What is up rc enthusiasts check it out. We have another 18 scale in house. This is for your younger ones out there. I dont know the speed of this thing yet, but it claims to do 38 kilometers an hour, as you can tell right here, some specs to it so yeah we got another 18 scale in our hands. Right here looks pretty good. Look at that paint scheme now. Lets go ahead and lets check this thing out. Music. Well, here you guys go. Does everything that comes in the box, your instruction manual, your truck? Obviously, your transmitter with your steering trim, steering dual rate and throttle dual rate, so you could lessen the speed if you need to got a foam steering wheel, which i really like makes it feel really good. Four double, as are needed for the transmitter, comes with two batteries for the truck come packaged like this. I took this one out the package and theres a charger right there and look at this cool screwdriver set. It comes with right. Here comes with a hex right here for your wheels to remove your wheels and it comes with a screwdriver head right there to remove anything. You need to remove on the truck because thats what it uses as its hardware and theres the screwdriver right there, its magnetic so thats pretty cool, and you get this crazy parts bag right here, which you get more parts with this thing than i got with my Axial rift, i know thats a running joke i had, but i was really really annoyed a little bit that my axial rift didnt come with as much spares as my buddys axial wraith did that cost a lot less than my truck, but anyway no ranting over that Lets check this out right here: thats spare wheel nuts spare body pins spare little pins for your hexes on your wheels.

Just in case you lose those spare hexes spare, steering links and spare axles all in that bag right there, so thats, pretty cool! You know what i should actually take it out and just show you guys all right pushed everything aside lets see whats in here, as you can tell, when you go with the more kids stuff they like to protect everything, so kids dont touch it and burn their Fingers so heres, the motor right here looks like a ‘0 size motor. The esc is a two in one esc, receiver, combo sitting in here its not waterproof, and it does have a three wire servo coming out of it, but its got a really weird lead. You have your servo saver right here, theres one of the links you have a spare of and another link right. There you have a spare of and the drive shafts you have a spare of so thats, pretty cool and right here, thats, just your battery compartment in there. So the battery goes right here and thats what it looks like in the battery tray and there is a screw holding the battery in place and same with the controller theres a screw, so that kind of hints to toy grade or more for kids. You know, but it is a nice truck and it seems to be modifiable, so you know just by looking at it. It looks like we can get some oil filled shocks for this in some sort for another truck, that has oil field shocks and maybe some other parts i almost forgot to mention.

It is plastic geared in the diffs. The center drive shaft is metal, but all the axles are plastic and outdrives are plastic, but it is running on ball, bearings, im, not sure. If im getting that. Let me see if i can get it right here there you go. Some ball bearings right there. Once you get the hang of folding these wires properly to fit in that little box in there, then you can get the whole battery to fit in nicely like so, and then you just put the lid over it. So yes, if youre into the rcs that you dont have to remove the body to get to the battery, this is one of those, but well go ahead and also check if that battery tray will stay on so lets go ahead and lets run this guy. All right lets get this guy going turn on the transmitter and turn on the truck. Little switch on the side right here, just on and off truck, makes a little tone and lets take it out for a speed, run and see what it can do all right here. We go zero it out gps connected see what you can do, thats full speed guys now the steering radius is a little wide, but not that bad. I noticed the wheels dont turn as much as other rcs, but thats pretty good. Still i mean its aimed more for the younger one, so lets see what it did in speed 12 miles an hour, so its fully proportional, you can go slow.

You can adjust the rates on here too. I have it fully up. As you can see, i can go slow. I can turn a little bit. I can turn a lot Music now lets. Try out some other terrain. You know lets see what kids will play with see if we can tackle some rocks right here. Music, open, diff problems. There you go hell climb, so theres a delay from going from forward to reverse, but theres no break. So when you hit the brake, it just stops for a second. It goes into reverse there you go as you can see its missing a break there. So its just forward reverse but theres a pause in between so you dont break the gears Music yeah, because you know kids are gon na. Do that Music and hit curbs with it Music there you go durability, testing! Well for being more for kids! You know i got ta test the durability, a little bit more, because kids are gon na, be doing this kind of stuff with it: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. So there you guys go some durability testing for you guys, for you know you guys going to buy this for your younger ones, youre going to want to be reliable right. So what i know stuff is aimed for the younger ones more than people, my age that are going to take care of their rcs a lot more. I like to you know slam it against the wall, as you can tell that, does nothing to it.

12 miles an hour and very lightweight truck its probably never going to break. Oh no, i mean thats head on right and full speed 12 off head on nothing there. You go thats, just durability testing for you guys well, like i said if it was meant for someone, my age or more hobby grade, i dont expect people. You know to do this, but with this thing you can expect all this craziness high centered kids are gon na love. This thing full throttle. Oh oh back down, we go one more time full throttle. Oh no, oh hit the rocks all right, one more time, full throttle. Oh yeah, all right guys! This thing is pretty fun. Gon na get this for your younger ones, so they dont mess with your more expensive rigs. Well, there you go guys if you want to get your younger ones, a nice little beefy rc to play with it goes 12 miles an hour, so its not slow, especially for your younger ones. This thing will be a blast and, as you can see its very reliable as well no damage whatsoever taken from all that abuse. I do have some shrubs stuck on it right there thats about it, everythings good, the battery tray in the bottom right. There never came off during any of that craziness. I did.