1 8 scale rally car if you’ve seen my other videos wasn’t too keen on it from the start very slow in fact, slow as uh out of the box claimed 80 kilometers an hour on the bangered website. I did mention to them, it was very slow and they have actually changed it to 40. It didn’t even quite make 40 kilometers an hour even after i geared it up with a 19 tooth pinion. Second video. We stuck a 120 amp, surprise hobby um, esc in it and ran it 4s and got a massive 55 kilometers an hour out of it and on this video we’re going a little bit further new motor in there and a different 4s and lipo. Before i take the body off, just have a look underneath. What i don’t like about this is the fit of the body is a bit rubbish. You can see it’s been rubbing there now, if i bring it down here. If i put the suspension down it actually lines up pretty well once it’s up in the air, though it’s just a bit rubbish it’s a nice, it is a nice looking car, though it is slightly out proportions, it’s a little uh squashed up, i think, and proportional A little bit wider than it should be, but overall i like it so there’s your 120 amp, surprise hobby esc. That will actually take 6s. However i’m, not too keen on running it’s 6s. At the moment, we’ll just stick with 4s, because that’s what we’ve been doing? The last couple of tests on um 19 teeth pinion still in there with the stock spur and everything in there is, as it came out, the box other than that esc and the motor.

This is the original motor that came with it. So, as you can see, it’s pretty much the same length. However, the girth, the important bit it’s completely different that motor in there is a lot bigger, but it’s still 2200 kv so they’re, both the same kv’s they’re, both rotating the same amount of times, uh the amount of voltage going in there. However, this one is a much bigger motor, so it’s got a little bit more torque a little bit more pulling power and that’s going to give us an indication of whether that was the issue to why this thing was not performing and i’m pretty sure that was The issue now that it was unbranded, but it came straight out of my zd racing pirates 2. The 1 8 short course from zd racing straight out of there. I’Ve had a quick look and i can’t find it for sale separately, but this sort of size motor surface hobby do them this size, really cheap, 30, 40 or something like this, so so esc is about 40 30 pound and the motor is very similar on the Last run we use this 4s lipo, 4, 250 milliamp hour 30 c on this time, we’re beefing up a little bit, it’s still 4s, but this one’s 5 000 milliamp hour 50c it’s, a genze bashing series lipo got loads of these really rate them, so batteries are Both 4s, this one’s just a bit beefier motors, are both 2200 kv.

This one’s just beefier, so we’ve beefed it up. Btf us Music it’s the same as the last one, where we got 55 kilometers an hour, let’s go and see what this thing does now. Will we hit that magic 80.? It is a little bit wet today, but i think we’ll be right. Tires are pretty good. They got a bit of tread on them, so i think we should be all right anyway. Gps is on let’s, give it its first pass on. 4S certainly seems a bit faster magic number, we’re looking for is 80 kilometers an hour. What do you reckon i’m gon na go 70. Music? I didn’t leave myself much room. There did i definitely quicker than 55, which was uh with that other motor, so that’s kind of proved that point. The motor wasn’t up to the job we’ve now got a bigger cam motor. I think it’s 2200 kv i’ll double check. I’Ll put it on the screen. Let’S, bring in quite pleased with the grip from them tires what we say in 67, so we’ve increased by 12 kilometers an hour from the 55 still not quite 80, but that is a reasonable speed. I tell you what this has got loads of grip, even though it’s wet those tyres are really grippy, dumbo rc or the rebranded rgt dumbo rc transmitter loads of range. I tell you what this handles really well. Look at the grip loads of grip that is soaking wet, that is loads of grip.

All right, let’s bring it in see what that speed is, and now i’m just gon na have a play with it that’s what she said 67 again, do you reckon oh 68? 68 kilometers an hour. The quest for 80 is still ongoing. This esc, the 120 amp surface hobby esc, will run 6s don’t want to run this 6s just yet. I wanted to try and keep you know, keep it as close to factory settings, which is 3s. I mean you can stick success in pretty much anything and you’ll get some crazy speeds, but i think what we’re going to do with this now. I think i need to just go silly on it and see how fast we can actually get it. I wonder if changing the wheels over to maybe some hoons or some grp’s um, putting a max 6 or even a max 8 in it running at 6s or 8s. Do you reckon we could get this to 100 mile an hour i don’t know. I think we should go for 80 kilometers now, first before we start thinking about that anyway, i’m gon na have a play now hope you enjoyed that speed run. Look out for more of this see you next time: Music associations, Music in the paper.