I am driving this: the BMW 5 series, the 530d and straightaway we are going to turn on the Vegas using icy parking, that is remote control parking and there it’s connecting via Wi Fi to the vehicle and there it has connected engine start. It is going to start engine anytime, lights turn on and the vehicle has turned on as well. So now we are going to move the car, which is just activating the remote controlled parking and we’re gon na. Take it behind a bit. Okay, we’ll. Take it ahead. Actually, here you go and the car is moving ahead and yes, I’ve kept the window open, because you can see that there’s, absolutely nobody inside the car and the car is moving. That is remote control. Movement of this vehicle engine stop turn off the vehicle now it’s. Turning off and the cars turn off, that is absolute beauty, isn’t. It alright let’s open the car right away. Meanwhile, let’s open the engine bay right of way, and let me show you the beautiful engine which powers the 530d. So here you just pull it up. You don’t have to press any button. Obviously there is insulation here the engine is actually pushed closer to the cabin. So you know this is all for weight distribution and this twin power, turbo motor looks really nice there’s, a single turbo it’s, not a twin turbo it’s. A single turbo but it’s twin scroll, turbo charging. Of course the motor is a bit vocal when you put the hood up – and this is actually the place where you put the washer fluid of this vehicle now the hood actually seems quite light.

Actually, this car has lost 100 kgs over its predecessor. You know why, because they’re using aluminium in it, in fact coefficient of drag, has reduced by 10 to 0.2 to CD it’s a very aerodynamic car, and how do they achieve that? Well, as you can see, this is closed right now, the grille it will open when the car actually senses that it needs to breathe better that’s. How high tech it is. Is the camera here there’s a BMW logo here and it doesn’t get headlamp washer, but the headlights are beautiful, they’re adaptive LEDs and offer an excellent view in the night as well. You can see these are the fog lights front, parking, sensors, towing hook of the vehicle, and definitely the 530d looks not like the 7 series. Chrome is there, but very subtly used from the side. As you can see, the 5 series is actually quite a long car. He had very neatly packed as well. Now gunk lens might seem like an issue, but it’s not it manages to go through very easily over bad breakers as well. I can see there’s a lot of brake dust because of heavy braking and brake calipers. Of course, the Desai’s is very big: 45 45 18 inches at the front, and you know what there’s a lot of brake that’s because of heavy braking brakes a stupendous of a terrific braking power, stopping power. Bmw adaptive LED written right there, okay and there’s a camera as well plenty of cameras in this vehicle.

The design is lovely. I absolutely adore this guy. Why 30d written here you can see the rear lights? Also, LEDs good attention to detail, rear parking, sensors towing hook twin exhaust, one on either side and their functional exhaust, unlike the ones which you see in Mercedes cars, is the rear camera there BMW logo there and, of course the shark fin antenna so BM do is Absolutely nailed the design of the vehicle, the rear tires actually bigger, 275 s 4018 yeah. That is the difference between the 520 D and the 530d. The 530d gets a bigger tire at the rear or are the bigger tires, the rear, because it has to put a lot more power as well as talk down let’s open the boot right away. Now, as you can see, the boot space has actually reduced slightly when compared to the International model, which has a boot capacity of 530 liters. This one has a boot capacity of 400 liters because I have to shape the boot in order to put the spare wheel, which is a space saver and this space to keep stuff here as well. There’S a lot of space to keep a lot of stuff around. As a net as well – and you can actually lock the car by pressing this button, but you cannot close the boot by pressing the button, like is usually the case with the button in the boot. Alright let’s get to the rear seat of the vehicle and, as you can see over here, it says M.

So that is the M badging coming in right. There those open wide and big – and you obviously get a Sun Visor here for the doors and there’s a quarter glass here as now door, pockets large enough, let straight get inside now. There is good amount of space on offer. I think I found someone cigarette lighter that’s, weird anyways, as you can see, there’s good amount of knee room legroom on offer, as well there’s good amount of headroom too, but because of this light there’s, this big bulge happening right. There now doors closed with a proper third, of course. Okay, your hook there handle on both sides and there’s a center armrest too. Now this, of course opens for cupholders and the seat. Recline angle might not be much it’s little bit upright, however it’s a very comfortable seat offers good amount of space, and the airy feel is also there due to the bait seats on offer and there’s a screen. Here. There are two screens here, entertainment screens, and you can actually browse through that using this button. So right now, as you can see I’m browsing through this, you get a lot of information on offer everything you get in the iDrive with the friends. Most of it is available here at the rear, so this is the rear seat entertainment using this remote. Meanwhile, it gets a four zone – climate control, air conditioning system, air conditioning works brilliantly. Well, a lot of controls here as well for the air conditioning, and you also get headphone jacks here for this screen when you plan to look at it while sitting at the rear or doing aboard meetings and plenty of charging port wind power sockets here at the Rear and also gets a massive hump here so it’s best for two people, there’s a magazine holder here as well, and all our comfort levels are brilliant inside this vehicle, but let’s quickly get to the front of the five series, because the Phi series is more about The driver, then it is about the passenger and, as you can see, there’s also a rear Sun blind for the rear windscreen, which can be activated by pressing this button.

Alright. So if I press this button there, it loses yes that’s so privacy and, of course, the ones on the side are manually adjustable now. There’S, a storage space here, small storage actually – and this is actually to open the – and this is to actually open the boot of the vehicle, your pockets, a large enough. These are the controls for the power windows. It gets memory seats both for the front seats. So here you can save up to two people settings over there as well. Electric adjust and we’ll order. Adjustment under thigh support will never be an issue inside this car because, as you can see, I can improve the under thigh support by pressing this button. Now that can be done on both the front seats at the rear. The other ties about is decent enough there’s a dead pedal there. They are plenty of buttons here. These are actually for the headlights alone. Meanwhile, the seat of a great cushioning. You know they are wide and they hug you pretty nicely as well again. Everything feels so solid inside this vehicle, auto dimming inside rear view, mirror there’s a sunroof but it’s not a panoramic roof, but still it’s a decent sized roof on offer here. So here let me open it completely and there it brings in more air inside the cabin. This car comes with plenty of airbags there, like a lot of airbags on offer. As you can see, a pillar says airbag there.

It gets a Harman Kardon audio system with 600 watt output. Again that’s brilliant dashboard seems really very nice. This is wood treatment. This is aluminum treatment. This is base treatment. I mean stitching. Everything is spot on. This is a ten point. Two five inch screen and again this is an all digital console. As you can see, I can actually change the display here and this actually changes depending on the drive mode. So right now, if I get into comfort you can see there. The card drives there and, of course this also changes in sport. It changes to a more sporty looking one, the digital speedometer on offer steering feels nice to hold these actually the controls for the audio system, as well as for the voice commands. These are usually the controls for the cruise control system, nice paddles, on offer as well. These are the wiper controls. Wipers work brilliantly well lot of spray on offer. This is obviously for the indicator, controls and the steering gets adjust for both reach, as well as rigged, which is electronic. Now there is a gloss black finish here. Meanwhile, there’s a wireless charging pad here, so you can just keep the key here and there it starts wirelessly charging, but this is the display key, which comes with a lot of features. So right now I showed you icy parking using this key. Meanwhile, I can open and control windows and doors from here. I can check the range of the vehicle and also I can turn on the air conditioning or the heating, and this is obviously for icy parking.

Now, if I want to charge my phone, I just need to slot it in here and there it starts charging. It shows you, the blue thing, there’s a USB slot here, there’s a cup holder here, there’s an ashtray here. The ashtray can be removed as well there’s. A cigarette lighter placement here and the center console is actually tilted towards the driver. It gets a four zone, climate control, air conditioning system and the one at the front gets touch. Controls looks beautiful as well. Meanwhile, these actually the controls for the air conditioning. These are the controls for the audio system, and this is the hazard light. This is the engine start button and this is for the stop start system. You can turn it on or off the space below here, as well, along with USB slots too and there’s a light too, which is a nice touch and the glovebox is also decent sized. Meanwhile, there plenty of features on offer inside this vehicle, so right now, I’m. In sport mode let’s get into Eco Pro let’s turn off stop start system. This is the gear lever which is beautiful to hold. This is the electronic parking brake. This is auto hold function. This is to get into the camera and there is the camera. Meanwhile, that’s not all, it also gets a very advanced parking camera because it gets a 360 degree function, as you can see over here, the one on the right that actually adapts to your parking situation.

So it will show you a lot of other things. It will show you a bird’s eye view, which is so freakin unique, obviously this auto park. Meanwhile, the best thing about this system either system is it is just so easy to use. It has got plenty of features on offer this ambient lighting. You can also have sport displays, which I can just go into sport right now, and I can go here into sport. This visit will show me exactly how much power and talk is being consumed in real time, but that is not all. Let me get into the divorce. As you can see, the camera is obviously very nice and gets adaptive guidelines and the camera actually moves along with the steering that is so freakin cool all right, but you know what is even better about it. The fact that this is actually a touchscreen system, yeah that’s right it’s, a touchscreen system. So not only can you operate it using this? It is also a touchscreen. Now, if I don’t want to use a touchscreen or this beautiful, iDrive controller, how do you increase the volume? Obviously I can do it via the steering wheel, but I can also do it by gesture controls. Horta quality is just brilliant. The gesture controls also work very nice and just punch it twice and there it changes the song to punch it twice. It changes the song to punch it twice and it changes the song to punch it twice and it changes the song too, and you know it might be limited in terms of functionality, but it is so freakin cool and so amazing to use as well the CC Degree parking cameras are also very slick.

The cool part, though, is this M badging here it might not be a flat bottom steering wheel, but feels really nice to hold it’s a bit too chunky for my liking and the horn also works brilliantly well.