Is this the best basher for your buck we’re going to find out so come on in and let’s take a closer look Music, all right, guys! Let’S! Look at the box it’s a beautiful looking box 50 plus miles an hour 80 kilometers an hour with optimum driving conditions on a 3s light bulb. We have our bathtub style chassis here. A lot of adjustability shocks are adjustable body mounts it’s, a modular design. So everything comes off for easy maintenance. The gearbox and motor comes out as a unit it’s very, very convenient we’ve got composite gears with steel differential gears inside sealed bearings throughout we’ve got the new remote slt secure, link technology. This is a throwback to the old tactic. Radios and i believe, they’re using the same protocol – and this is compatible with older tactic receivers. We’Ve got the spectrum. 3660 3200 kv brushless motor lots of power. Here, it’s got the safety pinion. What else do we have waterproof? Blx 100 esc vented wheels and they’re vented on the outside, rather than vented on the rim, which is what everybody likes standard ic5 connector, which i will be taking off because i run xt 90s. The shocks are good. The caps are actually on the bottom and there’s a lot of thread to them, so they won’t come off, rear bumper front bumper and a wheelie bar the servo has steel gears, which is great it’s gon na last 100, amp esc again comes with a fan and A heat sink, which is awesome two year warranty.

These are the things you need so let’s take a little look at what color i chose that i choose red or green comes in both colors, so here we go guys all right. Look at that. We got the green awesome. All right here comes the plastic, oh that’s, so satisfying Music, oh yeah, Music, fresh rc, smell all right, guys, let’s get it out of there got our owner’s manual right here. We’Ve got a tool with a bunch of Music. I guess that’s for wheel nuts and for different things. We’Ve got some spare shock. Collars we’ve got a couple of allen: hex keys, very nice. We have our spectrum radio Music there. It is all right Music and that feels pretty decent in the hand. It’S quite light and small it’s, pretty small, actually beautiful, looking body really nice pre painted pre cut, stickered and there’s the truck guys. Look at that that’s, a nice truck feels really solid. It’S, not it’s, not really light feels quite substantial. It’S got a two piece: drive shaft man that’s, a nice truck Music. I like it. We also have Music, velcro battery straps and a nice large battery compartment and look at all the webbing in here gusseting and webbing. This thing is solid guys. This is a solid truck. I see why people like these really nice excellent, looking quality for the money i’m impressed. Okay, guys so let’s, take it out for a little blast and see how she does all right, all right, guys, we’re in the park, it’s freezing.

She goes, it feels pretty darn good for 3s, not even full throttle it’s like half throttle Music go for a little snow blast wow this thing, boogies, Music, pretty awesome, handle’s amazing too, and i almost hit that tree. This thing’s freaking fast 3s there’s some snow, donuts, Music it’s, like half throttle. This could be one of my new favorite cars, guys it’s, cheap 319 bucks, Music, and this thing moves 3s Music. Oh man. It handles amazing right out of the box all right guys, let’s, give it a few jumps here off the ramp start off late. I suck at jumping guys. I really do just eat grass. Oh man, all right! This is a fairly light. Oh landed that, but just barely – and i think i busted the bumper off – did i no. I didn’t it’s very cold today, guys it’s, very cold it’s very light wants to backflip very easily very impressed with this car, very, very Music. Oh i landed it. You kidding me i’m, definitely better at jumping my typhon Music. I haven’t landed a good one, yet durability test, guys durability, test nose, landings, oh man, come on Music should have went with a back flip there, the body holding out it’s all right. Oh man, killing it already guys good at those nose landings, not one freaking landing let’s try not doing a flip. Okay, Music. Okay, there was a landing slop landing, but it was a landing to the moon.

Nice actually landed one it’s cold out here today, guys it’s below freezing so far, everything’s holed up just fine nice right on that’s. It battery’s dead, Music, all right guys. Well, my jumping skills, weren’t very good. I was just getting used to this thing. It’S quite light. Let’S, just take a a look see how everything is all right, guys pulled the pins off let’s. Take a look at this baby body held up it’s a little worse for wearing a few spots. No cracks, though, a little dent right there, no biggie, but the big thing is: how did the truck fare shocks, everything looks. Everything looks fine and i smashed it hard a lot of times. I think i only landed. Maybe three jumps and this thing is perfect. Still. It’S got a little forgot to show you, but it’s got this little point here that flexes and it’s got a little bit of a bumper here that flexes so under hard impact, it’ll flex not break. Now i hate to say it, but if this is a traxxas, those shocks either would be bent or the the caps would have popped off nice thing about this is the caps are screws in from underneath and there’s a lot of thread there, so they don’t come Out, obviously, i just gave it a wicked torture test: um yeah, even the back end, everything’s good. Look at that. No breakages whatsoever i’m really impressed anyways, really awesome. I have to say guys 319 bucks for that truck.

You cannot go wrong. You cannot go wrong with this arma. I don’t know why i neglected the 3s line for so long, but they have really come a long way. This thing is really tough and they say i’m, a tough. It is arma. Tough um i’ve got a rustler. This thing feels a lot quicker on 3s, so 319 bucks guys. I got links in the description where you can buy one and thanks for watching, make sure to like and subscribe and we’re going to be bashing. This thing a lot more we’re going to take it. We can do all kinds of tests on it, take it to the skate park, torture test, it jump it everything if this didn’t kill it with the polar vortex and sub zero temperatures, arctic weather, bearing down on us and it didn’t break in the summer when everything’s Nice and pliable, and it flexes – i think this thing’s going to do great. I was worried. One of the wheels was going to pop off because there is an issue i haven’t touched it yet that’s exactly the way it is out of the box. So anyways thanks for watching. I appreciate it thanks to all my subscribers and if you haven’t, subscribed, consider subscribing i’d appreciate it very much. Helps me out tremendously we’ll see on the next episode of kaiser test.