It was not uh driving it in the snow, the hard packed snow, just kind of you know, driving it around the yard, doing donuts and stuff like that, and it got wet and uh did not like that, and i had to pull it apart to fix that Thought it was maybe a fluke thing took it out and uh drove it again with a fresh battery. Did the same thing after about five minutes of driving it so uh messaged the seller, they kind of uh. They took care of me im, not going to say what they did because um you know every individual might be different, but its a cool car, but its only for inside or dry ground. So what ive got here is this is the 9155 uh. I believe its ying zingling toys, uh that makes these and uh zing zingling hong and this particular one is branded blomky or blow mickey or. However, you say that im not sure how the uh the chinese say that, but this thing is cool as heck and its one tenth scale. I think its probably more like one twelfth but its got dual motors, uh, dual rear shocks, single front shocks, its supposed to be oil filled shocks. I doubt they are uh, but were gon na do an unboxing here, real, quick and uh. We will show you all right so, first time, ive opened, this comes with the the owners manual. Its uh looks like its transferred pretty well to english, explains how to use everything got parts lists in the back.

You can get all the parts for these things off of amazon or directly from uh from these guys or you can get them from wl toys. Also uh lets pull it out and see what we got. Heres, the radio and check out this little knife, its pretty neat, little knife mine, yes, its my sons, so weve got nice little radio. These are uh. This one actually feels a lot better than the the one that came with the uh the conqueror here. These are supposedly direct copies of the dumbo rc uh that i cant confirm i dont know, but it feels good and it does feel hobby grade its got. The steering reverse switch forward or reverse normal reverse, high or low speed. Its got dual steering rate, so you can slow your steering down if youre driving slow or you can speed your steering up if youre driving fast its also got your steering, trim, uh, nice feeling, radio, it doesnt feel dainty like a lot of the uh, the cheaper Chinese rc stuff does uh what else is in the box here lets see. Weve got the charger with the usa plug on it. These are supposed to be smart chargers to where they shut off when after youre done charging your battery also comes with the usb port. Get ooh, they even give you double a batteries for your controller, which most of them dont, so thats kind of nice. What do we got going here, nice uh, oh, looks like we got a little bag with the glasses yeah, with uh, cleaner and got two extra shocks comes with an extra switch, which is nice and uh.

The t wrench and extra body clamps a bunch of extra body clamps, actually, which is really nice, so lets pull this baby out and see what weve got all right. So here we got the 9125 and lets see what we got to do to get it disconnected from the package here. Last time i did this. I cut my finger. I hate zip ties like that in packaging like this, but thats good, all right so fairly supple tires uh, they are air filled, but they also have foam in them. Uh lets pull these bad body clips here. A lot of these come with extra bodies. This one did not uh could be why the price point is a little bit cheaper on this one fairly well made body. It looks like its uh like a lex sand, but its painted, and then they paint it white underneath. So it really makes the the colors pop uh looks similar to uh. Oh id, have to say maybe a chevy, colorado or possibly uh, possibly an f1 shitty uh, not a ford fan guys. Okay, what does this say always turn on the power yep? I know that you always turn on your radio first, because with these 2.4 gigs, you can connect a different radio to it. If you really need to all right, so you squeeze in on your battery compartment and its got the other 7.4 lipo inside its a deans connector with a t connector, so you can get many batteries for these.

I actually have two batteries already charged uh that i had bought already and then i have on order a battery strap that can go across here because to replace this because uh and some plugs also because you can connect two batteries together in parallel and get double Your run time uh, apparently these are also 3s capable so ill, probably end up buying a 3s battery for it too um, but first impressions shes a little bouncy a little bit. Uh, not sure that these are oil filled uh. They do look like they are adjustable. So youd pull the maybe theyre, not no. They are not adjustable so kind of bouncy but probably wont be too bad overall construction, it looks pretty tough. This is one of the things that they say that is actually good about this having this flexible front bumper. So that way, when you butt bump up against stuff it doesnt uh break the bumper off and kind of helps it flip over uh. Its got these aluminum uh diff covers that cover up the the bottoms of the diffs. So when you bottom out or going over rocks or whatever it doesnt uh scrape the the bottoms of the diff uh, like i said, every single part is available for these things online. So if you break something you can get your parts and uh, everybody says you get them within a couple days: getting them off of amazon and whatever so anyway, um with that were going to put a battery in it and we are going to take it outside And theres snow on the ground, but its like 35 degrees out today so were gon na go bash.

This thing around in the snow for a while, so uh well continue on with that. Well, it does better on low in the snow it does yeah. I just wants to spin, i dont think its as fast as they claim it is so Applause Applause, its really quiet its pretty fast on low. So this is low. Speed can drift pretty good and then we turn it to high Applause. Splash stream is splashed me with snow, much Applause. Thank you. Applause, Music, all right, heres, the boy driving it for the first time this is on low. I cant believe how fast this thing is even on low with the dual motors Applause. All right now put her on high bud. Okay dang, this things quick, i dont think i still dont think its as quick as they claim they claim 46 mile kilometers per hour. Oh, that was a good good bashing. There bud oops, nice Applause, nice, oh and she flipped all right so were back in the basement, got our little ramp set up its probably a 60 degree angle. So lets see if what itll do here its on low right its on low it climbed it put it on high and well, do it again all right slick floor lets uh. Do some donuts here got to turn the wheel dummy Music not supposed to run into things im gon na, put it on low and try all right guys, so all in all id say this uh blamake 9125, which is the the cheapest of all the 9125s out There uh, i would say its totally worth the 100 bucks uh theyre actually like 129, but then amazons got a coupon for him and this thing is awesome.

Its fast, the batterys still not dead, but i want to dry it out because were out playing in the snow so anyway, in conclusion, is this cheap uh zingling toys uh blamake brand, whatever the heck? They are worth it heck? Yes, it is so now im going to pull the battery out of it and uh dry it out a little bit and then were gon na play some more.