Before we begin, i would like to thank manoj varroches for spayhead this project to give me this car as a gift and thanks to everyone on wltoys, k969 and k989. Facebook group, as well the names for all the participants, are displayed on the video right now i can’t thank you enough for this gift. You guys have given me and shout out to shannon as well thanks for getting me this car so quickly. It came from malaysia to greece within three days, that’s remarkable. He provides great service, especially if you are looking for premium and hard to find cars like trc drift, art or fully hopped up xrx dpa. The link to his facebook is in the description below feel free to check it out now let’s get on with the unboxing. So this is a 1 to 24 scale car. It is designed specifically to use with 1 224 scale plastic model and here’s the manual. It doesn’t actually include a printed manual inside the box, but you can scan this qr code to download the manual and then we have the wheels and these are extra wheels and differential that i got from sean rc. So because i knew that this differential and this solid axle actually is a weak part of this car. So the reason i want this car is actually to investigate and figure out the way to run it uh, reliably and cheaply without having to stockpile this part and the wheel.

These are 22 millimeter wheels and these are offset adjustable wheels. You can probably see there are some slots in there that with different depth. So we can put this middle part in to adjust the offset and here’s the kit with electronics that’s what it said. But actually it only comes with a servo and a gyro, and it comes with magnet mount as well wheels and tires are also included in this package. There is also a cheaper package as well, which costs 135 dollars that one has only chassis. It doesn’t have this bag and this kit with electronics and this kit cost 199 dollars. Next we have shop a diff and some turnbuckle and also different gear, so they give us different gears to play with that’s really good, and next we have gearbox. This is wheel. Drive car, so it only needs the rear gear, and next we have the screws some here, some ball bearings and a hex wrench, which is very nice of them to include this in the package. Otherwise, if you are new to rc car you’re gon na have to buy this separately and well. It is not expensive, just something like one or two dollars a piece, but you know if it is that cheap, why not include it in the package, so they give us this look, that’s, fantastic and finally, we have the chassis plate. It is 1 24 scale, rear, wheel, drive rift car with adjustable wheelbase, designed specifically to use with uh 1 24 scale model and here’s all the stuff.

In this package, chassis plate screw gearbox shocks and electronics, which are only the servo and gyro you’ll, have to provide your own esc motor radio with receiver and a battery as well so here’s the question: what body will i use with this car? Well, no surprise! Actually, it is going to be another nissan, skyline and here’s. The body let’s try and offer it up to the chassis. Something like this looks fantastic, so it should work really well something like this. I guess, because i haven’t seen the metal yet let’s, take a look at the wheels again because they are pretty clever, so the the outer ring has some slots that we can put the center piece in i’ll open it up to see this design is pretty clever. Actually so let’s uh take a look. You see three slots here, so i can put this one in to have not so deep offset and then the second one that’s, the third here’s, the second i have a little deeper offset and then the final one. Now would you look at that? This is great and it’s really really clever, so let’s take a closer look at some other components of this car. The wheel. Oh, i think i forgot to mention that the wheels are 22 millimeters which are a little bit bigger than mini set wheels and they use the rear wheel, drive format of the mini set, so, unlike the other cars in this scale that use all wheel drive wheels.

This one uses rear wheel, drive wheels with adapter to go in the back and standard bearings to go in the front so here’s all the electronics and magnet mount with tire let’s have a feel it feels it feels really good, and this tire should have good low Speed control: next we have the gyro, which is a pretty standard gyro, but well. I have seen this before it works really well, i think it is comparable to about the afrc, the second version and then the servo, which is pretty standard 5g servo, so nothing out of ordinary or nothing too exciting. It is the same unit as the one. I have in my xrx dpa and in my wltoys and mini q, so i know it works well. It’S, just it’s a standard server that works well, that’s it honestly. Looking from the past uh, it doesn’t look very complicated to build, but you know i like to be thorough with this kind of build, so it is going to take quite a long time and that’s it for this video. You can look forward to my build video.