This transmitter is super lightweight, reducing the stress on your wrist, allowing kids to play for long periods of time. This transmitter has a functional knob, which means you can choose an appropriate speed for the user. It looks like we have this bag with a booklet of rc parts. You guys want to keep in mind that defects are common and your rc truck will probably break some parts now it looks like we have the instruction manual, please be sure, to read through it before using your new rc truck next. Is this cool explosion proof bag? You can keep your batteries in here now we have the rc truck and this black box, the 1 rc truck, is equipped with a brushed motor which can perform 21 000 revs per minute, topped out at 26 miles per hour. Let’S see what’s inside this black box. We have two rechargeable batteries: two usb charging cables, Music, two double a batteries for the transmitter and a tiny bag with tools, including a screwdriver, a wrench and spare screws and body pins. These are all the things included inside the packaging. Now let’s put the batteries in the bottom of the transmitter. This truck is equipped with led headlights which turn on when the remote is switched on, making it look more realistic, let’s check out what’s under the cover. Take the body pins out to take the body cover off this body. Shell is made out of pvc, making this truck cover more flexible.

This is where you plug in the rechargeable batteries. The whole chassis of the remote control truck is made of nylon, which has many properties, giving the truck a better ability to reduce the impact caused by collisions. These high performance tears have thermoplastic rubber applied. This specific tire thread allows for better resistance and better grip. When racing the tires and wheel hubs have been sealed together to prevent tire misalignment, this 4×4 rc truck is equipped with aluminum damper shock absorbers in both the rear and front. This stamper system allows the remote control truck to handle a lot better off road and many other terrains, including mud, sand, concrete and grass. Nearly all the trucks parts are metal. This allows more play time without a break. Beside one also offers a mechanical sound when operating, which bring the new user a new experience in visual auditory and play buzzgar1 has great durability, a low price and high speed with quick, responsive, servo Music. We got this truck on amazon for 122.