Welcome back to the channel. Welcome back to the rc vlog uh. I got a haircut guys. I’Ve been gone for like 10 11 days and we just been on the road and went to that mini z. Race. Then i took a little mental break. Did some family camping? We had a good time, but i just got home and i’ve got so much mail, it’s it’s, not even funny guys. We are gon na have the the biggest to date, the biggest mail that we’ve ever had on the channel tonight or today. It’S not night, it’s day, look i’m even miked up that’s how that’s, how crazy? I think this is gon na get. I think that’s gon na get so crazy. I need to get miked up because i don’t know what’s gon na happen, but check out how many packages i have guys look at this. I mean there’s let’s, see there’s three there, two five, eight plus envelopes like we got a whole bunch of stuff in here, uh spoiler, spoiler, alert there are kits in here. There are kits. We do have kits multiple kits it’s, going to be very, very interesting. It’S going to be a fun opening, oh man let’s get to it we’re going to have to go these pretty quick because there’s a lot of them, but first things. First, i got to open the mail. Mail is always super fun. All right man, my office, is a complete mess.

I promise guys i’m gon na be cleaning up soon, i’ve been gone, i’ve been gone. You guys got to cut me. Some slack i’ve been gone, uh, it’s time to open some stuff up all right. First thing this one, this one was actually given to me at a race. He was going to mail to me, but he saw me at the race. It actually says please open on camera. I would say i remember the guy’s name, the night, that we were racing with them, but god met so many people, since that i can’t remember names i’m bad at names. We got a letter. Oh man, look at this. This is chase. This is awesome. Look, he drew my logo – oh man, i’m, putting that up all right and the letter all right, so this is from chase. Oh man, this is a really nice letter, i’m, not going to read it verbatim because you know i i like how it’s very personal to me and i don’t i don’t want to just air it out like that, but long story short as he just got into Racing after watching my videos, he didn’t he just found indie rc world. After watching my videos now he’s up there all time, i got one of his friends in the racing he talks about how he’s running his slash and future champs great starter class uh to get a spec slash and run slash, and then now he’s got tlr.

8E. 4.0, which is really really excited, but then at the end he asked me any any sponsor any tips for getting sponsored so to get sponsored. You want to carry yourself professional, like always be helping people always be helping out. You know marshalling cleaning up, volunteer, martial and things like that, and then you know you they want to see wins. So you know run in the sportsman class. Get a few wins under your belt. Get a couple of you: don’t have to go to the national races, but the bigger regional races get a couple of wins in there and people start to look at you. What they want is they want a good representative of their brand and, if you’re, a good kid and people like people like your your presence and you helping out you’re gon na get sponsored. So what really happens whenever people get sponsored is you’re gon na send in your resume people aren’t going to reach out to you it’s rare that people reach out to you you’re, going to send in your resume you’re going to contact someone and then they’re going to Contact someone that’s their local racer in your area and they’re going to ask. How is this kid? Is he a good kid to sponsor and they’re gon na say yes or no so make sure you’re always doing the right thing have good etiquette, good ethics? People will see it and then people will speak highly of you and you’ll get sponsored so keep racing.

Uh thanks for everything he says 100k is on youtube. Is next? Can we start a fan art wall? Absolutely. This is going on a fan art. While i will start a fan art wall, this is awesome thanks a lot chase, um and good luck on getting sponsored, but i’ll see you soon, because i race at indy also all right this one’s from p.a pennsylvania. I just picked this one up actually it’s hard. I don’t know why it’s hard let’s see what this is. Oh, oh, oh, what is this hey mark thought of you? Melissa could use some plates. Oh man and registration stickers for a trx order them with my new tags. Hope you’ll, like them. Darren i’m, not gon na, say his last name but he’s the carolina ghost on youtube. Oh man, look at how awesome this is he sent me. These are custom license plates for my trx sport. Let me see if i can get that in there. Look at that. Look at that msm license plate for my trx4, oh man, those look amazing and look. I got registration stickers check those out. Oh man, that’s freaking, awesome. I’M. Sorry melissa’s not going to get these. These are gon na go on my truck, but wow. I heard about people making these custom tags and oh these are freaking awesome big, shout out thanks a lot darren. Where did i just throw that letter at darren, see told you it was darren thanks a lot for the license plates.

This is freaking awesome. All right. Let’S head on upstairs and start unboxing, some of the big packages that’s a lot all right almost done bring upstairs because it’s cooler up here evan you got that that’s a lot of stuff. Oh all right! We are oh. That was a lot all right got the knife: we’re rolling camera let’s start unboxing. Okay, this one make sure my address wasn’t on the outside uh this isn’t that anything big. This is something i’ve been waiting on for a while. This is the smart program: v esc programmer v2. So remember the ol uh, the vortex. How i said didn’t have a lot of punch. I needed this program box, so these have been on back over for a while. They finally came in so got the spectrum. Smart esc programmer let’s open this one up all right, so this one here is from a j, not really from a gentleman. I met one of the guys that worked for this company at silver state uh, you’re gon na find out what company is here a little bit, but basically they’ve been wanting me to review some of their batteries uh in this jensey, so i told them that they They caught win. I told them that i was doing a budget build and that genzis actually has some pretty good budget batteries, so they sent me some 5000 4s batteries. These are great budget batteries, especially for e buggy they’ll. Definitely, last 10 minutes in e buggy.

I used to run these way back in the day they got newer ones now, they’re, very affordable, great batteries. These are going to be used on the the budget truck. Remember the budget truck i built. Yes, these are going to be used on the budget truck good batteries, pretty sweet uh. They sent me two of them, which is cool. So whenever i go racing i’ll have two and then they sent me these these bad boys. These are jen’s ace, bashing batteries, uh. Basically, he was like what kind of batteries do you want to review, and i said you know what i’ve got a that right there back there. You see it in the picture. Yeah the infraction i got the infraction. I haven’t even ran it. Yet i don’t have batteries for it. He’S like perfect, i got the perfect battery for the infraction let’s. Take a look at these bad boys they’re a hard case. Oh and they’re, pretty they’re. So pretty. These are three cell. 6800. 120C bashing batteries. Oh man! These are freaking awesome, i’m, going to use these on all different types of things. Oh man, those are sweet, big thanks to genzis for sending these out. I will definitely be putting these to the ringer and telling me telling you guys what i think all right. Moving on let’s see what this is. This is from a patron patreon patron. This is from a patreon. Hopefully i didn’t just cut something since that knife stabbed in there pretty good um.

This is from a patreon named robert. I believe. Actually, you know what i’m not even gon na, try to guess all right, let’s see what it says. Oh man, so he made actually i’m just going to show you, but this is for the msm team and he sent one extra because he knows the msm team is going to grow, but let’s see what this these are. Oh, look at this suspension pills, team, msm, suspension pills; oh look that is so freaking awesome. So basically you know how you carry. You have the pills for your a plate, a plate b, plate c plate and d plate. This actually carries them and then they basically open and close. He made some for the team. He said he sent me six, which is freaking awesome. Oh look a green one! Oh my god! These are freaking amazing, um, i’m gon na open all these up holy crap. He sent me a whole bunch of cool stuff, so excited purple. I already know who wants that one gray i like that one, these these are like uh plaque holders more plaque holders. Oh my god, i’m getting excited i’m getting excited. I don’t think the fun is over robert man. You are the man. These are freaking, awesome, i’m gon na put these up, so you can see them. Ah, look at this little mini team plex! Oh my god. Oh i’m. Actually gon na stop the video and send this over to the team now because they are gon na be so crazy.

Next level excited look at how sweet these are. Oh, my god! These are freaking cool. Oh my god. I want to shoot a picture of these and send them over to the team, but i got to move on. We got to move on. We got a lot of stuff to unbox. Actually, the reason why i’m not doing it is because i don’t have my freaking phone with me here: we’re going to put these like that ooh that’s, pretty cool okay. Putting these aside big thanks robert! These are freaking. Awesome love these plaques. I got two of these ones in the garage, so you can see what’s going on back there all right, moving on we’re gon na open this box. Next, i already know what’s in here actually i’m gon na leave it down here because it’s too big i’ll pull out these things. Slowly. Nothing super crazy here. But to me these kind of things make me super excited. We got crawler tires guys. Melissa’S got a new crawler. I knew i needed more tires, um on a huge crawler. Kick my favorite pro line crawling tire, the flat iron. We got some flat irons and then we got some new stuff that they have. These are the crawler tak blue labels. These look really cool. I can’t wait to mount these. I don’t have these so when i saw that they were at proline and i don’t have them that doesn’t make me happy, so i have to get them.

I don’t know how many i got these are. Oh, my goodness, i got a whole bunch of tires in here. Anyways i’ll shoot all these tires, but basically i got kx. I got kms all 1.9. I got some rock terrains. Oh man, these are freaking cool, all right. Moving on. We got to go fast guys because we are running out of time. This is from a robin. I just picked this one up today, too. Nice. Look what he sent me. This is freaking awesome! Oh my god. This thing is heavy. Wait is that what’s in here it is oh wow all right. So basically, if you guys don’t know like my favorite screw screw box is actually like a bead holder like uh like bracelet beads, like arts and crafts beads uh. This is a tiny container, a bead storage tray um, but you can put all your screws in here. This thing is heavy duty. Oh my god. Look at this and it’s got labels in it. Oh, this thing is sweet yeah. This is awesome, holy crap that’s. A lot of so basically this will carry all the screws that i could ever think of wow. This is freaking awesome. Thank you so much robin all right, we’re moving on um, i think everything from here on out our kits. Remember the other day when i told you that my friend doug had to build a lot of tamiya kits, and i really liked them.

I thought they were cool well, i’m on a tamiya kick right now, so we ordered a bunch, this isn’t, even half isn’t, even a half of the tamiya kits i ordered um. Remember i got the green, the super lime, the lime, green grasshopper, the other day off of uh. I got the regular grasshopper. This is just the regular grasshopper, this isn’t, the candy green special. So i got the regular grasshopper. Can you see what it is? Yup regular grasshopper here um, so one thing about these kits is they do not? They do not come with bearings, so i got fast eddie bearing kits. I will put links in the description all this i’m about to do a video on why this grasshopper kit is so important um. It is super important and it is a kit that everyone should have, but we’re not gon na, go into that right now, but i got a tamiya grasshopper got more stuff back here, let’s see what’s in here, oh man. I got the to me a frog, so this is like one of the big three i think it’s, the frog, the grasshopper and the hornet were the big ones around this. This era um this one’s got more. I think this one’s got more metal suspension, which is really cool, so i got the tamiya frog. This is another one from my collection. I will build some of these um someone talk about it guys. I got another grasshopper i’m going to build one for sure.

I had an idea i don’t know. If doug still wants to do this, i had an idea that maybe i give one to doug to build and give it away. I don’t know we’ll see we got a lot of stuff to give away. Anyways um, but yes got another two minute grasshopper, because i’m gon na build one and this box right here we got some more five. Oh let’s put these kits down there. Okay, i got one of the other kind of like the flagship kits that tamiya made was the lunchbox, so these are actually pretty cool, because this this car was in one of my favorite shows when i was younger. This is going to show my age punky brewster. There was an rc edition, punky brewster and someone had a tamiya lunch box in there. This is a black edition, so this is kind of the limited edition one they didn’t they’re, not going to do very many runs of the black i’m assuming because the candy green one, the candy green grasshopper, i got – is already going for a lot more, almost double About double of what it cost to buy it, so because this is a limited edition, black edition, you guessed it, you guessed it! I got two, so i got two tamiya lunchbox black editions and then, of course i got the old, fast eddie bearing kit guys it’s a lot of stuff fast, steady bearing kit here this is for tomato lunch box.

The cool thing is these kits you just google, fat or not, google, but you go down, go on horizon, put fast, fast, eddie, bearings and then the tamiya kit, and it comes with all the bearings you need so that’s it guys that is it super mail day. It’S like christmas here in june – oh man i’m, so excited i’m actually going to build one of these grasshoppers stat i’ll do a full i’ll do. Obviously you guys are going to be along for the ride and i start building these grasshoppers. So what i would like to do with these tomato kits, this is not even half of them. I’Ve got a lot more coming, but what i would like to do is i would like to build the big three i like to build a grasshopper, the frog and the hornet and the lunchbox, and then i would like to keep the other ones in uh. In the box and collect them, uh tamiya is one of the brands that they actually appreciate and value. I don’t know if these are going to do it, but i know if you have the original kits from 84 or whatever they’re worth a lot of money. Some of the most expensive rc cars i’ve ever seen were old, tamiya kits the blaze and blazer. I saw go with like 2 500. I don’t know if they’re going to do that, but at least these kits they’re not super expensive and they have a chance of actually appreciating in value.

So i got them so this is gon na start. My to me a collection i might make it to me. A room my house, i don’t, know so, anyways guys.