oh, hey, wait! What is this? Oh, that is some salt, so I’m gon na save this.

For later, for my cooking, you give you some salt, so here’s the tower fan. Okay, it looks pretty regular there’s some little cheap. It looks kind of good. The material is plastic here’s the logo cascade. I don’t know if the cameras focusing I’m sorry Tess Cana let’s attach the bottom piece. Okay, so we have a flipped over now we’re going to take this wire and take off these little thingamajig yers, these little bees tick it off. So now, we’re left with the cord now we’re gon na take these two bottom pieces and we’re gon na take the right one, this one that has this little theme going through we’re gon na take the wire and pass it through there. First and foremost. Now this part might be a little bit challenging, but you can make it work: okay, boom boom there, the wire has gone through here. That was easy peasy. Even my grandma could do this, so the wire is actually gon na be to the left, my left, and now you take this second part, and you put it right on top boom there now you’re gon na put it right to the bottom base just like that. There that bottom part has been attached now: you’re gon na go back to your little baggie with all the goodies and you’re gon na find the remote control we’re gon na set that aside and if you’re, going to find some screws. Okay, just a little sight know you are going to need a screwdriver of your own.

If they don’t come one, it did not come with one, so you are going to have to go to the store and purchase one of these screwdrivers. The good thing is that you can go to your local 99 cent store and purchase yourself. A screwdriver they’re, not expensive. The casket 40 inch tower fans does not come with a screwdriver site now, just because I had to go to the garage and look for one that’s. The reason why I’m letting you know so let’s go back to screwing this six screws here’s one two, three: four: five and six Music: okay, we’re done with the six groups. Just a little side note: have you bought this for your grandma, who has arthritis you’re going to have to help her, because these screws were not easy, you’re, basically screwing the plastic, so I am sledding that was a workout. These crews were not easy to put in you’d have to really dig in there. So with that being said, I am finished with DES let’s: go over there and plug it to the wall and see if it works. Okay, so here I’m on the floor, here’s the outlet here’s the cord. It comes with this thinking. My triggers right here, a little safety. Take it off right here, whoa, I heard a noise okay. Here we have the fan, so let’s go up here and see the control, so I can kind of go over there, my res instructions, so I can kind of explain what each button is.

Okay, so here are the buttons and here’s the little instructions manual so I’m. Just gon na kind of go through them kind of explain what I read so here we have the first button to power on and off the second one. Aux oscillation I’ve never heard this word ever before in my life and I’ve gone to public school, so maybe that’s why oscillation let’s go with okay now I know so. Oscillation basically means the rotation of it, so we have first up. Our next is the oscillation which basically makes the rotation. Third, we have the mode button, so this allows for three different windows. First, we have the standard window now. The second one is the evening wind and the third win mode. Is the brief win. So we have the standard win the evening wind and the debris swing. Now. What is the econ? What econ? What does econ mean? What does econ mean economics when I saw econ, I thought economics, but apparently it is. I really don’t know how to explain it. So I’m, just gon na put right here the manual, so you can kind of go through them, here’s the econ. Next we have the timer 1 hour, 2 hour, 4 hours 8 hours. You can also set different times all the weight tool 15 hours and increases by one hour so right here, you can do one hour, two hours so on you can increase it by. However many hours you want so one two, three four.

Lastly, we have this, be how fast you want. The speeding is basically speech. Selection is low, medium high or the econ we’re back to the econ. I don’t know what econ means, but low medium high or econ, so that’s, basically all the buttons. I can try them out for you. You want to I’m gon na power it on so right now, we’re on powered, oscillate mode, timer and speed, so we’re gon na. So this right now is rotating, so the second button basically means rotation, and I know the audio is gon na, be all weird because, oh my god, this air. So this is for rotation now, the mode we have a standard right now, we’re a standard wind. So we can change it to evening evening wing or we can go to brief wing and then choose the timer 1 hour, two hours, three hours, four hours, five hours, six hours, seven hours, eight hours. So, as you can see, there’s only one hour, two hours, four hours and eight hours number or displayed, but every time you click on it. It shows like some type of pattern. So you can follow a pattern, so there we’re, just gon na go timer off, but, as you can see, they don’t write one through 15 hours. They just grow one two four and five hours and then it just follows the pattern and the next. We have the speed, so this is econ low, medium or high.

So, and this is a power button, this is really cool like this now I’m, just going to show you I’m gon na turn, this back real, quick to show you the back here. It has this little okay, so here’s the remote control. Now I don’t use remote controls because I’m gon na lose some. So the good thing about this tower fan by cascade is that you can put it here. They added this little slaw, where you can put it now: there’s, no click to it, there’s, no grip to it, it’s, just a pocket right there. You know it’s, just a standard, normal hole, there’s, no, like click to it, there’s. Nothing else: fancy it’s just a little pocket there, so I’m, not gon na. Even remove this or open this up, because I never use the remote controls because it’s just I’m gon na loose it. I know I’m gon na loose it I’m gon na break it I’m. Gon na step on it, my dog is gon na eat. It no way I’m good with the button so but I’m just gon na go through them. The power rotation, timer speeds and mode it’s. Basically, everything that’s up here is right here, so yeah I don’t use the remote controls. Some sonic keep it in there forever, but that’s, basically it. That concludes the end of my video. Thank you for watching. If you want to buy this purchase it at your local store, I love it.

I think it’s good if it breaks within a month, make sure to click the description down below and I will make an update for you. I just realized that I was cleaning my room and there’s a big pile of dirt right there, because I forgot to clean it up. So let me just move this over yeah. Thank you for watching. If you want to purchase this, make sure you check your local store if it breaks within a month within a year, make sure to click the description down below and I will make sure to let you know do not purchase it, but if everything’s doing well here’s My video here’s, my unboxing slash review.