They are used in competitions on broad surfaces on the rocks, and i was wondering if i could find something cheaper and also fun to play with, and i came up with this so i received it, and this was bought on a platform that sells things cheaper because They don’t have fancy packages, they don’t use a lot of marketing, but they just cheap those who are interested to know where it was purchased. You can check my description under the video. I provided a link to this product, so this is the truck that’s. How it comes, it has different car bodies, and i selected this one it’s one of the best sellers it’s will deal with a lot and it gets really good feedback and it says it’s 2.4 gigahertz radio controlled truck. So it has this nice body Music, which i really like. You have some plastic accessories that you have to put on some sticks, which i think will not survive my tests classic regular charger for the battery, which is included and it’s inside and Music do some test driving. I read the comments about this product. People say it. Crawls crawls on the ropes really well it’s, not a fast driving car it’s made for crawling. I noticed that the wheels are really nice. The imitate metal hubs look really nice. I noticed that it has springs. Music i’ll have to put some accessories, which i will not show how it’s done it’s easy to do, and i see that there is a battery here.

There is a one more which provides movements to both axles, so it’s, a four wheel, drive truck. Of course. The components are made of plastic that’s quite cheap, but i should say that you would pay the same amount of money to a very basic rc car, which you would find around the corner on the streets in a choice shop. What i’m interesting to see is the quality of the differential unit here, i’ll open all the covers and see if the gears are plastic or metal. This is very important. The drive shafts are plastic and good news. I opened the differential unit and i can see that the gears inside are made of metal that’s, a good sign that should serve for a long time and let’s see what we have as a battery. We should have a 7.4 voltage battery, so, yes, it is, and as usual it’s a 500 milliampere battery factory. One takes real very little time to run out. So i’ll need to use my regular battery that i use for my other rc car, which would allow to run this car for much longer like five times more than this one, and this one is a lithium ion battery. I would, as usual, replace this with a lipo battery which would make the engine the motor run faster and longer because it will have a lot bigger capacity and yes, regular remote control, both forward and backwards movements and left and right movement, and it says it’s.

2.4 gigahertz, and if we talk about water resistance, i see that the electrical receiver is located somewhere somewhere at this level. So it means that this car can go up to this level into water and you can improve it by relocating the receiver high into the cabin, for example, under the roof of the car. And then you will even probably be able to drive this car even deeper into the waters, but we’ll do that. We’Ll. Do all of that we’ll do a lot of testing with this car. I hope this is going to be an interesting story and the compartment for the battery is large. You can fit in larger batteries inside okay. I can see that the switch is here. It was turned on let’s turn it off turn on and it looks like the blinking lights mean that it’s searching for its remote control, so let’s synchronize it yes now it’s synchronizing see how it Music works. I think it’s pretty fast. Okay, now i’ll have to put all the accessories on it and see how it works in real life. This car also has four wheel calibration you can adjust, which direction your front wheels are looking it’s, not only just turning right to the left. With time you have to be tuned in front wheels and you have the button for this so it’s also a nice function, so the car is ready to go. There are some spare parts left. There are some supporting plastic bars for front wheel assembly and some small parts like lamps handles in case something falls off.

A good idea would be to put some glue on parts like this, because some of them are not are attached well before the car bumps into a box, and just uh Music hell for those who would like to have such a car you’ll need some instruments like This because the plastic parts need to be sanded a little bit to enter into the holes. Maybe some small screwdrivers like this, because i have difficulty pushing on the lamps here, because the holes were filled with some plastic. So i had to push the plastic through a little bit in general, the car looks nice. It could be a good present for kids and the tests show that it’s even fun to drive in the works.