So the way this is going to work, we’re going to compete in six different challenges and we’ll be marking the cars depending on how well they perform in each challenge. The one that comes first in each challenge gets three points, the one that comes second two points and the one that comes last just one point for each challenge, then i’ll top at the scores afterwards and see which one is the best off roader. Overall, now we’ve got our lovely assistant darren up there, helping us out with this he’ll, be starting this race and he’ll be judging the cars on different obstacles, so he’ll be scoring them and saying which he thinks is best in each challenge. So let me tell you about this: bmw, it is the bmw x330e, which means it’s. The hybrid got a 2 liter petrol engine, boosted by electric motor and combined. You have 292 horsepower and 440 newton meters of torque, because it’s got batteries and electric motor it’s a bit heavy just comes in under 2 tons. This bmw costs 49 000 pounds. As for the audi, it’s got a 2 liter turbocharged petrol engine with 265 horsepower and 370 newton meters of torque you’ve got quattro all wheel, drive a 7 speed. Dual clutch automatic gearbox. It weighs in at just under 1900 kilos and it’ll cost you just under 43. 000 pounds. Finally, then we come to the volvo the xc60. It has a turbocharged two liter diesel engine with 197 horsepower and 420 newton meters of torque that drives all four wheels via an eight speed, automatic gearbox, just a normal automatic gearbox, and it has a haldex.

All wheel drive system so not as sophisticated as the quattro in the audi nor the bmw x drive system in this car. Some of the weight under 1900 kilos and it’ll cost you just under 43 000 pounds similar to the audi. Then now what i’m going to do is flash up on the screen, the stats of the cars. If you press pause, you can then compare everything in your own time, ready three, two one Music right, let’s move on with the race now before we do. Please make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way. You won’t miss a single upload also when you follow me on instagram, for behind the scenes, footage and stuff like that, matt watson, cars go check it out. Let’S get on with this offroad challenge, starting with this race buying a new car then head to car wow, and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow, your one stop car buying comparison site. Let’S do this. I think i might have an advantage because the electric motor will give me extra bit of boost off the line to get me at this hill. Hopefully ahead of the other two let’s. Do this on x, drive i’ve got to back off it. Oh that’s horrible. Oh, oh, that was so close. I think this is just about work. I’Ve got a great start because that electric boost just fling me off the line and x drive did a good job of providing traction, but i had to back off towards the end because of this huge rock, which i felt it bounce over anyway.

We need to check with darren who won darren so darren. What was the result right? So the bmw came. First, yes, aldi came second okay and a close third for the volvo, so it’s three points of the bmw two for the audi and one for the volvo let’s go on to the next challenge. The next challenge is all about maneuverability and agility, so we’re going to drive the cars on this. U shaped course and we’re going to time them see which one can do in the quickest time at the far end there’s a hairpin turn, which is quite tight, so you’ll see just what the turning circle is like on these cars now i’m going to set the Volvo off first and darren is going to time it so then darren when you’re ready three two one decent starter from the volvo he’s holding back he’s splashing over the this is really funny to watch right. He’S coming to the tight turn now yeah, he didn’t want. No problem at all: oh that’s tricky there there’s a divot that the car has to like power through and he did a really good job. In fact, he’s not holding back and doesn’t. Look like he bottled out at all, although it did look like the car. Almost bottomed out, but let’s find out from darren what was the time on that darren. 1987.. 1987. The year of my birth, i wish that’s good it’s, not bad, so let’s see what the audi can do.

So let’s get the audi into position. That was a quick start as well. He seems quite competitive, the guy in the air that he’s absolutely flown up there, they’re all making it around the top pretty nice and easily. This is the oh. I heard it. I heard that bomb that did just grind out a bit. I could put the mark on the oh, the front bumper. What was that? 19.96? Oh just a little bit behind it’s all down to you it’s all down to me. Oh no i’m, a little bit frightened of this come on. Bmw, the volvo has a turning circle of 11.8 meters, the audi 11.7. This is 12, so it’s got the worst turning circle and it’s the heaviest because of the batteries right. Here we go three two one decent start: oh ow, that was really bad. You can feel the weight in the batteries. You really can’t, it it’s struggling more than the others, but it’s close, oh god, big bang. Over a bump 19.25 did i win. You won. I won, i might just sacrifice the car, but it did win. We might need to check underneath it might do yes little bits hanging off. Is that no? Oh, thank god anyway. That means the bmw gets three points. The volvo two points and the audi one point. So far, then, the bmw is in the lead on six points and both the volvo and audi have three points. What we’re going to know is see how well these cars can control you down a steep slope.

They’Ve all got hill descent control, which enables the cars breaks to slow their descent, and what we’re going to do is have a reverse race, not going backwards. It’S a reverse, because the last car wins so the last car past. The cone wins the challenge because it’s all about being the slowest down the slope. Now the volvo doesn’t have a hill descent control system. You can alter the speed, it’s just decided by volvo, not sure what that speed is with both the audi and the bmw. You can change their speed with the audi you do it by holding it on the brake at the speed you want, and then it should just take over with a bmw use the cruise control system, so we’ll find out what is the slowest they can go right Now three two one off the brake: if i set it slow there, we go it’s holding it at two miles an hour. The bmw is level with me. The volvo is sort of racing ahead between me and the bmw, which one uh the bmw, and this is going to pass that cone first. This is doing really well look, i mean look at this. I literally can just do this. Look. I can do this. I can win this by doing this. Yes, audi wins crawled down there at two miles and he went as low as one mile an hour at one point. That is impressive, so three points the aud two for the bmw and one for the volvo, and that means the scores on the doors so far, the bmw has eight points overall.

This audi has six points and the volvo four points for this next test: we’re going to compare the cars, suspension, travel, the ground clearance and their chassis articulation, because we’re going to drive them down this slope and it’s got little steps in it. So they’re going to walk down the steps and then we’re going to come up a steeper, more aggressive slope with bigger steps and we’ll see how they do darren will mark them, depending on their performance over this course let’s. Do it so i’m watching the bmw go down now slipping already? Obviously these cars were on their road tyres, which are very much road tires and not off road tires, oh we’re, not doing too badly down here. Until we got down fine volvo got down fine. This is beeping for the parking sensors shut up parking, sensors let’s turn you off because you’re just going to do my head in. Oh, the traction control system is doing a lot of this and the hill descent control, because i’ve got the current off road mode. It’S. All pretty easy quite happy about this yeah. They all did well no problem at all there. Now this is going to be harder, though we’ve got to get up the hill, so ground clearance might be an issue here. The bmw has the least ground clearance 204 millimeters. Oh it almost bottomed out there, then the audi with 208 millimeters and the volvo has the most 216 millimeters they’re, going to get to a stage where both wheels will be there.

And what can happen with four by fours is: if you have diagonal wheels in the air, then they just end up spinning, while the pad through the diffs, but they might be able to manage it with their traction control systems. Breaking the spinning wheels to send power back to the wheels that aren’t on the floor with grip. Come on, bmw, look at it struggle over that the bmw has another disadvantage and that’s its weight, it’s heavier and weight matters. When you’re doing these kind of obstacles. I see the volvo does. Obviously all these cars have independent suspension, which does help come on volvo. Look at that it’s, so funny whoa. This is more extreme than they’re ever likely to do in their lives, so it’s good to know that if you want to do a bit of off roading in these cars, they actually can do it quite impressed there with the volvo come on nowaday quattro power. This is pretty easy. Just got to keep the barrel now to get up here, so we don’t slip. Look at that right here, let’s find out what darren thinks so darren. The audi was number one. Yes, the bmw was second okay and the volvo just had to work that a little bit too hard with the throttle to get the traction to come up the hill. So why was this better? Continuation up? The hill was non. Stop the two cars tractor troll was trying to work too hard to gain the traction to get onto the ground where the audi was a constant momentum.

All the way up was that my skill for driving, or was it just the quattro, all wheel, drive system. We’Ll add it to both of them. There we go. So that means then, that the audi gets three points. The bmw gets two points and the volvo one point. That means the overall scores are five points for the volvo we’ve got nine points for the aud and in the lead is the bmw, with 10 points now we’re going to compare how much these cars suspension compresses and their chassis twist when you take them down a Steep slope drive them on their side and get two wheels in the air. Now. What will happen is that when the wheels are in the air we’re going to open and shut the door so just see, if there’s any snagging on the doors, if there is, that shows that the chassis is twisted slightly, which isn’t a good thing. Also, as they’re heading down there’s, some bumps and they’ll sit down on their suspension and you don’t want their wheels going too far up into their wheel wells that’s, not good darren will be watching out for that and you’ll mark the cars accordingly let’s. Do it so what’s going to happen is, as that only gets so far down and it’s got it’s will in the air he’s going to open us at the door. The reason we’re doing this is that if you take an old land rover defender down this obstacle here and you get two wheels in the air and then you try and open and shut the doors they just won’t open the chassis flexes that much – and everyone goes.

Oh yeah, the old defender, one of the best off roaders ever these are basically shopping. Cars aren’t, they that’s what people buy them for school run shopping, and yet they don’t flex in the same way that an old defender does part of the reason is that, unlike the defender, which has a ladder frame chassis, this and the other two cars here have Monocoques, so the whole body is providing rigidity. They look like they’re everything. Fine here we go come on volvo he’s, making a sign that i don’t know really what mean that i don’t know what that means. What does that mean? Slowly, Laughter it’s like a tweeting bird right, let’s, try and open the door. I mean look at that just a little bit sticky, just ever so slightly. I can feel it ever so slightly. Just there just sticking a touch, but you can still open it right. Let’S go for it here we go whoa right. This is fun it’s breaking itself! It’S got the hill descent control doing its thing. Oh, the parking sensors don’t like this come on come on come on come on come on. This is not bad, really. Ah and gently down: oh oh bombed out a bit there. Sorry volvo! I hope your car’s all right. Okay, let me just check in with the other guys so audi did you notice your door slightly? Sticky mine was when i opened it ever so slightly. You could notice it just flexed a bit how about you? No such troubles here, i’m afraid just pulled the handle swung open free as a breeze.

It was great. Let me just double check it actually: it’s the hinge it’s no different down here, um and you take it back. The door feels the same to open down here, it’s, just like the seal, just grabs ever so slightly that’s. All i got the bmw i’m. Imagining it’s. Fine as well yeah yeah, absolutely no issues at all opening the door, all good. All right, let’s find out what darren thought darren: the old mate hello. So what do you think i’ve got to put the audi and the volvo equal equal first yeah, the highest wheel off the ground, more stability going through the section and a lot more control on the ground? Really bmw was slipped a lot more than the other. Two. All right, so what i’m gon na do is give three points to the audi in the volvo and one point to the bmw. So that means the volvo has eight points. The bmw is now in second place with 11 points, and the out is leading on 12 points. Now we come to the final challenge and it consists of three obstacles and the first one is a hill which tests the cars approach angles and the next one is a descent which tests their departure angles and the final one is a breakover to test their breakover Angles the volvo’s out of this it can’t win it can save face by coming first. But really. This is a competition between the bmw and the audi, because there’s just one point between them, so we’re gon na find out which of those two is the best off road let’s do it.

So we come into the first obstacle now and the only shouldn’t bottom out. It’S got an approach angle of 25 degrees, which is all right. The bmw’s is 26 degrees. This volvo’s is 23 degrees. The addy seemed to make it over there. No problem at all. Bmw, always struggling for traction slip back a little. Ah, look at that spinning its wheels a bit, so this volvo does give it a bit of momentum. Music. I ground out a bit it wasn’t. Terrible though i’ve been with three point ten there for the bmw. Can i make it round in one in the volvo? Yes, look at that no problem at all now: we’re gon na go down the slope and check out their departure angles, so the outers is just 17 degrees. It might scrape its bottom as it heads down and off the end of this slope. The bmw’s is 23 degrees, and this time the volvo has the best statistic: it’s got 26 degrees, departure angle, let’s see what happens come on. I really can’t see what’s happening just gon na go for it. Hopefully i won’t ground that again no well that’s fine. It should be easy down here, no problem at all. Okay final obstacle then break over. So the area has a breakout angle of 17 degrees. Bmw’S is 19 degrees, and this volvo is 21 degrees. You might see the cars getting their wheels up in the air here as they come over.

The top of that slope see if they can keep moving it’s all about keeping moving wow that look funny that did that had with its front left wheel in the air. With the bmw do the same, it kept moving better than the audi actually so i’m going to try and keep the momentum going come on four wheel drive system. I know you’re not as good as the x drive or quattro system in the audi, but it did all right stability control, just nibbled at the wheels and sent power it needed to be. That was all right. Apart from it bombing out, it was the first obstacle, but let’s see what darren thinks darren it’s up to you mate. What do you think for the hill traction control? This was a smoother one. Bmw struggled i ground out Music, not as much as the bmw really on the ground out all three grand out volvo leased. Second, audi: third, bmw, okay, exactly the same as the hell over there yep coming up here again, all wheels were exactly the same height, but the bmw’s just struggling on ground clearance, again just getting over the crest. So after the three will be for me, volvo audi, bmw, whoa, interesting, so the volvo pulling it back at the end. So three points for the volvo two for the audi and one for the bmw. So then, overall, that means that the audi won with 14 points. The bmw was second with 12 points, and the volvo came last with 11 points.

How do you think these cars performed off road overall, pretty good uh compared to the off road world? The tractions was good ground clearance acceptable. You don’t want any high, because that’ll impede a lot of on road travel. If i wanted to go anywhere castle grounds anywhere, like that i’d, quite have to take any of these three okay, so they’re, actually decent off roaders, even though people hardly ever use them off road. Now, i’ve actually found an excellent deal on one of these cars. In fact, it’s my favorite of these three cars. If you click on the pop out banner up there, you can go to car wow to check out what car that is and the deal i’ve got on it thanks for watching. I hope you all enjoyed the video. If you did, please give it a like if you click on those windows there, you can watch some more off road videos and if you click on that box, there you can download the car app it’s completely free. You can do things like compare our reviews. Watch our videos, it also has a special car valuation tool where you can scan the number plate of any car using your phone’s camera and it’ll. Tell you how much that car is worth download.