We’Ve got a new toy to play with sort of Music. Ethan got a new toy to play with it’s his birthday today and his grandparents. They bought him a remote control truck. Yes, he turned three today, but he’s got his own remote control, toy and it’s, nothing crazy, it’s, nothing like the emacs that he’s been driving around all the other stuff um, but still it’s, pretty cool and so i’m gon na do a little unboxing and a review For you, basically he’s already taken out of the box, already played with it, but i’m gon na show you guys what it comes with and give you a little review on it all right here. It is check it out guys. This thing looks awesome. Look at that truck okay, so it basically comes just like this. It’S usually got a little cardboard case that holds everything, but this is how it’s set up. So we got our remote right here yeah. This is actually a 2.4 gigahertz system which is excellent. This is like hobby grade sort of stuff when it comes to the remote, not to say the look and feel but 2.4 gigahertz systems. Even my that emax up there is running off of a am uh 27 megahertz system uh, not nearly as good requires those big long metal antennas. You know the type from the 80s and 90s kind of thing, so these systems here far superior. You can run hundreds of different models at the same time and no interference so that’s great.

So this kit, here this guy, actually comes with two rechargeable batteries and two chargers so check out the truck. Look at that a cool looking truck, and this is actually aluminum. Yeah, so it’s got an aluminum body on it. These are all plastic pieces here. Everything on here is plastic, but that’s the best part about the plastic is it is flexible right, so this front bumper, you can see. Ethan was already playing with it. Scuffing, it up see the bend and the flex on that right. You hit something it’s gon na give and it’s gon na bend; it’s not gon na break so there’s, nothing wrong with plastic uh. You just don’t wan na run plastic in the in the cold right. If you’re in some kind of a climate where it gets cold i’m in canada, so you don’t want to run this stuff in the winter time that’s when plastic breaks but yeah very cool little car it’s even got the detail. It’S got the seats and stuff in there pretty nice all right enough. Talking about the details, um so got suspension here, got actual working shocks, they’re, not oil filled or anything. Fancy like that they’re just plastic shocks. It is a solid rear axle. So the back end moves as one solid piece but still that’s something, and it does have a locked rear. Diff, which is really cool, so it’s, not like one wheel is turning and the other wheel is not turning.

Both wheels are going to turn. At the same time, so for a two wheel, drive car that’s, a big plus all right, um rest of the box. Here it comes with a little screwdriver, which is good because it does not include three double a batteries for the remote and you need the screwdriver to get in there. So lots of people have screwdrivers, but this comes with the screwdriver, so that’s nice, so you don’t need to supply your own screwdriver. Also, the car has a screw right here, i’ve taken the screw out because i figured why bother screwing the cover back in when there’s? No battery in it got the two tabs two tabs pull that up: there’s the screw. I just threw it in there but here’s our connector batteries are in this box and then throw the battery in plug it. In put this in put the screw in there and away you go right right, there’s, your trim! This is your steering, trim, left and right. So i left it exactly how it was when it came for ethan to drive around and play with it. It worked. Fine! No complaints on the steering trim here’s your on off switch right here, pretty obvious. Here we go so this box here got our batteries and our chargers two uh. These are nickel metal hydrides. I believe it says besgar that’s. The brand of this thing – nickel, metal hydride um, 800 ml, amp, six volt and, of course, these little plugs.

So you get two batteries and two chargers, which is great charging both up at the same time when you first get it so um yeah, obviously plug that into there, and you plug this into one of these little cubes right. So this is the kind of cube that you get with a cell phone or whatever something like that. Uh cube not included right, so you got to supply that or, of course you can plug this in to the back of whatever a computer. You can plug that into anything, so a typical five volt usb uh here you know what i’ll plug it in right now and i’ll show you uh what it does little red light: flashes: okay, plug those two things together all right plug this into here: there’s, your Red light flashing away when it’s flashing, it’s charging and when it’s done it’s stopped flashing, and you know you’re good to go uh these chargers, they four hours to charge so it’s good to get two battery packs. You can charge them up. You know overnight kind of thing or something like that. Okay got that plugged in right press that into there all right, that’s on there, like that. Okay, batteries in the car transmitter on off switch right here so turn that on this thing’s flashing, it’s supposed to do that that’s normal 2.4 gigahertz systems, they need to be bound with the car. So you turn that on first and then you turn on the car and the signal it finds the car basically is how it works.

So turn this on and you’ll watch that’s going to stop flashing there. You go okay, so the car is on all right. Car’S on this has stopped flashing now it’s going to work ready. Look at that steering’s, pretty quick, oh there’s, those lights led lights. Look at that what a cool looking car and the steering’s got plenty of power check. This thing out – oh yeah, good, steering range, no problem cool here, see how fast you’ll spin, pretty good, so yeah i’ll take some video of ethan ripping this thing around outside, maybe we’ll do some jumps and stuff it’ll be good either way, and here is an instruction Manual, so instructions are simple enough and it comes with english. French. I don’t know some other stuff too, possibly, and it explains about the warranty. So it comes with a 12 month. One year warranty and in here is the specific warranty card. So, basically, you contact them and you give them the warranty number, which i’m covering up with my thumb, and you can claim a warranty for this thing. So one year warranty on um, you know motors and things like that. You know so that’s pretty cool Music Applause, Music, pretty good. Every day you got me Music, i think i’ll. Do it on my way, i’m gon na show you what i’m going through get you out of your comfort zone, Music, Music. All right ethan’s got the remote on new battery in it we’re going to time how long this battery lasts sound good.

It is 3 19 right now in the afternoon. There are two seats in it, pretty cool all right. Are you ready? It has a steering wheel in it too. Oh there we go. I don’t think if the steering wheel turns nope steering wheel, does not turn okay ready, power’s on lights are on, ethan is going all right, buddy tear it up, that’s that’s the way to do it. Just drive blind all right so, like i said, we’re gon na time how long this battery lasts: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music for the first time, Music, Music. It was Music, Music, uh, Music, uh, Music, Music, Music, uh, Music, catch uh Applause, Music, Applause. Music. Me! You know Music yeah, so all in all not a bad little truck. We got 25 minutes give or take worth of run time. Uh some varied terrain. You know running it flat out and then whatever uh. The other thing i was really impressed with was the turning radius on this thing. It gets nice and tight it’s got really good, tight steering and the short wheel base, so it’s really cool um yeah. The biggest downside to this truck that i can see is the two wheel drive thing um, honestly it just every time it gets hung up on something it’s generally, the back wheels are up in the air spinning and the front wheels are sitting on the ground. Doing nothing if this thing was four wheel drive.

I think this thing would be just amazing. We have a three year old, that’s playing with it, but still i mean for the money. This thing was like 50 bucks or something off amazon, i’m, not entirely sure um. But i mean it looks cool it drives good it’s been crashed and bashed. You know he scuffed it up. Even more. Today, a couple of hits went right to the wheels and we had no breakages whatsoever, so hey that’s that’s a thumbs up for me, i’m i’m impressed so i’d recommend the speed legend by bezgar. If you have one of these, or you know somebody who does and you like it, you don’t like it. Whatever give me a shout uh down in the comments, tell me what it is or if you’ve got something similar that you’d recommend we try out on the channel.